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Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington



I love purple wild
flowers in June!

Happy June! And it is, indeed, the happiest time of year. How could it be otherwise? The colors of the world is bursting at the seams!

Behold the days, because before you know it, it will be August, and everything will be brown and crispy! Last year, especially, when August approached, I began to feel the impending doom of winter. It wasn't all that bad, until I spoke to my sister, and she felt the same. Then, someone sent me this, and it totally represented how I felt!

Goodbye, August...

In capital block letters... It got to me.

So, let's not get ahead of ourselves!

Enjoy the sunshine! The green lush of Oregon late Spring! Take a walk on your lunch break! Notice all the colors, and the damp green grasses that make up Oregon. The green state that we live and love in!

And by the way, when August does roll around, I found last year, it wasn't so darn bad. I mean, think about it! Fall salmon and all of the beautiful colors of Fall!

I really don't think there exists a bad time of year! It was just that last year was a bit.. well... shall we say wet? Just a tad!

This weekend is free fishing weekend, so take someone out fishing!

9th, 2017

If you need
help logging in, ask me!


That's just about all I see out on the Kilchis, as I walk around
with Willie and discover things. I may have lost much of my vision,
but I'm so thankful for Oregon-green! Green is beautiful, even

I feel like Willie and I are a bit like the folks on that show,
"Alaskan Bush people". I love that show! I can really
relate and I get some great designing ideas from there! Giggle!

We find the neatest forts hidden in the woods, and we work to
clean them up and make them nice little hidey spots. Well, actually,
you know Willie loves to dig. So, they are multi purpose hidey-diggy
spots. :)

Sometimes I bring a book and read. I love it out there.

That way, we are both happy! He digs, I read!

I was thinking, with all the work I do to make my hidey-diggy-fort
spots nice and neat, why not go a bit further?

Why not furnish them for the summer? With a hammock, perhaps,
and maybe even a desk! Wouldn't that be cool? Or, maybe a tent,
to sleep in a couple nights! I could stay out there, during that
eclipse! Or, I could put tents in each area, and charge admission!

How can I get wifi out there!? We don't have cell service out
here, so I wonder if I could get a wifi extender for outside!?
I could work out in the woods! I'd so love that! Willie could
play, and we'd all be happy! SO happy!

I really don't think I can get wifi clear out there. Bummer! But
I can dream, can't I?That song title is often the theme of my
life. "I can dream. Can't I?"

I don't really want to bring the internet outside, though. I really

But, while dreaming, I can dream that my bills are all paid off.
I can dream that the awful, nasty ads on ifish could go away and
get fixed, once and for all. (You have NO idea how much this is
bothering me, by the way. I have done everything in my power to
let anyone know that it is not OK to have redirects of that kind,
(or any kind) on ifish.. I founded ifish on "family friendly"
and these ads are anything but that. It literally breaks my heart
and spirit.)

OK. Back to green. Our forts are green and clean and without redirects.
It's an escape for me.

In the winter, finding and fixing forts are a bit more difficult,
and not nearly so pleasing. In fact, they are mostly a muddy mess.
It doesn't stop Willie from digging and becoming dirt encrusted
from head to toe, but we carry on, regardless. It's just what
we do! Lucky that there is a river very near for him to bathe
in, before we go back indoors.

Our forts are just especially nice in the summer time. The ground
is soft, yet dry. The soil is the most fertile, beautiful soil
I've ever seen, even in a package of potting soil! I wish I could
bag and sell this stuff! It's organic, and even weed free!

I pull most of the non native weeds from the dirt, and we are
surrounded by everything that is supposed to be there. Wild roses,
fiddle ferns, and wild bamboo. It's just gorgeous! I often dream
of bringing all the green indoors! It just feels so clean! It's
a much better idea, than bringing the internet out there.

On the way to the forts, we cross an open, (green,
of course!) field, and we stop to play "Snake in the grass!"
Oh! You guys! This is so fun!

I think the snakes crawl out of the forest to sun themselves in
the field. But, I locate one and they try to get back to safety.
I call Willie in an excited voice. Finally, I have taught him
that when I point my finger, he's to look where I point. Surprisingly,
this is not an easy task to teach! He does, and sometimes... not
always, but, sometimes locates the fast moving red racer or garter
(garden) snake. If he does see it, oh, man!! He goes crazy! He
excitedly chases it, dances on it, and tries to catch it! A couple
times he's tried to pick them up, but the extreme wiggle kind
of freaks him out, I think. But, meanwhile, I'm laughing so hard
that I have to sit down on my chair! It's a good exercise for
both of us. My gut gets so sore from laughing!

After the snake is gone from sight, we do it again, until we have
flushed all I can find out of the field. We love that game!

(I can't stop thinking about this. I wish they could chase all
those nasty ads off of ifish like we do those snakes! Ugh)

OK, I digress. We then enter the dark, green entrance to the
forest, and wade thru the undergrowth until we get to the soft
trail that circles around to the river. On the way down the rock
steps, tiny purple flowers flow over the boulders like a waterfall,
and pool onto the moss covered landing. It's so gorgeous!

The entire process of taking Willie for a walk here in nothing
but simply enchanting!

The canopy of trees casts a cavernous shadow on the land, and
yet everything is still green! It's heavenly!

Today, I'm finally going to get out my fly rod and toss it out
into the summer's ever- shrinking river. I'm just sure that some
large cutthroat trout lie in the deepest currents! I'm going to
ferret them out, just like I do in the game, "Snake in the

Talking about all this has me excited to go, so that's what I'm
going to do! Sorry for the rambling this morning. Sorry for inserting
my frustrations into it... Just had to share my
love for GREEN with you.

You know...Green... before it fades to July!

17th, 2017

Good morming! How does your garden grow?

Wow. I haven't written in a long, long while! I think this is a record! What's up with me?

Well, no place better to let you know, than here!
I'm getting old! That's what!

I can't walk!

About six months ago, I was walking down the street with Willie. No big, right? Normal... Walk, walk, walk.... and then Bam! Something in my shoe felt like a bee sting!
I mean, it really stung! I quickly sat down on the curb, madly tore off my socks and shoe and... nothing! There was no stinking flying insect or spider in my shoe/sock! So, what was that? Bizarre.

I put my sock and shoe back on, feeling a bit strange, wondering what the heck my neighbors must be thinking. "Why is that girl ripping her shoes off?"

I don't care.

I was fine, after that. No problem. "Walk, walk, walk..." But, what was that? Whatever it was began six months so far, of pain.

But, first came the swelling. I had a big bump on the top of my foot/ankle area. It grew and it grew and it grew and it grew! (That's a line from some story I used to read my kids! -and now, I'm distracted, googling that line, and not finding where that line came from! Ideas?)

I'm trying to figure out, now, whether I should go into such detail about... of all things, my foot! But, anyhow...

It grew.

I wondered if it was a "ganglion cyst." I don't know how I knew about ganglion cysts, but I googled it. Thinking sure that is what it was, and otherwise known as a "bible bump" I smacked it! That's what you were supposed to do back in the pre medical days. It would break up the cyst, and all would be well. Guess what? It wasn't a Bible bump and now my bump was really sore! LOL.

I went to the doctor. Had I broken a bone, when I Bible bumped it?

Not X ray's, nor MRI could tell me what I had on my foot, that caused walking to be so painful. There were no broken bones. There were no tumors nor cysts.

My podiatrist shrugged her shoulders. She held my long and skinny "marfan" foot in her hands and gently said, "You are very special". LOL. I know what that means! "WEIRDO!"

For six months, I have been limping and not knowing what else to do to fix it. This is a very difficult thing for me, as it would be most people. Walking is the only exercise I can really do, since anything strenuous is a no-no for people with aortic valves implanted in their very fragile tissue or with my new aneurism in my lower aorta. I don't want that to pop or grow bigger.

Willie, my gorgeous springer spaniel is ticked off. What happened to "Walkie!?" He looks up at me, with begging eyes. "Please, Mom! Walkie!"

Was this an injury from long ago, come back to haunt me? I once sprained this ankle, back when I lived in Astoria. Or, did this happen when I was rear ended almost a year ago? Who knows!

The good doc' gave me a brace to wear, but dangit, my feet are size 11 AAAA. Narrow! If you could get five "A's" I'd probably get that size! They don't make narrow braces, so it's really silly. If I get one long enough for me, my foot flops around in the brace. I tried wrapping my foot with ace bandages, and then putting the brace on, but then I can't wear shoes! If I get the small size, it's way too short, and still floppy!

I bought a pair of compression socks. Same thing. There is no compression, because they aren't tight on me. Trying them on made me giggle. What a waste of money!

I try to walk. Every day I try to walk! Some days I can, and most days I can't. When I can, it is possible -but painful, and when I can't, it's even more painful.

I just want it to get better! I ice it! I advil! I even took a weeks worth of steroids, and that was horrid!
Steroids just make me feel jittery and awful. Pain pills don't touch it. Advil just helps with the swelling.

I grab a pack of frozen peas out of the freezer, and let me foot freeze three times a day. Doctor's orders. There is no improvement whatsoever. Perhaps I should try broccoli or corn?

I've never had a problem like this, and it's making me a bit depressed I think. There was once to be a book called "The aging marfan patient".

There has been much progress caring for the marfan patient. It once was a fact that most marfan people didn't live past the age of 35. Medicine has come so far, and now, a fairly normal lifespan can occur in the marfan patient! However, now, we have to deal with the pain of having marfan for an entire normal life span! Not only do we deal with marfan pain, but with the normal pains of growing older! Is that a good thing!? Yes, and no.

I've had awful medical problems in my life. You know, medical problems that are life threatening and scary! My aorta dissected. I had a choroidal hemorage in my eye. I have stents in my groin and a St. Judes valve in my aorta.

But, a sore foot? Come on!

I think the only thing I can do is to give up trying to walk and instead, rest it. This is not an easy thing for me to do! I'm not a very good rester.

I need to be forced.

So, perhaps if I could just get Bill out on the river more often, I wouldn't have a choice but to sit. I would be perfectly content to sit in that beautiful and comfortable boat while we troll all day long on the waters of Tillamook Bay, or the tidal waters of the lower rivers that surround our lovely home town!

That's what we need to do!

Bill is also getting older. He could use the rest, too!

So, Bill? Heal us! Doctor's orders!

24th, 2017

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Grant McOmie sent
me this video. You
can comment on it, here.

I don't know if I remember the following story because of the experience itself,
or from the telling of the story. You know how you hear a story throughout
your life, and you don't know if you remember it, or just the repeated telling
of it? but I was seven years old when my Mom, my Dad, and my two brothers
and two sisters were huddled around a big bonfire on the Oregon beach, roasting
marshmallows and enjoying the Oregon Coast.

This alone was a treat, as living on my Dad's budget as a coach/athletic director
didn't afford many vacations.

I DO remember his towering presence, but the experience was compounded from
my Mother's excitement! The man that casually walked over to visit with us
was someone very special!

It was Tom McCall!

He walked up to us asking if we were enjoying ourselves, like someone would
ask "how's the weather?" So casual! - like he was no one special,
but just another soul enjoying the evening!

I grew up with the distinct impression this man was larger than life because
of that evening. My parents held him in honor like some would hold the likes
of a much larger celebrity.

Tom McCall, thank you for the freedom to enjoy our Oregon Beaches and thank
you for the honor of visiting with us!

27th, 2017

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Notice! Willamette Parking!

Good memories below.... I'm fishing for cutts, today. That's
all there is to it. Dreams can come true! This is from...

June 14th 2002 night time...

...an Instant Message

conversation I just had.

Thought I'd share. :)


Jennie: You there?
Friend of Jennie: Yes
Jennie: Once upon a time....
Jennie: I wasn't feelin very happy.
Jennie: So, I grabbed my rod, and I headed down to the river,
tired, exhausted, and feeling a little frustrated and alone.
Friend of Jennie: yes?
Jennie: I made my way across the rocks... I had bare feet,
so I grabbed socks out of the lost sock box, and put on some cut off old loose
rubber boots.
Jennie: I tripped, but I finally made it!
Jennie: I sat down.
Jennie: grabbed a yellowish weighted nymph pattern, somewhat
like a muddler.
Jennie: Tied it on.
Jennie: Sitting down on the rocks of the upper hole, where
the water gushes into a deep hole and swirls around until it tails out by
a rock on the other side.
Jennie: Across the river, across the riffles, is a still
Friend of Jennie: I think I know it.
Jennie: Letting the nymph swirl.
Jennie: I just let it swirl around as I thought, and something
kept nipping at it.
Jennie: Little ones, I thought... I wasn't too excited.
Friend of Jennie: Salamanders?
Jennie: Will you listen?
Friend of Jennie: Water sprites?
Friend of Jennie: OK
Jennie: Please?
Jennie: I'm telling a story! :)
Jennie: OK.
Jennie: eh hem.
Jennie: So....
Jennie: I decided to cast over to the still water, just to
see how my rod reacts.
Jennie: It is fairly shallow over there, and still, but...
you never know, right?
Jennie: So, I laid it out nicely, and.... it swirled past
a rock where the water is deep.....
Jennie: I did it again. Casting that far was effortless and
Jennie: SPLASH
Jennie: What the heck???
Jennie: A huge cutt came clear out of the water!
Jennie: I didn't have him on my fly, but I KNEW that it was
after my fly!
Jennie: YIKES!
Jennie: So I casted again!
Jennie: Sitting down.
Jennie: still.
Jennie: Nibble.
Jennie: Nibble.
Jennie: cast..
Jennie: Nibble
Jennie: Nibble
Jennie: Cast..........
Jennie: WHAMMO!
Jennie: My reel ZIPPED!
Jennie: I didn't know what to do with all my line!
Jennie: Reel it in or hand line it in???
Jennie: Reel!
Jennie: So, I let everything go!
Jennie: All that line!
Jennie: No tension!
Jennie: I reeled it in reel reel reel...
Jennie: Finally, met with the tension of the fish.
Jennie: I know that was wrong, but I didn't know what was
Jennie: So, I played him!
Jennie: My drag!! There is a drag on this reel!
Jennie: It was set really light!
Jennie: That fish took me all over the place!
Jennie: He wanted to go over the falls!
Jennie: He wanted to bury himself in the rocks!
Jennie: Nope!
Jennie: Up up up up up up up HERE HE IS!!!! KILCHIS! LOOK
Jennie: It was the most BEAUTIFUL resident cutt I had ever
Jennie: About 13 or 14 inches and FAT!
Friend of Jennie: I have the biggest smile hearing about
Jennie: I mean, on my new fly rod!
Jennie: All by myself!
Jennie: But I couldn't grab him!
Jennie: My rod is so long!
Jennie: How do you do that?
Jennie: I reeled in, and finally he was 9 feet off my rod,
but then what???
Friend of Jennie: lift the rod up to bring the fish near
your feet.
Jennie: I let a little line up.
Friend of Jennie: Point it towards the sky
Jennie: I did, but when I reached down, then he shot away!
Jennie: So I had to grab the line!
Jennie: And work my hand down the line. Is that OK?
Friend of Jennie: Nets are the gentle way.
Jennie: And then he was slippery! Slipperier than steelies!
Jennie: I'd like to have a good net.
Friend of Jennie: Working down the line is OK, too.

Friend of Jennie:
I built my own little net ... I never use it. It's
Friend of Jennie: Cherry and maple and oak.
Jennie: Pretty!
Jennie: Nylon or rope?
Jennie: or rubber?
Friend of Jennie: Cotton net.
Friend of Jennie: soft on the fish
Jennie: That's the best I hear.
Jennie: I'm so excited I can't relax!
Friend of Jennie: When you described the fly swirling behind
the rock, you know what I thought?
Jennie: what?
Jennie: BIGFISH?
Jennie: STEELIE?
Friend of Jennie: I felt Milton smiling down on you ... slack
line technique.
Jennie: I can't talk.
Jennie: tears.
Jennie: You made me cry!
Friend of Jennie: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry.
Jennie: That's OK, it's a good cry.
Jennie: Milton! I got my own cutt!
Jennie: On a fly!
Jennie: That's good, right?
Friend of Jennie: Yes, it's excellent! Great! Stupendous!
Jennie: I always catch little ones. :)
Jennie: This one was BIG!
Friend of Jennie: They come in all sizes.
Jennie: And fat!
Jennie: Milton sent me a big fish!
Friend of Jennie: I can remember the few big cutts I've caught
in my life ... they all took so much work and always surprised me.
Jennie: I feel good. Now I'm going to take a bath and go
to bed.... Dreaming of flocks of cutthroat. :)
Friend of Jennie: The biggest was after a 5 hour hike and
I caught it in 8 inches of water ... I couldn't believe it!
Jennie: Wow!
Friend of Jennie: Big trout on a fly ... it really is sport,
isn't it!
Jennie: It really is.
Friend of Jennie: Totally exhilarating ... beyond the dimensions
of the fish ... a line to something greater ... spiritual.
Jennie: I can relate to that feeling. :)



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