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Kenai peninsula report

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What a week is all I can say. Work sucked, but the kasilof was on fire. Tuesday I landed 3 in 2 hours, friday I crackered 2 (fridays suck.) Saturday landed 6 in 2.5 hours sunday landed 9 total in about 4 hours of fishing. In addition I porably broke off (on purpose) about 10 snagged fish and hooked 25 0r so more. They were so thick today in the right spots that if you reeled in your drift to fast you got one in the motor. Everyone seems to do the Kenai flip down there right now (lining), but I found that a small spin glow will illict strikes quite well. The russian has been slow by all reports and the kenai is blown.
The high point of my week came today, my boss who has never bothered to sport fish decided to take it up this year and after 4 or 5 trips of watching me land multiple fish he was still skunked. On a hunch we went down to the Anchor on bobber fished at low tide right as it changed. The fish school around in the cahnnels waiting for the water to rush in, which it really did today going from a -5.1 to a 21 foot tide, I think. Anyways after showing him the basics of bobber fishing eggs we got started. About 10 minutes into it he looks over at me and utters "my bobbers gone". About that time he crackered a 10lb or so dink. I was feeling a little bad for him so I got rebaited and sent him out again. he figured it out this time and after an epic 45 minute battle he had a 38lb sealice fresh chrome buck laying about 150 yards from my now submerged jars of eggs. It was without a doubt one of the highlites of my week. Seeing anyone hold up there first king is priceless.
I will try and post pictures when my film gets back.
I am halfway to my goal of landing 100 kings this season, I am at 48 right now. If the Kasilof keeps up like it has been, I should break 70 by the end of the week and then off to the slay fest up north.
Tight lines
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I'm jealous! I love the Kasilof! Post photos and have fun up there!
whoo hoo........can't wait. I'll be on the kenia on the 27th.
I've never been on the Kasilof this early... But we've had a couple of fair days later in the season. I'm thinking about hauling my pontoon boat up there next year, so maybe an early trip is just the ticket. Enjoy the rest of your week!
I have been consistently catching Kings in the Kasilof since memorial day weekend. if you have a pontoon boat go across the river upstream from the peoples hole and fish that gravel bar. There have been a couple of flyfishermen consistently nailing fish over there every time I am down there.
Awesome action. :dance: How many pounds of eggs have you gone through?
I have good and bad memories of the Kasilof. The fish where a good memory. The bad one stems from my last moments on the river. I walk up to the back Deeply grassed bank in my chest waders and begin to cast. About a minute into it, all of a sudden I feel this terrible burning on the bottom of my forearms. I look down and to my horror, I'm
standing on the carcass of a decomposing salmon which is also covered with many yellowjackets. I jump back and realize that the burning is some of them have climbed my leags and are now stinging me on the arms. I drop my rod and run screaming through the grass. My buddies don't know what to make of it. I managed to get them off me, but I will say that yellow jackets, once ****ed off will go out of there way to follow you. Fortunately i'm not alergic to stings, but god my arms hurt for a few hours, I was done fishing for that day. Still though, I do love that river.
Thanks for the reports WRO. They are much appreciated on the board. I am heading up there June 25th-30th to visit a friend in Eagle River and plan to fish everyday so it will be nice not going in blind. We plan on trekking to Kenai and Russian and will probably hit the little Susitna and a couple other creeks. Tight lines. Eric
I generally don't fish eggs on the kasilof, that being said I fish other rivers most weekends and go through about a quart or 2.
If you're gonna be up at Eagle River and want to try some very intense combat fishing, run up to Willow Creek on Friday at midnight, but get there early because the parking will be full. Kings are only open for 72 hours each weekend, Friday midnight until Monday midnight until the run is closed. The first fish on is usually about 12am and 30 seconds. The crowd thins out about 3am.
WRO- You makin me jealous! Thanks fo rthe updates. Cannot wait to get there myself, only 5 weeks to go. What are you hearing about the projections for the late run of kings on the Kenai? Once again, am arriving on 7-24. Lookin forward to hookin up!
Thanks for the tip. I'll definetely try that and let you know how it goes.
Got it. Thanks. I'll let you know how I do!
I am a little jealous, I caught my first king many moons ago at willow creek. I was gonna hit it this weekend, but work and other stuff interfered. I have landed 12 more kings in 3 trips on the kasilof this week, but the fish are beginning to get a little on the dark side. Althoug I did nail a 18lb bright hatchery fish on wednesday.
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