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me a nice walk in the woods...

June 2, 2012

Shoot! I knew I should have written yesterday! Happy
June! Happy, Happy Summer, you guys! Summer is(well, kind of)
OK, so it's pouring down rain, but it's warm(er)! Kind of!
Bill and I are up at 0 dark thirty this morning to go springer
fishing in the TEP

We went last night for dinner, and to hear the speeches, but I
didn't feel well, and left early. Also, I was freaked out, because
I lost the right lens to my glasses. I was driving, and thought,
"Why can't I see very well? Is my vision getting worse again?"
No. I have no lens in there!!!
My darn prescription is out of date, and I can't get a replacement
until I have an exam. Thank goodness, I have one in a couple weeks.
It must sunshine, then! Because, I have prescription sunglasses,
but no prescription glasses! LOL. God, are you listening? I have
officially registered a request on ifish!
Alright... I'm barely awake and gotta jump in the shower.
Hope I don't fall!
Reports will be posted, in between the tourney check in, and the
awards banquet!

June 2, 2012 later

Post fishing tournament...
How do you write "Big raspberry" on this thing?!
It was freezing, cold, rainy, and worse yet, NO FISH! No fish
at all! I stuck it out for quite a while to prove that I could
catch the biggest fish, and no one caught fish!
Still, it was nice to get out. But, you know? As I type with frozen,
numb hands, now, I wonder if I am getting old and becoming a fare
weather fisher.
People laughed as I passed by. "No fair!" They'd say.
"You have one of those fancy seat warmers!"
Yes, I did. Willie was in my lap! Only thing was, he was shivering
even more than I!
Bill would have and could have fished longer than I. I froze out,
first. He was pretty desperate to catch a fish. They say that
it takes 8 trips or so before you catch a springer. He is nearing
that! I think I've been half as many times, so I still have time!
Anyhow, it's off to warm up. A bath? A shower? A heated blanket?

June 4, 2012

Are you sick of the rain? I am! But-- what is the Rose Festival
without rain?
Oh, by the way... I think I understand why people don't feel so bad forking
out a thousand bucks or so for a new, so called "luxury item" like
an ipad, or a laptop computer.
Think about it this way. Would you rather have a crown on your tooth, or a
Why is it that they are the same price? Doesn't that seem weird to you? Does
to me! I'm finally understanding why my Dad went to Mexico for dental work!

It doesn't seem like medical things that you need to be healthy, to work to
be able to afford things, should cost so much. -And I need both to survive!
I need a new computer and I need a new crown! Found out that the two year
old, thousand dollar crown I had put on, has a cavity under it! It has to
be popped off and a new crown put on!
And then, get this!
I haven't been on the computer as of late, because I can't see!
While in Tillamook, I thought I was losing my vision. I couldn't see well
on my drive to Tillamook. Then, I realized that my right lens from my glasses
were totally missing! There was nothing but an empty rim, there! Shoot!
Luckily, I had my spare pair with me.
I have very poor eyesight. (See here) I must
have had 10 eye surgeries, so far. My eyes are very sensitive to light, so
around my neck, I always wear a pair of sunglasses. Sometimes I need no glasses,
so I have two pair of glasses around my neck. They tend to jangle together,
at times, thus putting the lenses at risk.
I put on the spare pair, and set off.
That night, I was watching television and thought, again, my eyesight was
blurry. Yep! Sure enough, the right lens in that pair was gone too! Can you
even believe my lack of luck, here?!
That left me but one option. My sunglasses.
Not only that, but due to other more important medical issues, (like keeping
me alive) I have not seen an eye doc in about four years. So, I have an upcoming
thorough exam, where I was going to replace my glasses in two weeks. But,
no! I have to have glasses, now!
So, I set off to one of those "buy one, get one free" stores. The
cost was to be $99. Ha! By the time my special lenses were in place, the optometry
exam was performed, and I had my glasses and the "free" pair, the
grand total was nearing 600 dollars!
I just paid off my VISA with my tax returns, two months ago, and now the balance
is back up to where it was! So depressing! All this, and no new laptop computer,
But, see? We have to see in order to work! In order to use that laptop! So,
first things first, I guess.
I'm not going to be wearing both glasses around my neck, anymore. There has
got to be a better way! I'm going to take darn good care of these lenses!
They have to last long enough for me to update my ancient computer systems!
Off I go to pick up my keys to seeing. Oh! And they said they were also able
to make me see better! I'm so excited! Can't wait to start cleaning my house
up to 20/40!

June 9, 2012

Willie lost his flashlight. I've been hunting for it, for hours,
now. He's going to be one lost pup! I have to search around where the bark
dust is heaped up. That's where I can tell he's buried something. We've now
found several prizes that he's forgotten about. Two bullsticks. A raw hide.
But, no flashlight.
Poor, poor, puppy!
I'm on my way to Tillamook, soon. David Johnson took Bill fishing and he limited
on coastal springers! Way to go, David and Bill!
I can't wait for a fresh piece of springer on the bbq. I think this is the
latest in the season I've waited to have that fat laden dinner! Can't wait
for that juicy piece of salmon!
Just heard Tammy laughing. I guess Willie had my pajama bottoms and he was
racing around the yard with them, like a flag, behind him. He keeps me young,
chasing and scolding and training. "That's a no, Willie!" Sheesh.
Yet, when I get him in the car to drive to Tillamook, he's such a good boy.
Instantly settles in for the ride, and sleeps the whole way.
I sure hope that Bill can get us into some fish, this week! I will keep you

June 11, 2012

What a beautiful day, yesterday!
I spent all the first half of the day fishing, and then the rest, enjoying
the sunshine!
I then slept from 5 till 5 and we are off to fish, again! No fish so far,
but we are giving it our all!
Oh yeah... been finding this in my webcam. Is this a house cat, or a bobcat?
If you know, click the contact me form! You can enlarge it by clicking on

Plant Green Felidae Carnivore Grass

Plant Grass Carnivore Fawn Beak

June 11, later...

Bill and I were alone in the boat in the wee hours of the morning.
We were discussing the old issue of whether to hold your rod, or not.
We decided, two-nanimously that there are times that you should hold it, and
times you should not, but mostly, it depended on how comfortable a person
was, with how springers bite.
You have better control of the depth, but you may just miss a fish if you
don't know what you are doing. Or... even if you do!
When you are herring fishing, you need to feed the fish until it turns away
from you, but when you are spinner fishing, sometimes they slack bite, (They
bite while coming towards the boat) and you need to really hit it. You feel
the spinner wobbling along and if you even so much as feel one missed beat,
hit it!
Isn't that funny, because if you are herring fishing, and it comes at you,
you should wait until after it turns, but if you are spinner fishing, and
get that slack bite, you should hit it, because they very well may let go,
before turning!
Anyhow, we were discussing the finer aspects of fishing herring, when I got
a bite. I didn't tell Bill. He had just said, "Yeah, you have to really
feed them, and wait till they turn until you hit it." My rod went down.
"Like this?!" He didn't know I really had a fish on. He turned to
look at my rod, and it was going wawomp, wawomp, wawomp. I let it 'wa-womp'
about four good seconds and I thought...no, I knew I felt it turn and I hit
it! You know, after a while, you just know when to hit it. Right? You have
a feel. But, this time? THIS TIME?
The FIRST springer for me of the year-time?
I lost it!
My line came back at me like a slingshot. Herring gone. Fish all gone. All
was quiet. Well, except for my expletive.
"No, not like that."
Thank God Bill didn't say that, but that's what he could have said. Maybe
even shoulda said.
I was heart broken.
There goes my springer for the year!
Well, maybe. I'm going to try tomorrow morning, too. We saw two other fish
caught. It wasn't red hot. It's getting late in the season.
I had just applied my favorite Estee Lauder "Tiger Eye" lipstick.
I've joked about that being the trick for so long, that by golly, I think
it's more important than when you hit a fish.
I believe in lipstick. Do you?

June 19, 2012

Get this...
I have never had a toothache in this tooth that my new dentist wanted to take
the two year old crown off of, fix, and put a new one on.
My appointment was for today, but since I just could not afford it, yesterday
I called to cancel my appointment. Even though they gave me a discount, I
could not afford it. Even though I could make payments, that did not help.
When you don't have the money, you just don't, right?
Well, I woke up this morning, of all things, with a toothache in that tooth!
So, I called them back up and left a message. I can hear the receptionist
now! She's not going to be happy with me! But, I can't help it! I need help!
Looks like my VISA is paying for a crown!
I have had a busy week in Oregon City. I'm back in Tillamook, and it's so
nice! I've done my walk around the yard, to see the progress of Spring. How
many blooms? How many pears on the asian pear tree? None! I thought sure this
year, we would have pears!
Willie has just had a blast, running and running and running! He is turning
into quite the nice dog. He's a bit easier to handle, even though he's still
quite the active sort!
He is my all day shadow and doesn't leave my side too often. Just when Bill
is on the mower, and can run along with him.
Willie is the most cuddly dog that I think I've ever known. He's so affectionate
and awesome!
I can't believe how long it's been in between my writings, this time. I'm
so sorry! Time just slipped by, while I was in the city. One appointment after
another. I'm so tired of being doctored, but at the same time, I'm thankful
that I'm alive!
I have to be back by Thursday for my sister's Birthday breakfast. We do that
for all the Birthdays for the girls. Breakfast out, for the ladies! We have
so much fun!
And so, it's off. I wonder if the dentist will call me back? Yikes!

June 20, 2012

I'm busy as a bee, trying to get the salty dog burgees
ordered, paypal set up, and figuring out how to pay for the initial
order. They don't take credit cards, and I just don't have that
kind of money laying around. So, I've decided to take pre orders.
When I have enough money, I'll order them, and send them out,
when they arrive. I'll let everyone know when I'm ready to go
live on the Salty Dog board, so don't ask about ordering, yet.
I've always disliked the idea of pre paying, though. It's like
I'm afraid of being responsible or what's the word? Um, shoot.
I can't think of the word!
I don't like the idea or even the thought that something could
go wrong, and I'd have people's money. Yikes! But, that's what
I'm going to do this time.
Interesting, though. People used to ask me why I charged so little
for advertising, when I sold advertising for ifish. I guess partially,
I didn't have the confidence in myself to be paid any more than
I did. I liked the idea that we were both getting a great deal,
that way. The price I charged was what I felt I deserved. I was
sure it was worth more, and that felt good to me. If I got paid
more, I'd have to be (where is that darned word!?) Accountable!
That's it! I'd have to be accountable! Accountable for paying
a price that other professionals charged that actually knew what
the heck they were doing! They were trained, college professionals.
I was an artsy piano player!
Turns out, I probably made a pretty good advertising gal... a
pretty good business person, even! But, I wasn't trained and I
just lacked the darned confidence that I needed.
Sometimes I think back.. (now that I'm starting over, and picking
myself up), and I think, "I probably could have gotten rich
with ifish!"
Several of my friends wonder why I didn't.
But, the fact is, I did get rich! I am rich with friends and with
a full life, and with the experience of giving something to people
that they appreciated. Creating and running ifish gave me something
I'll never lose. It is an accomplishment.

Head Facial expression Font Art Bone

Salty Dog Burgee
(Click to zoom)

I think the burgee turned out pretty well! I like
It's been quite the challenge this year, to get the ifish store
running. Every time I turn around, something has gone wrong with
me, physically. But, I will prevail, darnit! I'm going to get
hats and sweatshirts and I'm going to make this store a go!
Partly, I'm trying to prove to my sons that life can be difficult,
and it is hard to pick yourself up, sometimes, but it can be done!
With bravado! Over and over and over again, if need be!
I'm pretty proud of myself that I have been able to pay my way
in life. I may not be rich, but by golly, I can pay my own way
and make sure the creditors aren't after me!
Think back over your life. We need to pay ourselves on the back!
We have made it! Doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, healthy
or not. If you heart is beating, we have made it! I don't care
if you are 20 or 70! You have made it!
Life is not easy! Not for any of us, young or old!
I look back to when I was a 20 something, playing piano in a dark,
smoky bar, wondering where my next gig would take me. I made it!
It wasn't always fun or glamorous, but I'm now 30 years later,
and I'm still here with my heart beating loudly! (Thank God for
a St Jude valve!) Isn't that awesome?
And thru all my health and other challenges, I know that God was
watching over me, knowing full well that even if my heart stopped,
I would still be here! And I am!
I'm just so thankful for my life, and for all that I've experienced.
I was out flinging a fly, yesterday, already a bit grouchy, as
I knew I had to put another thousand on my Visa for a new crown
that my dentist will be putting on me, today.
I was trying to tire Willie, mostly, by going out to the river.
A tired dog is a good dog, they say. I just can't seem to get
Willie tired!
All of a sudden, my fly stopped abruptly. It wasn't a fish, mind
you. It was pinned in the wrong direction! It was caught on a
bush behind me.
Dangit! I cursed. It's hard for me to walk on the wet rocks in
rubber boots. It's difficult for my eyes to see the line to untangle
it. What is it that they say? You want to pick a mate in life
by how they deal with tangled Christmas lights? Well, I wasn't
the one to pick, yesterday! :)
I struggled back to get it, and it was all wound up in leaves
and branches. Pheh! Then Willie came along, to add yet more chaos
to the dance! Round and round he went in my tippet! Argh!
I had to stop and just laugh. Of all that I have been thru in
life, I was upset over... this?
For shame! I was crying over tangled tippet!
I settled Willie, unwound him and the branches, and sat a bit,
enjoying the sound of the roaring river, while the sound of my
fast beating valve slowed down a bit. Then, I resumed my cast.
Why is it that we keep sweating the small stuff, even though we
know better? God will forgive my VISA debt, if it comes to that!
Tangled tippet happens!
All in all, no matter what the problems, life is good, as long
as we are living!

June 22, 2012

Ever just feel befrazzled?
Why is it that things go along swimmingly and you think life is awesome, only to wake to a day when everything needs doing all at once?
I love those days of laying (lying?) in the sun and blessing the day away sipping lemonade! Oh, today.... only to sip lemonade!? Give me an IV on the run in the rain! I have no time!
Yesterday, I was pulled over on the side of the freeway, talking on the phone. Technology expects me to be able to write something on my phone calendar while carrying on two phone conversations. Yeah, right! Meanwhile, my passenger is trying to get my attention to remember a doctor's appointment, or something else-else! And all this, while I'm on the way to do something other!
Bill calls and asks my plans. As if! As if I knew! When will I have a moment to even stop to figure that out? I was abrupt on the phone. Had no time to talk, let alone answer his questions.
He tells me that everyone wants to do something with him, but I am first in line. I envy and snap at his recreational schedule. He rattles off all of his friends and the things they all want to do. Sounds like the "ladies who lunch", except it's fishing, clamming, golfing, that sort of thing.
When can I fish? He wants to know...
Next year? I dunno! Let me find a blank spot! But, please, let me hang up the phone first!
And all the while, I don't even think I want to fish right now. I just want a moment to sip lemonade!
It's like I have a thousand things to do, people asking and expecting me to do something else (and, who can remember what that was?) and I can't even get a chance to write it all down on a calendar! Or, I forgot, or I don't have the brains to do it, or something!
Yesterday morning I was so looking forward to our Birthday breakfast that my sisters and I have. There are three of us, and for each birthday, we celebrate with pancakes and pork. I woke up with one of those killer migraines. I knew it would be tough to go, so I had Andrew call for me. I texted. I e mailed my regrets.
No one answered any of them. Everything just feels incomplete! My headache got worse as I worried about them waiting for me. It was one of those "wish I would just expire" headaches that don't usually last very long, but hurt so badly! This one stayed with me, most of the day while I worried about having so much to do, and failing at most of them.
And to think that just a couple days ago, I was relaxed, blessing the sunshine, and had not a care in the world!
I keep trying to sing, "The sun will come out, tomorrow...." It will! It will! Those days of wine and roses (lemonade and sunburnt noses...) will come again!
I think it's partially that I have come to get used to a few of those long "lemonade days", and now, when I have to get back in the groove of work things, it's foreign, and not as easy for me to fall gracefully into.
But, yes. The sun will come out, tomorrow... or the next day, and I'll laugh at how stressed I was, only a day or two ago. That's just life, isn't it?
So, this morning, I'm going to sit and write down everything that really needs to be done, today, and put some of the others off, until I'm not so stressed!
And, I'm going to pour myself a glass of lemonade, too!

June 22, later...

OK! I'm getting things done and I'm being brave! If you want to pre order a salty dog flag, so that we can order them without me having to foot the bill, please pre order it, now!
Salty Dog Flag Pre Orders
You can also just go direct to the store, but I'd like you to read the post, first!

June 25, 2012

It's a happier time. I have time. I am sipping lemonade, so to speak. Actually, coffee. But, it's the same relaxed feeling!
I was so brave to put up the Salty Dog Burgees, and it paid off! I can now order them. Today! Way to go, salty dogs! Thank you for your orders! Want one? You can still order and please do! Just click on the ifish store, linked on the top of every page.
You know who I miss? Stan Fagerstrom. Since I don't help with his column as much, I don't get to communicate with him as much. I miss you, Stan! I've been reading your columns, though! Look to the left for his column.
I'm so excited for this week. I have but one thing to do. That's a doctor's appointment, tomorrow. An eye appointment. I'm a little nervous about it, as I haven't been seen in ages for my eyesight. I have been very lucky, also. Not one thing wrong, except a little pain in my right eye where the blebs (holes in my eye from surgeries) form blisters and then pop. That hurts! But, I can take it! I'm tough!
So, I'm praying for an "all clear" on that front. Can't wait to see Dr. Mathers. He is such a wonderful doctor and man!
He did my corneal transplant and he was awesome! I think he also helped when my retina detached.
I'm taking Willie to the puppy park, and then signing up for a training class with "the Pet Geek". I guess she is wonderful. Want to take the class with me? Google "The Pet Geek" and see when the next class starts. That's when I'm going!
It would be a blast to have some ifishers in the class!
Off I go. I have to go get some grass seed. Been trying to repair
Willie's brown spots on the lawn for about 2 months, now. FAIL.

June 30, 2012
Jaw Gesture Art Bone Font

Order your Salty Dog Burgee!

I've been having a ball. I'm at the coast, and enjoying
everything green! The last time I was here it
was sunny
, but this time? Not so much. I have another fun
video I did yesterday, but I still have to upload it. I'll put
it at the end. (That is, if you want to see me silly-happy again,
on the river!)
We are having fun. Willie is becoming the dog of my dreams. At
a couple points, there, I was ready to give it up, thinking, hey,
I'm disabled. I can't keep up with this dog! I mean, anyone would
think they were disabled, compared to this dog. Anyone! There
is no way anyone could keep up!
If you think I don't write as often, I don't. I don't do anything
as often, except for Willie. He is a 24/8 dog! (And yes, I meant
8!) Every day, every hour, every minute, we must keep watch.
Get this.
The other day, I say to Andrew. "I have to work for a couple
hours on ifish. Can you watch Willie?" He agreed, as always.
He loves the Wilster.
I was lost in work, and two hours later, I came out, looked over
the yard, and freaked out. "Andrew! Didn't you watch Willie!?!"
I cried.
One of my planters was shredded. It was one of those composite
cardboard planters. It contained all my baby flowers from seedlings.
They were spread all over the yard, and the planter was in 2 inch
pieces, everywhere. Potted soil, spotted in clumps, all over the
Andrew was in the hallway when I greeted him, in hysterics. "What?
I had to take a shower." (You'd think you could take a shower
while watching a dog, yes?) NO! Andrew continued. "Are you
upset about the chaise lounge?"
What!?! I glanced at the yard, again. On the other side of the
house, the chaise lounge was missing the bottom cushion, and the
covering was in bits and fuzzies, everywhere. The yard looked
like it had snowed big chunks! Oh my!
That was not all. Both of my rugs before entering the home were
absent and to be found hidden under bushes, also ripped and shredded.
What am I to do? If I don't watch him at all times, he tries to
get back at me for it. This is why I am going to Dog obedience
with a gal that is supposed to be just terrific. She goes by the
name "The Pet Geek".
Her name is Cynthia. I can't wait! I'm all signed up and ready
to attend. I would love it if one of you would sign up, too. How
fun to have another ifisher and their dog. Her office is in West
Linn. Since I spend so much time at the dog park at Mary S. Young,
it will be perfect.
The raspberries are ripening! I can't wait! I'm watching them
like a hawk, and believe me, you have to watch them, too! The
minute they ripen, the birds go to work. I have to be first! I
mean, come on, we feed the birds all year long. These are ours!
Shoo, birds, shoo! We have netting over the blueberries, but raspberries
are way too reckless to contain. I just have to be on guard. First
thing in the morning, raspberries are mine!
The Salty Dog Burgees are ordered, and I'm simply waiting for
them to get to me. As soon as they do, I'm going to send them
out, so if you haven't ordered yours, please do, by clicking the store link, top
of every page. I'm also going to try to get to a couple of the
marinas, and have them there for sale. It would be fun to show
up about take out time and meet all you guys! Buy a tuna, while
I'm there!
I'm excited about ICAST. You know what? I really didn't think
I'd go this year. It's clear down in Florida, and that is just
too far. Flying, since my collapsed lung is an iffy thing for
me. But-- I'm brave (or stupid) and the doc says if I want to,
I should. I want to! It's only 10 days away or so, and I am getting
a hankering to be off to Florida!
If I do, I know I'd come home to absolutely no home, though. Willie
would have a blast, tearing everything to shreds!
I'll probably not go, but I had to find someone to go with me,
according to the doc, and my girlfriend from music lessons, way
back, wants to go! Oh no!
Icast, here we come?! Whoo hoooo! Disney, too! And dinner at the
Contemporary? We will see! Even if I don't go, it's fun to dream!
Here is Willy's podcast:


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