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Cindy and Jim Parson show off their catch using
Marie's Shrimp Scents!

Hey we're famous. Well maybe not famous but we sure are having alot of fun
catching fish. Thanks for the recognition and it is a pleasure to promote
your product. Will send pictures again next week.

Salmon like the Sticky Scent too. First 2 fish using the new scent.


Heres Cindy!

heres a picture of their fish box

Heres famous Jim Parson: That's ok, I went fishing today. Three nice URB's, 16, 26 and 32. Wife got two I got one. Yes, she got the big one. And yes, they were all caught with your shrimp scent. Will call tomorrow.



Sorry for lack of info. Fishing near Longview where we live. We are retired
and do almost all our fishing in the Columbia where these fish were caught.
We do very well on springers and these fall run fish. Most our fall fish are
caught on Simons smeared with Marie's Scents. Had been using the regular
shrimp scent until we got the Sticky from you day before yesterday. We love
it. Just as effective and no mess all over our boat.

Jim and Cindy Parson

Great pictures and great Testimonials!

If you aren't using Marie's Shrimp Scents you are missing out!



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