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Just curious if the owner of the Kissmet is here on I-Fish. I drive by that boat almost everyday on my way to work and saw a Salty Dog sticker on his truck.

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That would be John, who goes by the moniker Pilar... one of the orignal Salty Dogs.

- Brad
PM Pilar, he might be able to fill you in on the details.:grin:
One S in Kismet.

Yeah that's me. If you see her in my driveway and not at the summer quarters it's because I am unhappy with some aspect of the reliability. So far we've played the greased trailer brake game, the busted fan belt game and the old distributor game.

Hoping to leave the boat in Newport soon for more than a week at a time.

Stop in for a cold one sometime.

Sorry Kismet, and I noticed that I made a typo as I drove by it this morning. Thought to myself, I bet someone will comment on that. I work for OSU at the college forests and keep seeing that boat. I'll stop by some time and intro. my self.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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