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Jaws. Rest in peace brother.

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I haven't been able to confirm this (His cell phone is shut off), but the details match. He's a really good guy and one of my favorite people here. Rest in peace brother.


Edit; Confirmed. It was our friend Jaws. aka; Jeff A. Weathers
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I'm just sick. I have no words.
Jeff touched my heart, many times.
I just can't go here!!!
Oh my gosh.
But I didn't get to say all I wanted- I mean... Oh dang.
The last thing Jeff said to me (via PM) is "Where is Cool Texan when I need him?"
I wrote Cool and let him know, as he doesn't hang here much, anymore.

I wish I would have thought as often of him, as I am now that he is gone.
You know what I mean?
I always liked Jeff, and when he wrote me, I appreciated it. But, now that he is gone, I wish I could write to him every day.
There is a lesson in that.
1 - 3 of 61 Posts
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