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Sergeant Pepper

January 1, 2012

Wow. Look at that, up there. By golly, it's 2012! A New Year! A Happy one, at that? I'm in!
2011 was tough. Seemed tough for many, many people. I won't even go into my tough one. So many losses that I don't want to think about. Just move on... The memories will greet me for some time to come.
I just want to get on with it. Start a new foot forward. 2012 just sounds good to me! It sounds whole and fresh and new! A New Year! Happy! Yes!
My dog will hunt!
You know, Kilchis was very gun shy from the very beginning. But, Willie? Not so! Bill took him out on the river bank and shot a bunch, and he didn't twitch! Just kept a hunting like dogs do! Yay, Willie!
And last night? The fireworks were popping all over, and he was sound asleep on my lap. He'd open an eye at the really loud ones, but then go back to his snoring. So, so cute! He is!
It's just so weird for me, not to have a shivering, shaking mess! He is bold and he's going to protect his Mommy.
Yesterday we went to a dog park at Mary S Young. It was so much fun! There were new four and five month old puppies, everywhere! I hope it just wasn't a good day, and instead was the norm, because that was so fun! I want to do it again! Right now! And, as soon as we get up, we are headed out.
Willie is "sort of" patiently waiting for me, right now! You know, as he picks the stuffing out of the old chair. LOL.
I have to find some way to cover the nice seats in my car, because at the present moment, they are brown instead of black! Puppies are so dirty! Yesterday he slid in and out of second base, several times. Those dogs had more fun, running and sliding in the mud! Oh! And then jumping up on us with those dirty paws. My, do they have a bunch to learn! The down command is the toughest!
Soon, we will start some serious obedience training. You know, I know I'm late, but this is about when I usually start my pups, so... So be it. It will work!
Off to the park I go! I have my work cut out for me, making this a darn good year. But, I think it will be easy enough. Just rise, smile and watch those smiles come back at me!

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January 3, 2012

Over the years, I have been given a couple of gift certificates
for massages or pedicures. One of them is five years old. I called the other
day, and they said they'd still honor it. Or, at least the value of what it
was, when purchased.
The other one I have is a year old. It's for the Dragon Tree Spa.
Why on earth have I not used them? The Dragon Tree one was given to me, while
I was going thru chemo. It's weird, but I think I just wasn't feeling good enough
to go, then. Like, I didn't want to be touched, let alone massaged! My skin
So, now, I feel like doing these things! I'm closer to them, and I have a little
time, and gee, I have absolutely no extra money, so, perfect! Let's do it!
I'm also cleaning out stuff, and selling things on Craigslist. I have four things
for sale on Craigslist, and I could sure use the money! One of them is a brand
new black wire crate that I bought for raising Willie. He doesn't sleep in the
crate. He sleeps with me!
Oh! And you'll never believe what I did last night! I received a promotional
e mail from the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, a couple weeks ago. I couldn't believe
my eyes, but it said "Two free nights". Two free nights? What's the
catch? Why? You know what they say," if it sounds too good to be true..."
Well, I called last night, and they said that promotion was long booked up.
But, I got to talking with the nice lady, and I told her I wanted to stay on
my Birthday, (just to pick a date and see) and she said she'd talk to her supervisor
about an upgrade. (Wha? An upgrade from free?!) Yes! An upgrade from free! So,turns
out I could stay in a "Terrace one bedroom" with a view of the Bellagio
fountains on my Birthday for free!
I suppose it was related to my last stay, and that they figure people will spend
money, while there. What they didn't realize, is that I hardly spend any money
while there, and I had gotten a super deal when Ruth and I went last summer,
to ICAST. I enjoy spending time trying to get the very best deals for travel.
It's a kind of hobby of mine.
It all just went together, though, because last month, I found my "Identity
card" which is their points card and just for the heck of it, I called
and checked my balance. You get points from your stay and from eating there,
etc. I had 100 dollars worth of redeemable points that would expire soon! That
means if I go, I can spend 100 dollars on a massage, on food, on anything!
So, put it together, I have a free stay, 100 bucks to spend until it expires
next July... Oh! And since I pay all my bills on my Alaska credit card, I have
wayyyy enough points to fly for free and still have enough for Bill and I to
go on an Alaska fishing trip this Fall!
By golly, if I can separate myself from my beautiful puppy, I may just go! All
by myself!
Right now, living with my two sons and a room mate, and otherwise with Bill
and two dogs, by golly "alone" sounds pretty darn good!
I'm going to try to get all my medical appointments done by then, and then celebrate
my good test results! (Right?!)
So, life sounds pretty good, coming up, living it up on free stuff and Craigslist
money! It's time to collect! Clean things out! "Sellebrate!"
Willie is just so darling. I have to go, now. I love this, when he does this.
Wagging his little tail as fast as can be, he just brought his bright red leash
to me. It's time to go for our walk, I guess. Is that incredibly smart for a
four month old puppy, or what?
I never thought in a million years that I could love another dog like I loved
Kilchis, but last night as I held him in my arms, he looked up into my eyes
and my heart just melted. The surge of love I feel for him is very much the
same as my love for Kilchis. Uh oh! My heart is at risk, again!

January 6, 2012

Finally! Steelhead! It's my turn!
I've been so busy chalking up doctor visits, that I haven't had any time to
do my thing, here! I'm home! Home to the river to fish!
Well, home to catch up on work, too, but who wants to talk about that?
The weather station is here, and it's always such a hassle to get right. Even
now, it's missing a couple records from power outages, and I have to go thru
and hand fill in what we think happened, during those outages. I get some of
my local records from in town, here, and they are usually so different! It's
We have our own little weather system, here in the Kilchis river valley.
I'll take my camera down and take a movie of fishing, today. Remember this one,
where I caught a steelhead and landed it, while filming it, myself? So fun!
I'm going to do that, again!

January 8, 2012

Same thing, different day.
It's all what you put the emphasis on.
Am I putting the emphasis on the good or the bad? There is both, in every season
and in every experience, and in every relationship.
Concentrate on the good, put the emphasis on the positive, and my life goes
much more smoothly!
Life is tough. There is no getting around that. I don't think it was ever meant
to be all lovely. I think that's reserved for later. For Heaven!
Oh, how I miss Kilchis. But, now I have Willie and Willie is teaching me new
You can see that positive emphasis in some very wise folks' eyes. The promise
of Heaven, that smile that comes from deep down in their soul, no matter the
tough times-- or maybe because of the tough times?! I just love that in people!
You can spot them a mile away! I've often stopped while visiting with those
special folks when I meet them at the bank, or wherever I run into them.
You can spot them a mile off! -that promise of good in their lives that trumps
all else. That smile, that love, that eternal hope, despite heartache. (Or again,
because of it?) That's what I long for, and what I always try to keep in my
heart to show all. I don't always succeed, but I sure try! It's that old, "I
want whatever she's having!"
I woke up this morning with a really sore throat. That's OK, though. I'm going
fishing, anyhow! The river is just too inviting. I'm going to bundle up and
Willy is just so happy, and I need to see that in hopes of it rubbing off on
me! And then maybe, just maybe, I'll catch it and it will rub off on someone
else who might need some "happy"! Don't break the chain!
What made me think of all the changes in life, and what we put the emphasis
on, is how Rev is handling Willie.
Rev and Kilchis were closer than two peas in a pod. When Kilchis passed on,
it affected all of us, but especially my dear Revvie. You could see the sadness
in her eyes. Her movements were slower, her appetite less.
When Willie came around, she was frankly a bit disgusted by his joy. She wanted
no part of it. She was sad, by golly, and that is the way it was going to be.
But each consecutive time Willie came to visit, she showed a little more interest,
a little more hope!
Now? When Willie comes to visit? Wheee! Revs tail goes wild and they race thru
the yard together, like long, lost friends! Almost like Kilchis, but different.
It's a different time. There is a different reason to find joy.
We have to do that. We have to find a replacement or a new reason for joy, every
time we run into heartbreak.
I have a home in Oregon City, now, and even though it doesn't totally "feel"
like home, there is good in it. It's a different time for me. There is both
good and bad, like any other time. Just different circumstances and different
reasons to find joy. Sometimes you have to search for joy, and sometimes it
finds you.
I seriously don't know how long I'll have a home in Oregon City. I had never
owned a home before, so I had no clue (wow!) how much it cost to maintain. I
keep getting these electric bills for nearly $400.00! That nearly doubles my
mortgage! There has to be something wrong, there! I simply can't afford this!
We have a heat pump! What's going on? Is the hot tub THAT expensive? If so,
I want to go back to my bathtub!
I'm going to have to have Roth's come over and teach me how to adjust the hot
water heater, and see if I'm running the heat pump correctly. I must be doing
something wrong!
Although I miss waking to the river, each morning, hearing my aquatic symphony,
watching the dippers, while sitting on my duck chair in the shallow riffles,
I do find joy in walking Willie to the park. I love the smell of the tall coniferous
trees, and the drops of clean fresh moisture that falls from the branches.
Although my heart longs for my home on the river at times, there are new ways
to find joy. New things that make my tail wag. :)
I didn't know just how much I'd miss the river. But, I do. At least the option
of staying here as much as I want to is still there, to fulfill that hole in
my heart. Unlike Kilchis. Kilchis is gone. There is no going back, except in
my dreams. But, I can go forward, and I am filling those holes with the love
of my precious little pup, and oh, how he gives love!
It's just a different time.
The trampoline that used to sit in the yard here is long gone. There are no
children running and jumping in the river in the summer. The echoes of their
laughter has long been silenced.
It's a different time.
Every time I get stretched, every time life leaves me bruised or broken, something
new in life fills those raw and empty places.
New smiles, new love, new experiences.
It's always something different. Something I can't compare between better or
worse, but something that stretches me to make me smile in new ways.
Same thing, different day. Different experiences, different loves.... My life
is so incredible in so many ways. I just have to put the emphasis on the fact
that I'm so lucky to have (and to have had) so much to love!

January 9, 2012

I've never had strep throat, but if this isn't it,
I don't know what it is. My throat feels like there is jagged
shards of glass in it. I can't swallow!
I mean, literally. Can not swallow. Reject! Not going down!
I guess I'm on my way to the doctors. Pheh. I came to the coast
to escape the doctor rush, and where do I go? The doctors!
I dunna wanna go.
But, last night was evil. I couldn't sleep, couldn't get comfortable.
I was hot, then cold, then took a bath and it was too hot and
Willie wouldn't stop playing in the bath bubbles! Then, I lay
in bed and just sweated. Yuck. I forgot what regular sick is.
I think I'd rather dissect, again. It's no fun! At least when
your aorta dissects, people take care of you!
Oh! But, about 1 in the morning, I got out my netbook and did
a search on "remedies for sore throat." I
found this
, and by golly, it worked! At least, so that I could
swallow! Have you ever tried gargling with cayenne pepper? You'd
think it would be awful, but it wasn't! I mixed salt water and
cayenne pepper and gargled every 15 minutes for a while, in the
wee hours of the morning, and it really helped! Try it!
At that point in the night, I was willing to try anything. Aspirin,
zinc lozenges, Umcka, nothing else was helping, and by golly,
the cayenne pepper did the trick!
I had forgotten that in my youth I used to take a teaspoon of
honey, place about a 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne on top and then cover
the rest with honey, kind of like a capsule, and slurp it down.
That used to help a cold, but a sore throat? Wow!
Finally semi aided by the cayenne, I passed out about 2 o'clock.
Then, at 6:00 I hear Bill whisper, "Are you up?"
"NO! I'm not up!!"
But, now I am!!!
I'm not the roll over and fall back to sleep kinda girl. Once
I'm up, I'm up. I can't laze like teenagers will do on a Saturday
morning. I never have been able to sleep in. So, I'm up! Might
as well go visit the doc, huh?
Yesterday I fished for steelhead with a jig. I had no shrimp,
and the fish just weren't interested. I fished hard, too. Willie
had a blast. I had a blast. It was perfect fishing conditions,
too. I really woulda thought I should have caught the heck out
of them, but no. nada. No fish! Maybe I might should put some
cayenne on there? You never know!
I'm going to go upload some fishing/river walk videos, while I
wait to see the doctor. You can subscribe to my youtube
to find them.

January 11, 2012

"Good morning"... I greet my roomies, just a bit piqued. Yucko. Last night was a nightmare.
I felt good all day. Thought I was "all better!" But, no... Jumped in the hot tub after a big, bit too greasy dinner, and immediately felt nauseous. Got out, lay in bed and immediately fell asleep. At one, two or three, can't remember, but very late, I woke up and bolted to the bathroom, barely making it to the receptacle. I haven't thrown up like that, since I was a kid, or a teenager, or something, but man, I was ill. There is nothing worse than nausea, in my book.
I feel better, this morning, but today I'm taking it easy. I'm going to make darn sure I'm well before I go raking the yard, or acting like I'm well!
Today I'm trying to gather some prizes for the First Springer contest. It's a little different this year, as I'm not in close contact with the sponsors, like I once was. We'll get there, though! I was going to put it up without the prizes, but that's never as fun. I want everything all together! Ah, who knows. I may put it up today, just in case there are some early springer fishers! I don't know. Wish I could think straight. That would help! Sleep would help!
I kept the TV on all night, as I fitfully slept. It was on the weather channel and I kept hearing news of a snow storm. Was that the East coast, or were they talking about us? I have to find out! I have to find out, and plan my trips to the coast, accordingly. Gotta get back to my river... the river... the river... It's always on my mind!
Yesterday I went to Mary S. Young park again, to run Willie. We both absolutely love it there! So fun to visit with all the puppy parents! I have met the nicest people. There is something about dog people. We all get along famously! And, so do the dogs! I think I may go there this morning, again. Willie can exercise and I can just laze around. Then, Willie is tired for the rest of the day so that I may rest. A tired dog is a good dog!
OK, off to read my mail and work on prizes for the contest. It'll be up, soon!

January 16, 2012

Willie and the flashlight

That was an interesting, involved, dramatic, draining, (both emotionally
and physical) couple of days. Is it over? Is Willie well? I sure hope so.
A couple times, I wasn't sure he'd make it, even. I prayed. I worried. I pampered.
I loved him so much. Thru it all, we have grown closer, I'm sure. He knows
now that I am his care taker. Dogs get that. Don't they?
I sure do!
Willie was so ill.
You know, I've been thru salmon poisoning with probably five dogs. The first,
when I was a little girl and it put terror in my mind. The poor dog was really
ill and dying the night my Mom had Bible study with the ladies. The dog, who
I was barely old enough to remember (but I remembered this!) went from lady
to lady panting, drooling, and then would throw up in the other room. The
ladies were most aghast. Not the normal Bible study, I'm sure!
That taught me the severity of salmon poisoning, which still exists in my
sister, I guess. When I told her my dog had salmon poisoning, she was shocked.
"Another one!?
How do you guys let this happen?" It sounded like she thought I was a
cruel, careless person.
But, see, I have learned, living on the river, that dogs just get salmon poisoning.
It's a right of the river passage, sort of.
For two solid months, sometimes more, salmon litter the river where they live
and play. "It's just best" says my vet, "that you let them
get it, and get it over with."
And, in so doing, I have learned to carefully watch the first sign of lethargy
and the first meal missed in a new dog or puppy.
The vet was surprised when he took a stool sample, that Willie hadn't even
started with loose stools, (a major symptom of salmon disease) -yet he had
many, many flukes in his stool. (Flukes are the organisms that live in the
fish that cause the "poisoning" now more often called "disease".
He had high hopes for a quick recovery.
When Kilchis and Dee Dee got it, they were sick for one evening. (Count it!
One!) A quick vomit and a meal missed.
We keep the antibiotics on hand, just in case. We apply medicine and wait
and take the dog to the vet in a non emergent fashion.
So, when Willie got sick on Saturday morning, I gave him a pill and took him
to the vet, right away, since they were open.
A passer by would not suspect Willie was ill. He was just a little off his
feed, yet I knew. Sure enough, he had it. His lymph nodes were swollen in
his leg, and he had the flukes. (Ever had the flukes? LOL. I haven't!)
But, Willie became very ill! He cried when I picked him up. Something about
how sore and inflamed the intestines get, I guess. He carried a fever of 105
for three days! I panicked about dehydration. I nearly took him in for saline.
Well, he's better, this morning. Thank God! He's wagging his tail and wiggling
again. Willie the wiggler. My baby is back! There were times when I was tired
and needed a nap that it was indeed pleasant to have a soft and warm sog-dog.
He was so cuddly and limp. A heating pad with fur. Poor, poor baby! But, my
boy is happy, once again.
And you know? I'm happy, too.
Not only do I have a healthy dog again, but I was given a gift thru this that
is so awesome! Forgiveness!
"What?" You say?
Yep. About 12 years ago, my very happy healthy dog Hershey became ill with
seizures. I wrote about it, back then. You
can read it, here.
It happened on June 13, 2000. I even said in my writing,
then, that I'd never forgive Dr. Miller.
Guess what? Guess who was the vet, working on Saturday? Dr. Miller!
I was so appreciative that there was a vet who could see Willie, that I didn't
think twice, really, when he was called into our waiting room.
He came in with a smile. My heart opened. I handed him my weak little puppy,
as if asking Jesus to heal me. I was humbled and hopeful and thankful.
He was so kind. So gentle! So amazing with Willie! He was the nicest darned
guy! I forgave him, right there and then and my heart was open! It was the
most amazing, wonderful experience to let that bitterness go! So healing!
Have you ever had that experience of letting resentment go? It's awesome!
There are some experiences and people in my life that I have forgiven, but
forgot. I wanted nothing more to do with them, but this man I opened my heart
to, and let him work on my dog. I trusted him, even after what happened, before!
I really don't think his denying me care that night was out of coldness on
his part. It wasn't out of uncaring, as I thought. Now, I think he was probably
tired or didn't realize the severity of the situation, nor the hell that I
went thru, that night.
I know that for a fact, had this kind and gentle man been there to see the
situation, he could not have walked away. It was an awful night. I was all
alone with Hershey. I tried to put him out of his misery myself, by giving
him too many tranquilizers and that just made it worse. I didn't have enough,
I guess, and I couldn't get a seizing dog to swallow them, anyhow. The pills
just made things worse, and it wasn't until daylight the next morning that
I drove into the open vets office, crying for help. Dr. Cameron came out to
my car, and put my best friend down for me, right in my lap, right there in
the car I think I needed to blame it on someone. I needed to be angry at something
or someone, and I was angry with Dr. Miller. He was the target.
Not anymore! I adore Dr. Miller. He was the kindest, most gentle man with
Willie! I wonder if he remembers the situation. If he ever heard about my
anger over it. I remember I did tell Dr. Cameron how upset I had been over
the situation. I wonder if it ever got back to him.
If it did, he did not hold it against me.
Instead, he gave Willie a couple shots. One antibiotic and one wormer, to
kill the flukes. He told me how beautiful Willie was, and laughed at how charming
he was.
More than anything, though, I felt the most amazing, freeing-feeling in my
heart. It was as if it floated up a notch. Like, the heaviness you get from
negative feelings weigh it down, and when you truly let that feeling go, your
heart flutters up in the air a bit, and then stays suspended there, raised
up, weightless.
I think we should all do the forgiveness thing more often. It's a good thing.

January 21, 2012

Andrew has got Willie out for a walk. We have a routine.
The routine is that we get up, and Willie stays in bed, lounging like a luxury
pup, while I brush my teeth, etc. Then, we go outside to do his morning business.
It's been 12 hours or so, and he's great at holding his business! (Thank God!)
He yawns and stretches. Life is good. He chases a bird or a squirrel.
Then we come in. I make coffee and he waits fairly patiently while I also
make his breakfast. He was so cute as a pup, jumping up and down, that now
I have to retrain him on "down" while I make his food. Pheh. Why
are puppies so cute? Not so much, as they grow older and do the same thing.
I mean, he reaches the top of the counter, now, if he jumps. Down! Naughty
Then, I say, "I have got to work". He knows those words, and I sit
at my computer as he eats, and then takes a short nap, while his food settles.
Life is good for a puppy.
The minute I stir, he gets all excited. He thinks this means it is his turn
to play, or go "walkeeeee!" But, sometimes I am just getting up
to refresh my coffee. That is a real bummer for Willie. False alarm.
He follows me everywhere. Another "shadow" dog. I tried so hard
to make him not have any separation anxiety, as Springers sometimes, do. But,
even though I have shared my time with him with everyone else in the family,
he knows who the top "dog" is. ME.
Unless someone has a leash in hand, or a treat, it's Mom all the way! I can't
say I don't like it just a little bit, but it is a pain, sometimes!
So, finally, I finish my work, or he becomes so fidgety that I decide to quit
and take him on his walk. He is training me, well. Taking a shower is difficult
at this time, so often I wait until we are done walking/playing/ whatever
was on the agenda for that day.
Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have Andrew take Willie out for his walk. This
is pure luxury. I can work or write, like I am now, with absolutely no distraction!
You know, except for the tick, tick, tick, of "when will they come back?"
It's not a relaxed time, really... as I know that they can only walk so far!
That my time is measured.
Writing this and thinking about it, it occurs to me what a slave I am to my
pets! But, I do it, anyway, so I guess I like it!
Today we are going to visit Revvy and "Daddy" at the beach. He knows
it, as my suitcase is out. He knows an awful lot for a six month old pup!
He knows words like "walkee" and "car" and "dinner"
and "river". He also knows and obeys "Sit", "lay
down" and "shake".
OK, now for our problems. He has begun barking at family members moving in
the night, and visitors, especially. We are out to cure this problem!
It should have been done earlier, yes. But, since it wasn't, it will be now.
We are inviting strangers to the house. (Strangers to him, friends of ours)
to come over, knock at the door, get Willie to bark like he does, and then
have the "Stranger" feed him his kibble. No kibble at dinner. No
kibble at breakfast, but fed to him by strangers, throughout the day. He is
fast learning that these strangers are to be worshipped!
If these strangers/friends have time, they also get out the treat kibble and
have him go through his commands. Anyhow, it's going well and getting better!
So, off to the shower with part of my allotted walkeeee time. Then, off to
the beach! I won't be able to fish, as the water levels are really high. But,
breathe in the misty air? I want to do that! Let me pup run wild! Yes! It's
been a while since I've been to the coast! Here I come!

January 22, 2012

I've got to find my way back home.
I just got off the river. I'm sitting at my old desk, staring out my old window
where I sat, first, when I just began ifish.net.
The rain is pouring down and the wind is blowing sheets of water at the glass,
as it has so many times before, in my life.
I think back to all the old contests I used to run. "How many inches
of water on the Kilchis weather station? Ready, set..."
Nice memories.
Bill opened his laptop at the kitchen table, and glanced at the front page.
"Jennie, you've got to fish more. Your column isn't about fishing enough,
The words stung to the bone. Was it because I was in a bad mood, or did it
just hit to the core of me? I think a little of both.
A friend wrote me, "It's nice to see your column back." Huh? That
puzzled me. Then I realized I hadn't written for a week. It's been a tough
week for me.
I guess I can't use that as a total excuse. I mean, even if it were a great
week for me, I couldn't fish, along with everyone else in Oregon. That's what
my column is supposed to be about. Right? Fishing? But, the rivers were flooded.
It's been snowing, raining, storming. Not fishing weather at all.
So, is my excuse that I'm not near my river, and in the city mostly? Not at
"home"? Where is home for me these days!?
I guess I have two.
You know, I was really seriously given a second chance at life. My dissection
should have killed me. It does most! (I
found this article interesting
I don't want to waste the gift of surviving such an experience! But, sometimes
I think I'm exhausting myself instead of enjoying myself, searching so hard
to make sure I'm doing the right thing!!
Is it time with my sons that I want? Or, am I having too much time with my
children, and need to go fishing? Do I want time alone on the river? Or with
Bill? Or with my puppy? Or do I need all of the above, all together, now!?
Right now, I'm finding myself spread thin, having a little of this and a little
of that and not enough of any?
My Mom used to always use that saying, "Jack of all trades, master of
none..." But, I see my life as the same thing, but with how it relates
to life.
I drive from here to the coast, from the coast to the city, racing, trying
to find where I should be. When I'm at the coast, I'm thinking of the kids,
and when with the kids, thinking of having a fishing rod in hand! All this
and flip flop vice versa! The grass is always greener!
Is it doing everything that I crave, or simply finding home? Why can't I find
a place to have it all? Wouldn't that be loverly?
I enjoy myself so much, sitting in the hot tub with Tammy, having our late
night girl talks! It's become a very important "unwind" time. I've
always loved a hot bath at night, but this is deluxe! Company, an ice cold
drink, and giggles!
There is just simply no way to fish right now. I think that is the core of
my dissatisfaction and confusion. Maybe all fishaholics get this way when
the rivers are blown out.
As I was sitting upstairs watching Hawg Quest this morning, I turned to look
out the window, just as a drift boat raced down the river. I was glad not
to be in that drift boat, indeed! The oarsmen just dipped an oar, here and
there to keep him on course. Oh, fun! Not.
The river is swollen and moving way too fast to drift the river! The color
is beautiful, but just too much water to fish, in my opinion. No place to
stop and fish. You'd do better, just plunking, as the fish are most probably
up against shore, anyhow. And we tried, Bill and I. We just didn't feel like
we were fishing efficiently. The fish are just racing up stream, escaping!
Plus, there are downed trees in that water, probably hiding two inches under
the high water. Scary! There is a large 100 foot tree that washed up on our
river beach, over the storm. I'll post a video of it, below.
Sigh. I'll find my way. I need to be in the city part time, at least. It's
just better, if there is an emergency.
Bill measured out a place in the field for life flight to land, in case of
the worst. I'd still probably just be as well off being driven to OHSU, by
the time they got here, landed, and such.

Fishing will come, when the rivers recede.
Fishing will come for the fishaholics in need.

Just being here doesn't guarantee me fishing time! Maybe my
neighbor will take me springer fishing, when the Willamette recedes. Maybe
Bill Monroe (and Bill Jr and wife) will take me, too!
The other day I passed Meldrum park. I'd love to learn that fishery, too!
I just need to give the city a little time to get to know it. Fish live around
there, too.
Home is where the heart is. Or, maybe for me, it's that home is where the
fish are.
I just have to learn where that is, in the city.

January 24, 2012

Think about it. Ice cold lemonade, the sun, shining on your
shoulders, warming you. Underneath you, a chaise lounge fits around your every
muscle, hugging you. A cool breeze comes along, and since you've been gardening
all morning, it feels good.
Can you even imagine? Sounds great, doesn't it?
It's raining cats and dogs. The rivers are all on flood alert. The Willamette
is just churning mud. When I gaze at the Kilchis under these conditions, I
think what mighty strength that water has, but the Willamette when it's full
and churning? Unbelievable! The Kilchis is wimpy at any level, in comparison!
There is a 100 foot log washed up on the Kilchis river, outside our home,
but in the Willamette? That would be a toothpick!
This too shall pass; This rain that washes out river banks, and threatens
Soon, well, kinda soon, we'll be gardening and feeling that Heavenly sunshine!
I was in Fred Meyers the other day and they had the display of seeds out.
Oh! My heart raced! Seeds! Gardens! Springtime! (In springtime,
the only pretty ring time, birds sing hey ding, a-ding, a-ding. Sweet lovers
love the spring!)
I'm trying to figure out how to exercise Willie in this downpour. I'm lacking
for rain gear, here in the city. Perhaps that doggy indoor park? LOL. Pay
MONEY to play inside with your doggy? Too funny! Have you heard about it?
It's here. Fido's Indoor Park.
OK. That's well and good, I suppose. I get it. But, where is Fido's indoor
steelhead fishing? A place where the rivers never flood. Ah....

January 25, 2012

You'd think after so many years, I'd be used to it, but I'm
not. I worry. I stress. I don't look forward to the date and it does weird
things to my mind.
The "What If?" of it all.
What if the doc looks at my CT today and says, "OK, It's time. We should
do surgery next week."
Last night, Tammy asked me what I would do, if that were the case. I had mentioned
to her that I might not even do the surgery at all.
Last I spoke with Dr. Song, he reminded me not to become too relaxed. He has
spoken often of the next heart surgery I need, that will repair the new and
shiny aneurysm in my aorta. This one is lower down, closer to my abdomen and
would require that much non anticipated "angel wing" cut that really
tests your pain tolerance.
I read from another marfan affected woman who frankly stated that had she
known the pain of this surgery, she may not have had it done it at all. Great!
Thanks! LOL. I didn't want to know that!
But, yes. I guess I did want to know. At least I'm prepared that when I get
out, I won't be dancing Dixie.
I do, however, have to realize my condition. I have breast cancer, and I have
a delicately repaired aorta, already. It's quite a miracle that I'm still
alive, actually. Do I want, expect, etc., two miracles? Three? Four? Where
does my luck end?
Actually, "Luck" may be considered a free ticket to Heaven! I'm
not afraid of death. I am, however, afraid of pain! I don't like it! It hurts!
And, I'm afraid of odds, a bit. It's like when I used to fly a lot, in my
younger days. I kept thinking that I had flown so many safe flights, that
surely something would happen, soon. It never did! I still fly on occasion
and my flights are always non exciting.
That's OK by me. If I choose to do this surgery, or if the CT today shows
that I need it soon, I'd just as soon have a boring surgery. Excitement is
not what I'm after.
If I could, I'd just look at the odds for this type of thing, but with all
my other exciting things, how do you calculate odds? If it were the surgery
alone, then there are odds, but add in the previous surgery, the cancer, everything...
well? Who knows what might happen!
So, off I go. I'm off to get a CT and listen to what the good doc has to say.
Wish me luck. Or, odds. Or, a really boring day. :)

January 26, 2012

I beat it by a centimeter! Or almost... maybe 9 mm! Anyhow,
I'm good for another year!
Heavenly sunshine, this morning! I'm going out to greet it! January
30, 2012

The grass is always greener.
I get home, here in Tillamook, and Bill is all eager to get me out
fishing. "Out". Meaning, the Wilson, the Trask,
"Wait a minute! We LIVE on a river! We are here! This is "out!""
Maybe he still lives full time on the Kilchis, but I no longer do!
I do remember the day, though, that daily, I also had that unmatchable craving
to get to those greener pastures.
Remember this piece? "The
fish are over there, therefore I am not."
(October 21st,
But, right now, my fishing is so slim that the Kilchis river is perfect for
me! Divine! Exciting! This IS the other side of the river from Oregon City!
Besides, the color is awesome and it's not raining, and Willie can't wait
to get out there, either! If I were to get in a boat and drift, Willie wouldn't
have near so much fun! This is going to be a feel good for everyone!
I just feel fishy! Confident! I've been dreaming about how to fish the Kilchis,
all night long. (For nights on end, actually!)
I have two beautiful jig rods. Which one? I could drift. I haven't drift fished
for ages. I want to feel the changes in the river bed, the bump, bump, bump
of my lead, teaching me about the new ways of the current. Jig fishing is
so easy, but it's not the fish I'm after, so much, as the full experience.
That does it. I'm drift fishing, today. I have a beautiful drift fishing outfit
with a divine calcutta, that I used to joke about wearing on a necklace to
church. I bet it's dusty, though! Not church wear, this morning!
I've got to get OUT there and quit talking about it so much! I'm off! I'm
out! I think it's warm enough just to fish in my jammies! Will report, later!

January 30, 2012

The grass is always greener.
I get home, here in Tillamook, and Bill is all eager to get me out
fishing. "Out". Meaning, the Wilson, the Trask,
"Wait a minute! We LIVE on a river! We are here! This is "out!""
Maybe he still lives full time on the Kilchis, but I no longer do!
I do remember the day, though, that daily, I also had that killing craving
to get to those greener pastures. Even, if just across the river!
Remember this piece? "The
fish are over there, therefore I am not."
(October 21st,
But, right now, my fishing is so spotty that the Kilchis river is perfect
for me! Divine! Exciting! This IS the other side of the river from Oregon
Besides, the color is awesome and it's not raining, and Willie can't wait
to get out there, either! If I were to get in a boat and drift, Willie wouldn't
have near so much fun! This is going to be a feel good for everyone!
I just feel fishy! Confident! I've been dreaming about how to fish the Kilchis,
all night long. (For nights on end, actually!)
I have two beautiful jig rods. Which one? I could drift. I haven't drift fished
for ages. I want to feel the changes in the river bed, the bump, bump, bump
of my lead, teaching me about the new ways of the current. It's like seeing
an old friend, and catching up on everything they've been doing.
Jig fishing is so easy, but it's not the fish I'm after so much, but the full
experience. That does it. I'm drift fishing, today. I have a beautiful drift
fishing outfit with a divine Calcutta, that I used to joke about wearing on
a necklace to church. I bet it's dusty, though! Not church wear, this morning!
I've got to get OUT there and quit talking about it so much! I'm off! I'm
out! I think it's warm enough just to fish in my jammies! Will report, later!
LATER... Well. That was quite the disappointment. There is
no green grass, anywhere!
3.17 inches of rain, yesterday, and mostly last night, changed my dream of
a steelhead river to an overflowing, lack of promise!
Argh. See video, below:


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