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I'm a bit late in posting this. My grandparents living l n Manhatten beach by rockaway. Kala and her parents lived close by .my brother ( chuck) and her were good friends doing all outdoor stuff to do there.he was 14 Karla few yes older driving the old truck she used she had do something so she had chuck drive thru town c chuck being of short stature like all my family cop sees nobody in the drivers seat .got pulled over and got a ticket driven without a licenses well Karla went to court with chukka paid the ticket.my brothers 9 yes to my elder I was alloys in the way .one. day Karla came to see my grandparents asked if I could go surf purchase fishing so off I go with Karla down to the beach spark plugs for we clam necks as bait .back then a small plane would drop milk cartons with prizes in them .well we got one so after fishing we went to the I GA got our prize a whole watermelon back to her house she cut the melon in half stuck a spoon in it said here's yours eat up. Me being from a family where dad would spilt a 10 Oz pop to get a half a water melon was unbelievable. The gal was a special kind and wonderful person who all ways glad to see little Normie and would always ask about Charlie we miss Karla norm your friends
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