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Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington



Willie, Willie the Springer! He is so fine! I'm glad he is mine!

1st 2017!
Happy July!!!

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Happy July!

You know what this means. Right? Not only have the days begun to lose daylight,
but summer is half over! That means that the pinch period in the rivers are
soon to come. The birds are soon to thin out, and it will be that time of
summer when all is still. Really still. The song of Christmas, "Silent
Night" might also be written about July. :)

Go outside. Hear those spring birds singing their hearts out? Enjoy it now!
Soon, you'll wake in the morning to silence. Not that silence is
bad. I love silence! But, it's just a passing of time that we need to be aware
of! :)

This has been the strangest year. Everything is late, due to the rains we
had in late winter and early Spring. (And late spring, and early summer!)

I keep gazing up at my pear trees to see if I can see even one pear. I don't
think so. Either that, or they are still microscopic! I don't see but one
apple. It's about the size of a cherry! But, the apples in Oregon City are
prolific and about the size of a golf ball. Still, they should be larger,
at this date. It is what it is, though. Darnit, but I don't think we'll get
a pear crop this year. It's hit or miss, with those pears. When we do get
them, it's SO exciting! But, I'm not ready to spray like my grandparents did.
I just can't fathom killing all the bugs and maybe even some birds. Yuck.
I'd rather do without asian pears.

Seriously, though, is that the only way you can get your trees to fruit? We
even bought mason bees a couple years. We still have the house, and they are
there, and they do use it, but the only luck we had was the first year. Whether
it was the bees or not, we'll never know, but the first year, we sure thought
it worked! We had pears "everywheres"!

My blueberry crop is sparse.

I heard that this will affect all berries, but actually, my strawberry crop
was excellent! My wild blackberries, even the native ones look good! I think
we'll have pies this year!

I made the annual fourth of July rhubarb pie this week, and we enjoyed it

Even though things are sparse, we are making the best of what we have. it's
summer time and the feeling is groovy!

Yes. It's July, and summer is passing. But, just think... that silence that
you hear? The stillness of the river? That means that soon... before you know
it... Buoy 10 will be in full swing, and then.... salmon in the river! Oh,
I love Fall!

No matter how we fuss and complain when a season isn't all we expect, or goes
by too fast, there is always something to look forward to!

Isn't that just awesome about life?!

7th 2017!

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I had forgotten what it's like around here, in Oregon City on
the fourth. No, wait. I do remember, and it was nothing like this year! Oh...
my... word! People went crazy! I can't imagine what it must be like for vets
that have nightmares of war. Of course, I have zero experience with that,
except for what I see on television, and the similarity was wild! It sounded
like we were being bombed!

I think everyone around me had illegal fireworks. It used to be that we'd
say, "Those people over there- (pointing in one direction) have illegals.
Now, it was all around us! And I was alone with Willie.

Actually, Willie did really well. I'm thankful that he isn't the type of dog
that gets so upset about things like that. He did breathe hard, and couldn't
rest, really, but I've had dogs that shake and pace and become incontinent,
miserably. Poor things.

But, the bombing noises kept up till well past midnight. It was kind of fun
at first. There were actual real, professional type fireworks going off that
I could see from my deck! I tried to enjoy them, but Willie thought we should
be indoors, so indoors we went. Turned up the TV so it didn't bother him as
much, and tried to rest. I think we both got very little good sleep.

I stayed home for the fourth. Home, that is, in Oregon City. I miss the peaceful
quiet of the river. I need to be here for a bit, though, so that David can
pick up Tammy from the airport this weekend. Then, I have a delivery coming
early next week. I think that Bill and I count the days until I get back to
the coast.

I'm having fun with my garden, and how it grows, though! My neighbor lady
thinks the entire reason I have a home here, is for my garden, and I think
she's right! It's a darn expensive garden, though! I wonder how long I'll
be able to keep it... The costs are catching up with me, and sometimes I dream
of how nice it would be to not have to pay a mortgage, insurance, and bills,
and bills, and bills! It seems like every time I turn around, something else
needs fixing. Is that just the way of things when you are a home owner? It
doesn't seem like Bill has all these problems!

Yesterday, I was taking down some spider webs with this cool tool I have.
It's a twirly brush and you just spin it along the eaves. I was doing just
fine until.... I saw this round, papery ball. OH my gosh! It's a wasp nest!
I hope David took care of it last night. I was fast asleep.

Wasps are great for the garden, but I simply can't risk it, being allergic
to bee stings. I wish I could just leave them be. They eat all the little
larvae and bugs off your plants. Oh! And then as I was cleaning, I also found
an ant trail! I wish I wouldn't have cleaned, yesterday. I was doing just
fine, not knowing about bugs that need taking care of. I've had ant problems
since I moved in here, and I can't seem to cure the problem! It would fine
if they'd stay out of doors!

Willie and I went to the river, yesterday. (The Willamette) to run in the
sand and play in the water. He had a blast, and so did I! I laughed so hard!
I've never seen enthusiasm like I see out of Willie! He loves life so much!
You can watch videos of him running and swimming on my facebook
page, here.

Well, I've got a few more days here, until I get back to the coast. Bill and
I are going to go crabbing, when I get back and I can't wait! There is something
therapeutic that I seem to need about listening to the waves against the chine
of the boat. It's a peaceful, restorative thing for me. Moreso than the act
of fishing or crabbing itself ... just the peace, the quiet....
the water.

16th 2017!

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I was looking back thru all the July's that I have kept journals,
and sure enough, this is the slowest of ever months for fishing! It's that
achingly long stretch of "no fishing" from about the end of May
till b-10!

S L O W.

I used to fish lakes, when I lived in Astoria area. Does anyone remember that
area I had on ifish called "My Three Lakes"? That was so fun! I
fished Coffenbury, Cullaby and ... Sunset! Yeah! That was it. I also fished
that small lake I once lived on in Warrenton. I can't even recall the name
of the lake! But, I caught a huge 6 pound bass on that lake! I also remember
having a small boat. Once, I decided to take Andrew across the lake in it.
I did, and we anchored on the other side with my home made anchor. It was
a milk jug filled with rocks! :) Hey! I got by! Anyhow, the boat was a sail
boat I bought for 50 bucks and totally refiberglassed, one winter, in my basement.
What a mess that was! But I did it! And it floated! :)

Anyhow, we got to the other side, and we fished for a bit, and then I rowed
back. DANG... it was hard rowing back. Know why? I forgot to pull the anchor
and I cleared-- Oh yeah! It was Smith Lake! I cleared Smith lake of all the
weeds with that darn anchor! I was SO tired after that! It took forever and
probably contributed to my aortic dissection, years later! Ha!

Today, Bill and I are thinking of taking the big boat down the Trask for cutts.
Our smaller bass boat has motor troubles, so it's at Greg's in Garibaldi to
get fixed. I love that Yamaha motor, but for now, it's the big boat on the
Trask! That should be fun! At least we can take the dogs! Have a great day!


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I woke yesterday to clouds for the first time in ages, yesterday.
I was so excited! Finally, a chance again to wear something besides almost
nothing! I reached down into my drawers, shoving aside the shorts and tee
shirts, and dug down to find my most comfortable long pants, and some kind
of soft-on-my skin sweatshirt.

Yum. I bathed in snuggles!

What is it about us Oregonians that we complain till the cows come home about
rain, but then celebrate it when it happens, mid summer?

Everyone I ran into was cheerful! Even the cows!

Hey! Speaking of cows. Where are they? Tillamook is known for cows. Or-- we
were! But, lately, the dairy farmers have all set upon a new trend. They've
ditched the cows for raising corn!

The days of sitting in long wait lines to get to town, while the cows paraded
across the streets are rare, now. I think only one dairy farm out of five
or so, still has cows. It kind of makes me sad. No matter how many times I
cussed those cow parades, now I miss them, terribly! It was a chance to sit
in my car, to gaze into the hills, or stop to notice how much I love this

It makes me giggle to think back to one day, visiting with a farmer as his
cows crossed the road. I said "Wow! It really stinks, today!" Not
only is Tillamook known for cows, but it's known for cow pies and fertilizer
that really smells bad. But, he shook his head and said, "Smells like
money to me!" Ha! I suppose it did!

The air in Tillamook is still a bit sour, as they use the remaining cow excrement
to shower over their new corn crops. Instead of the irrigation systems shooting
out clean, clear water, the systems cut across the sky with a dark, green/black
goo that comes from the dairy fields. Yuck!

There is sun again, today, and it brought a smile to my face. Another day
to sip coffee on the sunny porch and enjoy my potted flowers with the dogs
(and one cat!) running happily around me. Everything was touched with a drop
of dew, and cleansed by the misty rain that fell, yesterday. The greens and
flowers were happy, too!

The new cat, Maize is learning to enjoy the river. I keep my canoe chained
to a log on the river, so she is getting used to that furniture enough to
dab a toe in it, once and a while. My hope is that one of these days, I can
sit in the canoe, ashore, and she'll get in and be comfortable enough that
I can shove off from shore, and take her for a ride! Just like our "Molly
the fishing cat" used to do.

Willie reminds me of Kilchis (My last dog) more often than not, and it helps
my heart to heal over the loss. The pain of losing Kilchis never leaves my
heart, but it has softened enough to enjoy the memories.

It's off to the city, today, and I can't wait to see how my garden grows!


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