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Brown Dog Dog breed Carnivore Liver

Willie, Willie, Willie the Springer! He is so fine! I'm glad he is mine!

July 2, 2012
Jaw Gesture Art Bone Font

Order your Salty Dog Burgee!

Nothing like going to bed at night after filling your tummy with buttery fresh lettuce and spinach out of your garden. Then, getting up in the morning to fresh strawberries picked out of your strawberry patch. Oh, thank you, Lord, for summer! Thank you for simple good feelings and memories! (Oh, summer without sunshine, but still... Oh, praise summer!)
I had plans to fish this week, but now I'm not so sure it will happen. I guess Bill is kind of busy, this week.
I may go by myself up the Clackamas. Tammy and I scouted out some places to fish up there, just last week. We stopped at the store at Prometory and had a bite to eat. It was really fun to get out and search out the river. I hadn't been up there in ages. I used to spend so much time there, fishing with an old boyfriend. All the way from Eagle Creek on up to Timothy! Even Odell!
After we broke up, I continued fishing there, all by my lonesome. I never felt lonely there, either. Too busy with the hunt. He had me addicted... not to him, anymore, but to the hunt... To fishing!
Funny how when I have broken up with someone I loved, I miss the things associated, almost more than the person. I guess I've chosen wrong, or something. But, with one, I certainly missed the dog that we had, more than the boyfriend. In fact, the hurt of losing that dog still wakes me at night with tears. I loved that dog, so, so much.
And with Dave, I miss the Clackamas more than I do him. Is that awful of me? I mean, I loved him, but the other stuff lasts longer. Or, maybe it's just that I can still enjoy the things they introduced to me, even if they are physically gone.
Yeah. Put it that way.
Tammy took us the old highway from Oregon City to Estacada, and I had never been on some of those roads. At least, to my memory. Dave, my old boyfriend, used to do the driving, so I had no clue where we were, some of the time! We were often busy, as young lovers might be while driving in a car with bench seats! We'd sit close and hold hands, off and on. Once, we were pulled over, and asked to sit apart. Uh oh!
But, even minus bench seats, when I'm a passenger, I have always gotten lost on the scenery and paid little attention to direction. I remember my family laughing at me, when I learned to drive. I had been going from my Canby home to my Grandmother's home in Forest Grove since I was a baby. Yet, I had no clue how to drive there, myself! The first time I tried, I got so lost! There was no GPS back then!
The ap on my iphone that has GPS saves my life. I would not leave home without it! If I did, I would never find my way anywhere, nor back again!
I am not good with direction. Ask me where North is, and I laugh. Unless I'm at the coast, right on 101, I just don't know!
I'm in the mood to get in the car and just go. I'm not sure where I'd land, but I feel that old hankering to travel. Just get in the car and go. Who knows? Might end up in Nevada, (south!) only to sit on the curb of some 7-11 somewhere, dressed in shorts and flip slops, and sip a slurpee and have a hot dog. Then, turn around and come home!
I enjoy the process of removing layers of clothing as I drive South, only to add them back as I come back to Oregon. I love that first chill of the coast. Best yet, turning on the windshield wipers, or feeling a fine mist when I unroll the window. Love, love, love the first blast of salty cool air while traveling up the mountains to the coast. Cool, wet air on a sunburned face is wonderful!
I'll never forget turning around to the kids on the way home from Disneyland and whispering, "It's raining! Where do you think we are?!" They both said, "Home!" Close enough! We'd pull over to the side of the road and change into clean warm sweatshirts that we hadn't worn since we left home. Home and soft, soft, fleece. Love that. Just love, love, love that!
That's the kind of happiness that is pure joy. It's the kind that hits home to me, most. Everlasting. Steadfast. You can take a boyfriend from me, but you can't have my joy!
You know, things like spending two weeks, or even a long summer month in the heat, (even home in Oregon!) and to wake up one morning to put on socks and shoes and sweatpants because it is raining! I love that cozy/clean feeling! Nothing like warm, soft socks after dry and dirty flip flop feet! Slather lotion on those feet and cover them in soft cotton, then lace up some comfortable tennis shoes! Thank God for those feelings that take me home!
These are small bits of happy thoughts that stay with me even after going through terribly sad life events. These feelings stay happy through it all, and I'm so thankful to retain them.
Reminds me of a song, "These are a few of my favorite things..."
Clean sheets is another one of those happy things... but I digress.
Fishing on the Clackamas sounds good, today. Even though I have to hire an attorney to read the regs and study up on the difference in trout species. It's why I didn't even get out my trout rod last week. I just wanted to feel the feeling of the Clackamas, without worrying about the regs! I wanted to soak up the memories. Feel them. Feel the joy. I knew that it still lived there. As I drove along, I noticed that the highway had changed, but my memories of the river lived on, and I found them, there.
We visited with some guys that were fishing, and I saw that yes! I could do that! Things hadn't changed so awfully much. They had lawn chairs out, and rod holders and everything familiar to me. Especially the friendliness of strangers on the river, that I so often find. That was there, too. I want me some of that!
I may not have to take a change of clothes for the weather, but I do think I just talked myself into driving up the Clackamas with a fishing rod, today.
Spend a moment today and think of your favorite things. Be thankful for them. Fill your mind with them. Concentrate more on those, and less on life's current problems. My life is actually pretty darned good, right now. But, even so, it's better yet when I take time to think about all these joy-things. It's so good to realize that no matter what, no matter where, we can always be thankful for the happy memories in our mind.

July 4, 2012
Light Nature Blue Flag Flag of the united states

Happy Independence Day!

I just hung my flag. :) I love that. Every day that is flag day makes me so proud! I slid the aluminum rod into the plastic holder that I put up all by myself. I was in my bathrobe, and I stood beside it. Once the wind picked up the flag and was waving, I said, "God Bless America!"
It brought tears to my eyes, as it always does. I'm so thankful that I am proud of my country. Sometimes I worry about my kids. Do they have that? That pride that I have? I sure hope so.
Ever think I don't write as much here on ifish? Ever think I'm not on the ifish board as much? Well, I think you are right!
I miss it so much, too! I'm trying to raise a darn puppy, though! And I'm trying to raise him without the aid of a kennel or a baby sitter/dog sitter!
I'm so hoping that either I can find an answer, or if I don't, he will grow out of this need to be watched.
It drives me crazy. He really needs 24/7 care... or else!
This morning I'm trying something new.
I've given him a chew toy, and I've locked him in my office with me. My writing is filtered with "No!" and "Willlie! Lay down!" He is now scratching on the door, to get out.
But-- I tried to leave him in the yard! I tried! It's a perfectly fine fenced yard for him to play in, solo. So, why does he have to tear everything in site, into bits?!?
I just went to check on him, prior to locking him in with me, and he had the entry way rug in the yard, fighting with it. The rug was losing. Let me tell you! Darnit, anyhow! I have lost three rugs, to that dog! All, due to attempting to still be a good part of ifish! I need a break!
So, yesterday, I tried something else new. I took him to a doggy day care! But, I can't afford that kind of leisure! What a treat it would be, if I could! And, I doubt that if I'm going to pay someone to care for my puppy, that I'll come home and work. I want to play, too!
I snuck up on him out in the yard. The rug, like I said, was losing the battle. Willie was growling at the darned thing, trying to kill it, best he could. I had newspaper in hand. "Whack!" went the newspaper on my knee. (It's the sound that gets him, not the pain!) I jumped. It did hurt me! "NO, Willie! No chew!" We have a variety of "No's" in the household. No chew. No bark. No dig. But, this one was "No chew!" He knows that one well. I handed him something OK to chew. His bone.
He looked up at me, as if to tell me he'd already killed that. He's so sweet. His eyes, so loving. How on earth can I punish a dog that is so darn cute?!
Dog Dog breed Carnivore Liver Companion dog

You are now beginning to see the problem. Willie is too darned cute for me to say no to. Had this problem with my kids, too!
If I could only go back in time, and realize that crating him would have done a favor for both of us, even though he cried so hard he couldn't breathe. (Should have crated my kids, too!) For some reason, though, that just doesn't feel right to me! Oh, dear, I'm a terrible parent!
I googled everything to death, trying to find the answer. If you look hard enough, you can find any answer you want on the internet. I found one article that said "Don't let them hyperventilate with panic". OK! Whoo hooo! I like that one! You guys! Andrew! David! Take him out of the crate, right now! Says so, right here on the internets!"
Thank you, Google. Now I have a dog that won't crate! Argh!
I do believe... and hope with all of my mind that this is a puppy thing. This too, shall pass. He will grow up and stop this chewing thing. He will grow up and stop this barking thing, too. It's magic! Just because!
Yesterday, what I dreaded all along happened to me. Willie was playing and excitedly barking. Every time he barked, I heard the neighbor man, who was outside working, mutter "Rowrowrowrow...." He wasn't happy! He was mocking Willie.
I looked over and smiled at him and caught his glance. He looked busted. He said to me, "Oh, hi!"
(Yeah, right...) I knew what was coming. I walked over to the corner of the fence. (Wish fences were sound proof!)
"Any chance you could keep your dog quiet in the morning?!" I felt like saying, "I wish!"
I was polite and nice, and explained that I was doing my best to train him to be quiet. I even enrolled him into classes, and I have a command and a squirt bottle for "No bark".
He was a nice neighbor, thank God, and we ended our conversation with me saying that yes, I would keep him quiet, especially on Sundays and Mondays when he works nights, and sleeps till 11. I will try to go to the coast those days, or take him for an early morning run.
Oh, dear.... If only for the days when I could wake, early in the morning, grab my coffee, and work on ifish. I miss it so much! I miss always being on the coast, where no one can hear us.
And now, pressure! Neighbor pressure! City life! I don't want to be a bad neighbor. I don't! I had asked every neighbor except for the one mentioned here, to make sure Willie wasn't bothering their sleep. This neighbor is kitty corner to me around back, and darnit, anyhow, his bedroom window faces Willie's "bark yard".
This morning, instead of working on ifish, I was busy outside with my netbook, madly googling "My dog barks at play!"
We have this thing, see, where I softly sing "He runs round the yard with the greatest of ease... that little springer spaniel with the spots on his knees!" Willie barks and runs and plays, and is so happy! I love it! The neighbor doesn't, and the neighbor is always right.
I will work my rear end off to work out some kind of schedule, some kind of work around, to make sure those neighbors aren't bothered by Willie. It's just how I operate. I feel terribly that I am bothering someone else. I will figure this out! I adopted Willie into my life, and I will not stop working at this until we have worked it out.
And, in the meanwhile, I'm going to bake some muffins and take them over to my neighbors that I have bothered, as a kind of peace offering. I am so truly sorry for any lost sleep we have caused!
It doesn't hurt to pray about it, either. God and I will figure out a way to make sure Willie is a good dog that doesn't bother my rug, or bother the neighbors!
This has worked this morning, so far! Willie is asleep in the big chair in my office, and I'm able to write, here. I have also checked the mod board, and fixed any problems that I could find.
After I'm done, we'll go to the park and Willie will be able to bark a bit. Or-- should I not allow him to bark at play? Is that teaching him it's alright? Perhaps. I can't wait to ask these questions to the Pet Geek!
Maybe Google will have the answer?
I found it! I found the google that I wanted! It reads:
"To heck with the neighbors! It is healthy to bark! It is the way dogs communicate their joy!"
(Jennie laughs out loud)
If only.... If only that were true. It says so!? Right here on Google!

July 6, 2012
Jaw Gesture Art Bone Font

Order your Salty Dog Burgee!

Face it, Jen. You aren't going to ICAST this year. For the first year in five or more, I'm staying behind. Oh, it's hard to do! I could hop a plane all by myself, but the doc really doesn't like that idea, after my collapsed lung. Oh well.
I have friends that would love to go, but they aren't really fishing friends, and this is, after all, a fishing event!
I'm getting all kinds of e mails from contacts I have met over the years, asking if I'll be there. I haven't answered, just in case, somehow, I go. I think it's time to send my regrets.
Oh, Florida! I will miss you! Oh, Disney! I will miss you, too!
But, oh fishing! I can stay home and fish! And, I'll save money, too. That's always a bonus!
Fourth of July was so fun, here! I miss all that, so much! The entire neighborhood turned into a sort of block party. I didn't have to go anywhere for fireworks. They were right here! All around me! And they went on for a long time!
Thank goodness that Willie seems OK with them. Kilchis did not like fireworks one bit. Willie is at home with the big booms, so far. Hope that doesn't change!
Tammy and I met some of our neighbors and had a great time. I love meeting dog owners, and talking about dog training. We met "Riley" and Riley is 10 months old. His owner and I talked about where to run dogs. I'm going there, next! He is training Riley to be an upland hunter. Oh, I wish I could do that with Willie, but I'm afraid that chukkar hunting is too much for me, physically. Willie would adore it, though!
Well, it's off to the boards. I have one bone of time to work on ifish. Better get at it, before Willie finishes it!
Who is boss around here? :)
It's obvious!
So, is it summer or what? Fifth of July, just like the joke. It isn't a joke any more, though. It just is!
I am enjoying it, so much! Whooo hoooo!

July 8, 2012

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice
and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24
I'm at the coast. That's just the first thing that came to mind,
this morning. My head lifted off the pillow and I gazed out to
the meadow. It's just glorious, here. It's not sunny yet, but
it will be.
We've got that 'socked in' thing going on. I sure wish I had my
salty dog flags. I'd go down to Bud's in Garibaldi and bring the
flags with me. I wonder if anyone got out. It was supposed to
be pretty snotty out on the ocean, this weekend. Good day to stay
in close and crab, like
Pilar did.

I have more respect for those salty guys. They have a drive to
get out in the ocean, like no other. I love reading their enthusiastic
posts! Take a look at the Salty
, if you want to read something positive and fun!
Yesterday, finally, I got the canoe out on the river. I just went
for a brief ride, as getting the canoe down to the river was quite
a physical struggle for me. I can't do what I once could. Even
though you just push and slide, that canoe is big and bulky! Once
I got it to water and got in, it was windy out and difficult to
manage. Bill bought some new paddles, so it was really nice, that
way, but I got into a bit of trouble.
As usual, the river has changed, but this year, even more than
usual. In the center of the river, there is a rock formation that
is usually safe to pass over. It's right in the middle of the
current, this year, and guess what? Not safe to go over!
Since this was the first year to introduce Willie to canoe, I
had to make sure that he stayed away and didn't climb in. So,
that was one panic. But, sure enough, I high centered that canoe
on the rock in the current. Yikes!
I followed the rules of if you get stuck like that in a drift
boat. It's all I knew to do! But, it is not at all like a drift
boat! Canoes are wobbly and as the current swept me around, it
tipped! I did NOT go in, but dang close! I helped the current
to push me off, trying to balance it, all at the same time.
Finally, I backed off, with the help of the paddle, and the urgency
of "Here comes Willie to help!" Yikes! I was free. Free
of the rock, free of the fear of Willie, and back to shore I went.
That was enough for one day!
This morning there is not a breath of wind, and I'm headed out
for trip number two. Perhaps... Perhaps we will try to go down
the river!
I have to overcome the fear of Willie, and the fear that the river
will not have changed, and I can make it thru the shallow riffles
without tipping.
Do I have the energy? Do I have what it takes to paddle back upstream,
after my lung collapse?
I love me a good goal. I have to do it. I have to!
I don't know what I would do if I couldn't make it. If I can't
do the things I was always able to do. We just won't go there.
I'll be fine and I will be able!
This is how I'm still alive, I think. Just have to keep that confidence,
and do it!
I've been pretty tired, lately, so without my doctor's approval,
I have stopped taking one of my beta blockers. It's helped, tremendously!
I feel so much better, and have more energy. It pretty much convinced
me that it was those beta blockers, when one, the pharmacist said
to me, "I have never seen anyone have to take so much of
this!" And when I went to the doctors and the nurse mentioned
my blood pressure and heart rate were so low. She wondered how
I could even stand up.
The doc had explained to me that most people have (I can't remember
how many...) but, a certain number of heart beats per life time.
I had less, as a marfan patient who had a valve replacement. So,
when you take beta blockers, this slows down my heart rate, so
that I will live longer! That's great, but not if the quality
of life is not there. I want to be able to row my canoe upstream,
doc! I have to! I will explain this, next time I go. After all,
it's my life. My heart rate. My canoe. After all, what better
way to go than to just stop rowing, float down the river in a
canoe and out to sea?
Willie? Mr. Canoe? You and me, out on the river! Let's go!

July 12, 2012

I just got an e mail with my tracking number for the flags. So, they will be shipped out next week, to all that ordered.
I'm in the city, but off to the coast again, today.
I guess Bill and I are going to go cutthroat fishing today. Then, on Monday, I am filming with Grant McOmie. He's so great to work with. He's an excellent interviewer, and thank God for that, because if he wasn't, I'd be terrible! It's so nice to be interviewed by someone that good. He makes me feel at home, and asks questions that make me feel comfortable. I like Grant so much! He's added so much to our beautiful resource here in the Pacific Northwest. I wonder how many people are spending more time in the out of doors, due to the work he's done, bringing it to us in our living room. He shows us all where to go, how to get there, and what to do once you are there!
I do worry about the kids growing up, today. So many don't have the opportunity to know the outdoors.
So, when they are inside, watching the television, Grant pops up with these neat ideas for families. Thank you, Grant!
I was talking with my neighbor a couple days ago, about how many of the fishing spots on the Clackamas are filled to the brim with swimmers, families, and fishermen. I was a bit bummed, knowing that my fishing opportunities are few when the sun shines. But, my neighbor reminded me how good it is that people are out and about, instead of inside. He is so right!
I love it when folks remind me of what is really important. Keeps me on the right track!
Off I go, driving to the coast. Have a wonderful weekend, and I'll keep you updated on how the fishing goes!
I hope you get in on the salty flag deal before they run out! I'm getting close!

July 14, 2012

...once again, this is the day that the Lord has made! I am rejoicing
in it!!! Every single day, and in every single way, I'm going to be joyful!
Thankful! Happy!
Well, I try! :)
The fact is, life is rough, but I think it's supposed to be that way, so that
Heaven is all the more wonderful. Don't you think? No one said earth is an
easy place to be! We are all learning!
Sure makes sense, then, to love each other as much as we can, and make each
other's way a bit easier. After all, it multiplies. If you are hateful, you
spread hate. If you are loving, you spread love. Plus, you get it back! I
like that option!
If I had a ton of money, I'd spend it searching for the best coffee I could
find. I know what my favorite is, so far. Crabbait gets this awesome coffee
in Costa Rica and I can smell it, even before it arrives at the house! No
kidding! In fact, I put a little bit in the back of my car in a zip lock that
was partially open. Oh! My car smelled wonderful! Anyone have any favorites?
My coffee ritual in the morning is a very special time for me. From grinding
the beans to brewing it, I want it to be the best pot ever. I mean, it's the
time you spend from sleepy to getting your brain going. I need that to be
a great time.
I need a thunderstorm so badly. There is something about a thunderstorm that
clears my mind, clears the slate, and makes me clean to start over. I can
put everything behind me once the sky cracks and the rain comes down in sheets.
It rewinds me, so that I can start to record a fresh story! Life starts fresh
after the sky cracks!
This morning I woke to a warm but overcast sky. I thought, "This is it!
It's going to happen, today!" I have really missed the valley storms
in the spring and summer. So far, though, and it's been a year of having this
home, here, I have not seen a good storm.
I looked up the weather forecast, and sure enough, in bright red letters,
"Hazardous weather". Oh boy! Yes! And I clicked on it, and it read,
"20 percent chance of..." 20 percent? Not good. I need 100 percent
or better! I really want it to happen! Need it to happen! I need to start
Tomorrow I am headed back to the coast to go cutthroat fishing with Bill,
and to take care of some business.
Willie loves it at the coast. In fact, if I were to leave him there, he'd
probably wave goodbye to me, with not a care. He runs. He splashed in the
river. Heck, he walks on water he runs thru that river so fast! He can be
on one shore and get to the other, in no time flat. I never know where he
is, that little devil moves so fast!
I can't wait to get to my canoe. Bill finally has it out, and I had so much
fun taking it out, last week. I think I'm going to be able to stay at the
coast longer, this time. I hope so. I miss the every day routine of life at
the coast. Here, there is so much to do. Time flies, and I get a bunch done,
whereas at the coast, time stands still and I get very little done that matters.
Just picking strawberries and putting them in my mouth to melt. Picking raspberries
before the birds do. Checking all the trees for fruit, and trying to beat
the battle of the slugs. That's life on the river. That's life that I miss!
I have a feeling that I'll be back there for good, one day. This experiment
of living in the city is fun. I like it, but I think that home is at the coast.
There is a reason that all throughout my life, I keep ending up there. It
is my home, and my life leads me back there, time and time again.

July 16, 2012

The Salty Dog Flags will arrive, today!
Sleeve Rectangle Art Font Symbol

"You never know how strong you really are until being strong
is the only choice you have." Author unknown
I absolutely love that quote, and I have no idea who wrote it, but how true.
How very, very true!
I am going thru tough times. What is it Robert Schuller said? Tough times
never last, but tough people do? I hope I'm tough!
People have written to me, "Oh, you are so strong!" I wonder why
folks say that. When they do, I think, "Why? Why am I strong? I know
that I have been through tough times, and I have made it thru, but what choice
do I have, but to plow thru?! Oh, well. Regardless, it's nice to have people
say that to me.
I'll never forget after my husband left, I had absolutely no money. I had
rent to pay and two kids to feed, and no income at all. So, I had to do what
I had to do. The only way I knew to make money was to play piano. So, I put
an electric piano on my credit, and played the piano wherever I could. One
of those places was where my new ex husband worked, with his new girlfriend.
It wasn't easy to watch them, together, but I did what I had to do_One of
the waitresses was this really sweet little gal who had an oriental accent.
I think she was from China? Japan? Not sure. Anyhow, she came up to me and
in a very sweet and quiet tone, said to me as she sort of bowed, "Ohhhh,
you very strong woman!"
I loved that and it fed me, and made me strong! That really gave me a "can
do" attitude!
I hear that in my head, as I'm facing tough times, lately. It really helps!
"Ohhhhh, you very strong woman!" OK! I am! I am very strong woman!
Hit me with your best shot! I can take it!
Things in the house break. I have very little income. I'm living off of about
1300 a month, and it's just not going far enough! After my mortgage, and electric
bills of about 400 a month, oh my! Then, there is garbage and water, and groceries,
and.... Oh my! You very strong woman! You eat carrots and lettuce and tomatoes
out of your garden and you be strong! Because woman?! That's all you got!
LOL. Nothing like myself making myself giggle in the morning!
I used to be able to pay off my credit cards every month, but lately that
isn't the case. There is nothing more scary to me, to see my bills raise every
month. YIKES. But, I strong woman. I will figure it out!
I woke up this morning and Bill said to me, "Oh! I have to read this!"
"What?" I said, in my pre coffee voice.
"John Canzano's Top 25."
"Oh. I won't be on that, since I don't own ifish, anymore."
I was so honored to be on that list, for so many years, but it's almost a
relief not to be mentioned, any more.
Privacy. That's a nice word. It was nice to be noted, but it is so nice to
not be noted, too! I like the idea of me living in a small house, trying to
get by, all by myself. It's tough, but I will make it! I'm going to figure
it out.
Bill continued, "Looks like David Johnson will be 25."
"Awesome!" I said. And I mean it! I think he is right on with that
David Johnson has come so far, and no one deserves it more than he does.
I remember way back when, when David came to me at ifish to advertise. I knew
right away, he was exactly the type of guide I wanted to be part of ifish.

He wasn't quite as known as some of the ifish guides I had on ifish, or dreamed
of having, but he had all the qualities that I really liked. He was honorable,
trust worthy, and most of all, a darned good fisherman and guide! Personally,
I loved the fact that he loved the Lord! I don't pick guides because of that,
but I personally loved that. Bill and I even visited the church he and Tesha
go to!
David is a wonderful man who loves fishing as much as he loves life! I also
really believe that every good guide has a good partner behind them, to support
and to do the business end. That would be Tesha, his awesome and very supportive
wife. What a team! And it takes a team to accomplish what David and Tesha
have accomplished. They have come a long, long way!
I first realized how important it is to have a partner to support you, when
I looked at Tim and Shana Juarez. What a team, they are! They love each other,
love the Lord, and do a wonderful job of running a guide service. They have
all the components that they need to go to the top of the industry.
Every where I look in the fishing industry, that's what I see when I see a
success. Look at Liz and Art Martin. Liz is running NSIA, and Art works for
ODFW. They are a lovely couple who accomplish so much for you and I who fish
in Oregon. (They affect our National fishery, also!)
Wow. There are so many couples that accomplish a lot. I think I'll start a
new thread on the fishing community to ask people for more ideas of couples
who together, make a huge impact.
I can think of so many! How bout Bill and Glenda Monroe? Joyce and Marty Sherman?
I am sure I'm missing many, having only one cup of coffee in me, but Norm
and Jolie Richie, Gordon and Terri Southwick? Man, there are a ton of them!
I'll start a thread, and come back to link it, here. This is fun!
Next week, in Sunday's paper, read the Top
25 Most influential in sports, by John Canzano
to see David Johnson's
name in print! Whoo hoo and way to go, David and Tesha! I am so proud of you!
And, thank you, John,
for adding me in your thoughts on paper. I have
that saved right here
, if you want to see the past year's honorable mentions.
I was so honored to be included, and most of all,
it made my Dad proud to see me listed, there.
I kind of giggled, because... influential? I don't know about that but yes,
I owned ifish and I was "known" in the fishing world. And speaking
of couples, I also had Bill Hedlund, my better half, to back me up and to
feed me with fishing news, and more. (food, too!)
If anything, Bill should have been listed! :)
But, thank you, John. To be listed made me have a "can do" attitude,
and made me as proud as it did when that little gal so many years ago, said
to me, "Ohhhh, you very strong woman!"
Because of that praise, I prevailed.

July 17, 2012

How could you possibly have a bad day when your coffee time goes like this?

July 21, 2012

Wow. Did you feel it? It shocked me a bit! I was outside yesterday
working in the lawn, (forever fixing Willie damage!) and the wind blew and
lightly tossed my hair.
That breeze, lightly peppered with some kind of foreign, yet familiar crispness
took me to straight to Fall! I stood there, shocked and still. Everything
Fall flushed into my mind. Good Fall feelings, yes, but still! The Nehalem!
Picking blackberries on a dry, windless river beach. Crunchy big maple leaves,
under foot. Salmon Fishing! Cool mornings, crisp evenings... Fall! That was
Fall that flew by me! Barely touching my nose, just to tease. Just to let
me know to enjoy summer, because by golly, things are moving on at a rather
fast clip!
I didn't know what to do with it! I mean, here it is, finally
summer and Fall hits me, broadside? What the heck! What is happening with
time? It flies by faster than the wind!
I feel old, because all of these things, these sayings I hear about getting
old are real! I feel them! All the things I giggled about that my grandparents
would say, well? I'm saying them and meaning them!
I know it was only the first hint, but it hit me so unexpectedly. Fall has
been the last thing on my mind, lately. Fall happens later! Oh, so much later!
I'm just only beginning to harvest my garden! Summer doesn't happen in the
last of June... I mean the first of July... I mean, hey wait! July is almost
over! It is almost August! Wow.
What happened to summer? I know, we all say this every year, but this year?
It flew by like no one's business for me. Spring didn't even really happen,
and by the time summer hit, precisely on July 5th, it's (pht!) over!
And, if summer is our longest season, then I'm in big trouble for the entire
I keep manila envelopes out, every month, for my business receipts. When I
get settled at the end of the day, I take any receipts and gas bills for that
day, and put them in a basket, and then transfer them to this envelope that
is out. This month, the one with big felt pen lettering that says "JULY".
It hit me. That's half a year! Right after I had my taxes done, it's already
July! In less than six months, I'll be doing taxes again! Bizarro! I guess
I am getting old, because this is what they say happens! Time just flies!

I'm in Oregon City right now, and leaving for the coast, tomorrow.
I'm so excited for today, that I didn't sleep last night. Today is the first
day of my dog obedience school! Today I go alone and don't take Willie. It's
classroom teaching, I guess. A meet and greet with the teacher. I hope this
helps us! I'm getting so attached to Willie, I can't believe it. I love that
dog, so much! He does need help. Actually, I'm sure it's me that needs the
help! A dog is only as good as his owner!
Off I go! I'll let you know how classes go!
Hey! If you want to order your salty dog flag, ifish decals or salty decals,
just go to my store. I'm having
fun being a store owner, and it's helping me pay the bills! Not much, but
a little! And it keeps me out of trouble! :)

July 23, 2012

Over the mountains and thru the woods, to the ocean beaches
I go!
While talking to my hair dresser, we discussed how little we actually went
to the beach. I mean, we live here, but rarely deal with sand, or stand to
admire the awesome nature of the ocean. I need to do that more. Plus, Willie
loves it, there!
It's just the ...sand! My car is impossible to clean, afterwards! What a silly
excuse. Huh?
I'm teaching the Willster "no bark" this morning. How do I do that?
Lock him inside! He has a doggy door, but it is closed. Time for Mommy to
work, Willie, and if you can't be a good dog outside, all by yourself, you
will be in! Soon, I'll take him to the park, where he can bark to his heart's
content. But, here? In the morning? Where folks try to sleep? "No bark!
Quiet! Goooood Quiet, Willie!"
I don't know where he is right now, as he is very quiet. Quiet usually means
trouble! Yikes!
OK, off to check him, and to send out the last of the orders from the weekend.
Then? Off to the beach!

July 25, 2012

Just talked to Mike. He's a neato guy that fishes the Kilchis,
and totally enjoys everything from the drive to the river, to the hike back
to his car. He's amazing. I've stopped to ask him if he wanted a ride back
to his car. "Nope!" He thanks me and explains that he loves the
whole process.
Imagine that. Imagine telling someone who was raised on immediate gratification,
how much someone loves to hike six miles back to his car, after fishing the
whole river, from the park, down. Oh, I hope that the population doesn't forget
what it's like to go slow, and to enjoy things. I know that I am tempted to
rush, at times. It's people like Mike that help me to slow down and enjoy
the process.
Remember that life is what is happening, right now.
I am beginning to wonder if it's bad of me to look forward to things. I am
now looking forward to dinner. How the heck to I enjoy this starving feeling?
I mean, that's what it's all about! I'm supposed to enjoy that, somehow! I'm
going to try!
We look forward to dinner, to vacations, to the weekend, to buying something
we really want. I guess there is nothing wrong with that at all, as long as
you don't rush things, and hurry, just to get to the point you are looking
forward to. Because, after it happens, after the long awaited event, often
times, we are disappointed.
Enjoy the process. Enjoy what is happening, right now.
Get out there, drive to the top of a local river, and fish your way down.
Then, hike back to your car. Enjoy every minute of it. Mike does!
I want to be like Mike.
Oh-- Time to order that salty dog flag, if you want one.
I'm running low!

July 26, 2012

Just got out of the canoe. My arms get all old lady and wobbly
in the winter, because I don't row. In the summer? Oh, they are sore at first,
but then they get this nice, tanned firm thing going on. I like it! I have
contour to my arms! Not flab!
I got an ab lounger 2 on Craigslist for nearly nothing. I'm having fun with
it. Not only is it great for lounging in the sun, but it really, really works
as a sit up thingy. I mean, I am not supposed to really do sit ups, due to
my abdominal aneurysm, but with this, I have support. I think it's OK! Regardless,
I'm doing it, by golly! I'm so sick of flabby abbys that I'm doing it, dissection
or not! Chances are that I'll never have my old body back, but I can work
to make what I have better. Yes? Yes! So, I watched some youtube videos on
how to do it, and man! I love that feeling of working out! Love that dopamine!
Canoeing gives me a bit of a rush, too. Can ya tell? :)
Willie just adores it, here. He runs around the house, down to the river,
flies across the river and back, wagging his tail, the whole time! He doesn't
He does try to get in the canoe, at times. I'm waiting for that mishap to
occur. So far, I've been able to fend him off! It will happen, though. ONCE.
OK, I'm back to work, now that I have a little boost of energy in me. Then,
off to do errands.
Sent out two of the remaining salty flags, this morning. They are fast to
thin out! I'm almost done with the order!

July 30, 2012

The Salty Dog Flags are almost gone!
Sleeve Rectangle Art Font Symbol

When we get down to 10, I'll have to do orders by private message or e mail,
so we don't run out.

I couldn't sleep last night! So excited! Both to fish, and to
meet with Grant McOmie to fish and film, today. I have no clue what to say
to him. I'm so glad that he leads the conversation, so well.
I have worked with so many good interview people. Bill Monroe is another good
one. I'm so glad that with some press folks, you don't much have to think,
because my thinker is not very sharp, anymore! Maybe we'll just catch fish
after fish, and that will be the whole story! Whee!
What to wear to film in the outdoors? I know the rules for being on TV is
to wear pastels, but what about in the out of doors? Is it different!?
I know. I'll just put on my waders and that will be it!
Last night I was staring at my beautiful crocosmia. It was so dark bright
red in the evening light that it stunned me. My hummingbirds just adore it,
and it's fun to watch them enjoy it, too. It's multiplied so much and gotten
so much bigger! Used to be lucky if I'd get one long strand, but now? There
are so many that it is falling over!
I wonder what it will be like in 20 years? I hope someone sends me a picture!
Well, off to clean this house. It's so dusty, here! Bill doesn't clean the
insides much, but man oh man does the outside look stunning!
OK, it's off to clean and shower, and get ready for fishing. Have a great




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