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Hi all, I would like some info on fishing coho in the Kalama or Cowlitz. Also, below is a Nehalem report from yesterday.

My friend and I would like to do an afternoon drift trip on one of these rivers...possibly this week. Following are my questions:

Kalama River - are the coho in there right now? If so, what is the best short drift to take. My friend is in training on the oars, however I am an experienced drifter.

Cowlitz - same questions

Nehalem Bay Report -
fished from daylight until 2:45pm when a heavy squall got us off the water. Fished form Kahr's dock up into the Nehalem River, saw no chinook netted or on. We had 4 rods out. We landed & released 3 wild coho just above Wheeler on 3 passes. Also had one other take down that did not stick (looked like another coho). We fished herring mostly, but gave spinners and Kwikfish a fair shot. I have been very successful on Nehalem Bay in past years, however this year has been frustrating to say the least. My coastal fishing will move to Tillamook for the remainder of the season. Normally I would fish Nehalem up through Halloween.

I appreciate any info you are willing to provide.

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