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Jennie's Fish Pics
Here are some pictures of fishing trips that
I have written about.

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Smile Vertebrate Mammal Happy Tree
Trousers Smile Photograph Plant Fish
Water Smile Vertebrate Outdoor recreation Fish
Nothing better than Disney salmon!Tillamook Bay Springer, 37 pounds!Tillamook Bay Fall Chinook, 29 pounds

Vertebrate Plant Boat Smile Tree

Tire Dog Vehicle Car Automotive tire

23 pound Nehalem chinook

Water Sky Vertebrate Smile Lake

Ghost hole, 2002

Smile Outerwear Plant White Natural material

Fishing out back, 2002

Smile Sky Water Fish Outdoor recreation

Not tellin' where this was! :)

Smile Fish Salmon-like fish Recreation Fin

Columbia Salmon 2002

Smile Water Boat Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies Watercraft

Welcome to ifish!

Hat Smile Sky Tree Outdoor recreation

Nice bright steelie Wilson River 2001 with Marty Peterson

Shorts Plant Water Smile Fisherman

2001 Nehalem salmon on a eggs and Marie's Shrimp
Water Fin Outdoor recreation Fish Recreation

Caught this on the opener of Bouy 10, 1999

Water Sky Boat Smile Jaw

Water Boat Cloud Sky Vehicle

Out on the river, Herrrrrrrre fishy fishy!!
Water Sky Boat Watercraft Vehicle

Got one! You want me to lift this 56 inch sturgeon????
Water Boat Sky Watercraft Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies

How high do want it? Arghhhh!
Water Sky Cloud Boat Watercraft

Not a problem... pant pant.....
Outerwear Plant People in nature Natural landscape Gesture

David and Andrew's catch out of Coffenbury Lake May of 99

Dog Vertebrate People in nature Carnivore Grass
Salmon from the Hammond Jetty in 1995
O.K., so it took me a lot of fishing to get rid of my pregnancy weight! Hefty woman! But fishing on that jetty
and pulling in all these fish did help! The thing I want to illustrate here is the fish weight not the Jennie's
The pic is old and kind of fuzzy, but you can see I had no place to carry any more fish!
I had such a great time, and you can see by the smile on my face that it was one of those fishing days I will never
My dog, Hershey, always goes with me, to this day! If he hears the word "Fishing", or if he sees me head
to the garage for a rod, he is right behind me, wagging his tail.
I think this was the second day I went out. Only caught three or so, but still a happy girl with my discovery!
The kids were still just rugrats.
How cute! David is in the white and Andrew in the red and black stripes. Now Andrew is 11 years old, 5'6",
and wears a size 13 1/2 men's shoe! David is an avid sportster and seems to excel in every seasons offering. He
is now 10.

Clothing Face Smile People in nature Grass

Organism Fish Grass Marine biology Fin
This is a pic of the Springer I caught off the beach in February of probably 94? I forget, but I thought it was
interesting because of the weird nose. What do you think happened here? He wasn't very large, probably 12 Lbs.
He did however, taste very good!

What does a fish say when he runs into a cement wall?


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