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Knee Pain

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Well I finally gave in and went to the doctor after my left knee would swell up and ache just from being on it a few minutes. I have had a sore knee when I bowled for a few months now but it was never that bad. Well last time I stuck really hard it has swelled up and been very painful ever since. Sometimes it takes some good pain meds just to fall asleep. Well the doc sent me to get some X-rays and I have an MRI later today and get to talk to the specialist next week to see what needs to be done. I have to wear the knee splint to aviod bending the knee but I am thinking crutches to keep my weight off might be a good Idea too but the doc didn't say to use them. Just wear the spint all the time. UGH!!! Oh well anybody have experience with this stuff? How did it turn out? I have heard both the good and the bad so I guess it is just a waiting game! Ugh I am not a patient person. oh well. Thanks in advance for any info. Tim
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After surgery it was better but mine gets worse at times, no crawling or using steps or ladders.
Tim, I have had two knee surgerys on the right knee. first one like 10yrs ago. monster bakers cyst on the back. recovered good after about 6mns. Then about 7yrs ago had orthoscopic surgery on the same knee, front work only, all four corners. Quicker recovery. This Saturday I plan on snow skiing as I have since my 32 year old son was in middle school.
Best advice, be PATIENT and take your meds!! If you take time at first it will pay off. If you screw around and try to be macho you will pay.

best of luck if you have surgery.
Happy Holidays to you and your family.
I also had a knee that kept getting worse and worse. Went to the orthopedic doctor and got some meds and advice. Well I followed it to the letter, except we went on a trip to Alaska and getting out and on the tour buses and walking on ship board, it got pretty sore. Came back and he did the orthoscopic surgery on a torn ligament. Rough walking with it but after a few weeks it was so much better. I get twinges occasionally if I bend it wrong and I can't get down on my knees to pull weeds (thankfully).

But it was worth the surgery. Follow the doc's advise and it will work out. Good luck.
I have had plenty of knee trouble at my ripe old age of 25. I have had a total of five orthoscopic knee surgeries to take out parts of bone and cartilage that die and break off. Pretty painful to have a piece of bone decided to wedge itself in your joint. It was a cool trick though to show people the chunk I could move around in my knee. Anyway though, the surgeries always were very quick and I was back to normal within a month usually. I probably would have healed quicker, but I'm pretty active and like to push things along. Not smart, but oh well. I guess I'll pay for it later in life when they just want to replace the whole thing.
Re: the knee immobilization.

Get the Input from an MD on this, after a while, if the joint is fixed in a brace, the muscles that cause the movement (and help to support the joint) begin to atrophy, and pretty soon they just get weaker and weaker, which can make things much worse.
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