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Jaws. Rest in peace brother.

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I haven't been able to confirm this (His cell phone is shut off), but the details match. He's a really good guy and one of my favorite people here. Rest in peace brother.


Edit; Confirmed. It was our friend Jaws. aka; Jeff A. Weathers
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Though not close, Jeff and I were good acquaintances since early high school. He grew hops and friends of mine grew hops, so we got to know each other. We even dated the same girl once! Then in our 30s, we played on the same softball team for a few years. He and his brother even let us practice out on the grass runway they had on the farm. I admired his RC plane collection and we discussed computer technology in weather forecasting back in the 90s (that's what I do - techy stuff). Fun guy! We'd swap barbs about Beaver/Duck football all summer! Jeff always had a smile and a wise crack and good positive advice if he knew you were down; a true character.

I went to the celebration of life last Saturday. The Keizer city auditorium was packed. In fact they had to open up another adjacent room, but I still stood along the wall. Not enough chairs. His wife Ruthie, even mustered the strength to get up and give a eulogy. If it weren't for other obligations, I would have stayed for the reception. I shook his son's hand - whom I hadn't seen since he was 13 or so - and told him his dad was a fine man. And Jeff was.

In the past, I had been to this board just a handful of times, but when I heard Jeff was a tried and true member, I thought I would join in his honor. I certainly can't and don't want to take his place here - could never do that and don't want to do that. I just want to be here to be able to always remember Jeff and the breif times we had together - and to pick y'all's brain about better fishing, of course!

Fish on, brother!


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