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Jetboat hit's fishen boat

This weekend, out on wickie up, some how a jetboat took off and hit a small fishen boat, everone ok, 1 man is stell in the hospital, well live to fish another day.
Charges at this time wateing on blood test.

The guy's in the Jetboat took off and some how they did'nt see the fisherman in the smaler boat and ran over the top of it.

Woo, we, what a weekend over here in Bend Or

Hang the phone up (leave at home)
Stop to eat.
Keep kids in seats, that fit them.
Get enough rest befor going.
NO BOOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great week. Tight Lines Mr.A

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Re: Jetboat hit's fishen boat

That's scary! Can you imagine if it would have been a prop, though?


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