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My dad and
his girlfriend, Sue Springer!
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New Year!

3rd 2010!

If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane. I'm convinced.
Thing is, sometimes I find it hard to laugh, so I do those yoga exercises
that make you laugh.
I have to get it out or I'll go nuts. Seriously!
Well, it seems I can shop for Andrew, again! No more empty nest, after all.
He's home. Safe and sound.
Five days ago, we all helped him move, and yesterday, we all helped him
move, again.
He's being so nice, since he got home!

"Yes, ma'am! Anything you say, Ma'am!"
"Anything I can do, Mum?"
"Want a bagel and cream cheese, delivered to your room, Mum?"
" Love you, Mom!"
"You do so much for us, Mom! What can I do for you, Mum?"

I wonder why... Hmmmm Any guesses?
I have to laugh, because I'm seriously worried about insanity!
Didn't we just move him out?

Ever done this exercise?

Or this one?

Simply put, laughing releases endorphins. Your whole day will go smoothly,
if you laugh! A boyfriend of mine started me on this when I was 20, and
it works! We'd sit face to face in the kitchen of his old beach cabin. It
smelled of cedar! I can still see it, feel it, laugh about it! One of us
would start by slapping our knee and laughing. It's so silly at first, but
pretty soon, we'd be in hysterics! Try it with your partner in the morning!
It's a riot!
Thing is, my life is so crazy, lately. I cannot believe it. I keep thinking
surely... surely things will go smoothly soon... and then something else
happens on top of every other crazy thing that is happening! I'm dealing
with so much, right now! Will the server ever run smoothly again, on ifish?
And my Dad is really having troubles, which puts pressure on my entire family.
I'm just so lucky, though, to have my brothers and sisters and my kids,
so that we can all share in helping!
I think it would be so good for my kids to go stay with him, and visit.
I have to get my emotions out, because sometimes they are all clogged up
in me. It took me days to be able to cry, the other day. I realized I hadn't
cried in ages! It felt so cleansing to cry! I cried my eyes out! I think
I'm healthier now, for that. It took me recording with a video, talking
about everything, to bring them on. Now, every time I want to cry, I can
watch that video! It makes me just sob! Sometimes that IS a good thing!
It's not just laughing that is healthy. I can't imagine slapping my knee
and crying, though! That only works for the laughing part!
I used to rent sad movies when I knew I needed to cry. I'd finally get the
tears going, and that is when I'd review everything in my life that needed
to be cried over, and I'd have a really good tears session. How cleansing
it is! I honestly think it has a great deal to do with your physical health
to get things out.
I worry about my son, David, as he seems to have real trouble crying. He's
a man's man, you know. Real men need to cry, though!
Interesting to think though, do you think that God has emotions? Think about
it! I do! I'd be very disappointed to find out that he doesn't. He feels
for us, I think. I think He is sad when I am sad, and happy when I am happy.
Are humans the only ones with emotions? Does my dog have emotions?
an interesting article about just that.

I think they do. I know they do!! I can honestly see laughter in my dogs
eyes and sadness, when I leave and don't take him along. Yes. Animals have
emotions. And, Andrew's cat showed emotion when he didn't accept him right
away, when he walked in the door. I think Sargie was mad at Andrew for being
gone! I've had cats do that to me, before! Andrew was being punished! But,
now Sargie is over it and loving Andrew most thoroughly! Lesson learned,
Andrew? Not that you shouldn't leave, Andrew, no... moving can be a good
thing! -but if you do leave, take cat with you! LOL
There is a bagel shop in Seaside that the kids and I love. It's "Bagels
By the Sea" and we adore their Asiago bagels.
Sometimes when I go through Seaside, I pick some up, and yesterday, I did
exactly that.
The boys were behind us in my Ford Explorer taking a load of Andrew's belongings.
I was in the truck, with Bill.
When we got home, I said to the boys, "Oh! By the way, I got some Asiagos."
They laughed and said, "So did we!"
Too funny.
"Roo? There is some artichoke dip in the fridge that I bought, thinking
of you. I was sad while shopping, thinking that you were gone. That dip
would be killer on those bagels!"
Now that you are home... let's go get a Cat Scan of our aorta, together!
It'll be fun!


I hope you can all forgive me, my absence on ifish, and my
lack of writing, here. I'm so tired. So, so tired!
I woke up this morning, hoping that I could stay home for a while. Catch
up on ifish, enjoy the river, lay on my bed and play remote. But, no!
I went to Canby yesterday to help my Dad. I did a round trip in one day,
just so that I could have more time at home, today... this weekend. But,
Looks like I'm headed right back to where I was, yesterday. (The city)
My dog misses me! I miss my home, my river!
I'm trying so hard to catch up on ifish. If it weren't for the mods, we
would not have ifish, lately!
A couple of days ago, someone posted on the board that it seemed funny that
a mod would post that moderating ifish disrupts their family life. Hah!
If they only knew! It's been bugging me, ever since, so I did a little research
and came up with a couple things that the mods had written. I can so relate!
So many people have absolutely no idea what it takes to moderate ifish!
And we do it for free?
I have to sit and wonder why? Why do we do this?
Here, is from Don Becker, a new mod. Just read it!
The other day my brother asked why I had done a nice favor for him, and
I had to stop and think. Why? Why did I do that? I think it's because I
am a "giving junky!" It makes me feel good to make others feel
good. The same reason I cook nice meals. I like to be appreciated for what
I do. It's like medicine to me!
Anyhow, read on. Sometimes my brother calls while I am moderating, working
on the board in the morning. He'll say, "You sound grouchy. Are you
OK?" I answer that yes, I'm just in the middle of moderating, and sometimes
people upset me. That's awful that I sound grouchy when he calls. I'm ashamed
of myself, but actually, I should be ashamed of some of the members who
just don't understand how much we all put into our work, here. I wish it
didn't get to me! I wish!
But, after a while, it does.
All in all, though, the good outweighs the bad. There are so many appreciative
members. I can't tell you the amount of notes I get, of thanks for what
we do. So, read on!

From Don Becker:

What happens to an otherwise happy and healthy ifish
lover when s/he becomes a moderator.
(Well, this is what has happened to me, anyway)
Your entire ifish life changes. Maybe, your entire life.
You will be in awe of the administrators and moderators and what they do,
how efficiently and seemingly quickly they are able to grasp the meaning
of posts and effect appropriate corrections.
You will know you can never learn enough nor measure-up.
Your mind spins with "what are all of these new words and phrases
they use."
You have serious thoughts that you should bow out.
You feel this tremendous sense of responsibility to Jennie, ifish and in
support of the administrators and moderators.
You simply could not have imagined the extent of the work involved in keeping
ifish a family friendly site nor the number of members bent upon changing,
or at least challenging, that.
When you log-in you no longer go to your favorite forum just to see what's
going on. You want to do that. You just can't. Realizing how busy
your fellow moderators are, you will generally go first to the mod board
to see if you can help-out.
Then, you get involved in intense reading and researching to try to comprehend
the situation, how it got to where it is, the reason for the alert and how
best to deal with it - - or, at least to understand why decisions were made
as they were and wonder if you could ever be that insightful and efficient.
You dive in and try your hand at some of the simple things. Well, deleting
someone's classified post/thread when s/he has asked it be deleted
because the item has sold is pretty easy.
If you get through the open threads on the mod board, you may go to your
favorite forums - - - there, you end-up reading threads you have no interest
in just to try to do your part.
Then, once you have ruined your eyesight, totally forgotten about work,
life, family, etc. you either get out for awhile or you continue on to a
forum you never visit. Again, to see if you can help-out.
You find a new alert from a member. You want to be the one that takes action.
You read it and just don't understand well-enough to make a decision
so, you either 1) get out of it hoping nobody can see you were in there
and did nothing or, 2) you make a shot at giving your opinion. In both cases,
returning periodically to watch what happens and to try to learn, thinking,
"gee, these folks are good, why couldn't I have done that?"
Sometimes, you are uncertain whether you should post to a thread you are
interested-in for fear you, as a moderator, are 1) posting to a thread and
missed an obvious AUP violation already contained in that thread or, 2)
that you will inadvertently make your own AUP violation.
Take a moderator action and the fear sets-in that 1) there really wasn't
anything wrong with the post or, 2) that you missed one just as bad or worse
in the same thread.
You do what you can and what time allows and feel guilty that Jennie, Pete,
Dave, Ruth, Ken, Mike and others seem to be there all of the time and you
are not contributing.
Then, you write something like this and worry that Jennie will take it too
seriously and encourage you to quit. 'Can't do that - - 'not
in my nature. 'Gotta write this down now so that someday when I'm
more comfortable with what I'm doing and the quantity and quality
of my contribution I can look back on it and grin. And, you hope these thoughts
and observations might help other new ifish moderators to better manage
and understand what is happening to them.
Finally, you ask yourself why you wasted so much time and energy on something
like this when you could have been in there moderating - - -
And then, one from STGRule, earlier-

Ifish! We could be everything to everyone!

A little clarification and my perspective.
Before there was LIG, the fishing page started getting cluttered with happy
birthdays, go (insert sport team name), a tree fell on my house, etc. So
LIG was opened for those types of threads. Our lives. The board was much
smaller then. Today? Not so much.
Today we have more than a few people who don't post anyplace but LIG. But
then we have people that don't post anywhere except the hunting board, or
the panfish board. We no longer have an intimate group of people sharing
all aspects of their sporting lives.
So now we are discussing politics, religion, and any number of other topics
that may affect our lives, but have little to nothing to do with our sharing
of our sport.
We continue to have to remind people to play by the rules at this specific
site. If you want to discuss those topics there are a million at least sites
in cyberspace that you can talk about those things to their hearts content.
And it is simply because some people refuse to control what they type here.
Let me tell you about moderating a thread.
A topic comes up that has the potential to be contentious. It starts out
okay. People are adults and are having civil discussion. Then somebody posts
something that isn't quite civil. Not an overt thing, but it is sliding.
Then somebody quotes that person and is unhappy. A little less civil. Now
a bunch of people pile in and the posts start skating the edge.
We clean up a bit and post a warning. Then the next three people post right
back over the line again because they didn't read all the way through every
post before they respond to something said back a page. So now instead of
being able to go back to talking to our family we have to clean that up
and again post that people need to be careful.
Go off to wash the dinner dishes and come back and 6 more people have posted
over the line because they too could neither read all the way through before
responding, nor do they remember what they agreed to when they signed up
Then The PM's start lighting up from the first 3 people who demand to know
who else got edited, their post wasn't any worse than anybody else's
post, you must not like me because you obviously believe the opposite of
me and you are on a power trip and editing me just because you can.
So a half hour later and most of the way through the TV program we wanted
to watch we have to go back and clean up the next wave of can't follow the
rules. PM's light up again from the next 6 people. And on and on and on.
By now those that think better through beer bottle glasses start chiming
in. That is about the time for bed because we have to go to work in the
morning. So, do we leave it open and spend a few more hours cleaning it
up? Or do we close it and just go to bed? I guarantee you that after having
an entire evening ruined by people that can't control what they post, the
answer is to just shut it down and go to bed. Then the best part. You get
the notes from people demanding to know why the thread was closed down because
they didn't see anything wrong in the thread. Yep, you didn't
see the 10 - 30 posts that were removed.
And that really sucks too because there are a lot of things I would like
to participate in too. But it is what it is.
I don't mind helping out here, but I really do have a life outside of this
board. As does every other moderator.
How about instead of having to have more moderators, we just have less to

And so, boys and girls, this is all pretty darn accurate.
It's what we do so that the people on ifish can enjoy their time, here.
We could give up and let you have it your way, but imagine the chaos? We'd
have to wade through tons of ads and a whole lot of garbage!
I hope you enjoy ifish! We do! And it is because of our love for ifish,
that we keep on keepin' on.
Off to Portland I go!


Phew. I'm home! I'm home!
My Dad's MRI came out alright. No brain tumor. No stroke. He is fine! He's
going back to Palm Springs on Monday. What a relief!
Thank you, Lord!
I have been blessed so many times this week, I can't believe it! Miracle
after miracle!
I just have to ask, Lord... Why all the trials? Yikes! I almost feel disrespectful
asking, but Lord, I'm so tired!
I just feel like flopping on my bed and not getting up for days! Thing is,
there is so much to do, now! I'm so behind!

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here for the
First Springer Contest!

It's that time, again! Time, not only to look forward to the
Northwest Sportsmen's Show
, but also to order your Kwikfish,
and to enter our First
Springer Contest
I can't wait for all of this, but man it comes fast, every year! Wow!
I've heard of two springers caught, already. I think Buzz has a picture
of one caught on the Mag Lip, and I just heard that our own Pete Morris
of ifish caught one, too!
Anyhow, I have to catch up on the board. People are going crazy. It's so
funny how if we get busy and let the board go for a few days, everyone goes
wild and thinks that they are in a zoo. I have to put a clamp on all the
boat jokes, etc., or pretty soon the whole place goes up in smoke.
Seriously, the only reason Ifish has so many rules is that there is no way
we could handle the crowd, otherwise. Some folks think we edit too much,
but if we didn't, we'd have nothing but a trash board, like so many other
big boards. I don't have any interest in maintaining such a thing. Sure,
we'd have more posts, more threads, but you'd have to dig down deep to find
anything of interest. Then, the good people would leave, and there'd be
nothing left.
So, people? I do it for a reason, and that reason is YOU. I care about our
community. As long as I do care, this is what you will have at ifish: Lots
of rules!
Call them silly, but it's the only way I'm sticking around!
Here is an overview:
We don't allow linking to non sponsors, because we have sponsors who have
that exclusive right. Without them, we'd have no board. (I'm not paying
for this bandwidth, they are!) Give them this small right, please.
We don't allow name calling or rude comments.
We don't allow criticism of our board in public. Please use the contact
and we'd be more than glad to hear your suggestions on how to do
things better for you.
If you'd like to read the entire rules of ifish, (our
aup) click here
. Otherwise, The AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) for dummies
is easy:
Be nice. Be respectful. Be courteous to your host. Argue the point, don't
put down your fellow ifisher. It's easy! I do it every day on ifish!
And, last but not least, enjoy your day. We get one shot at this life. Learn
to love and watch it come back to you a thousand times over.
You'll be glad you did!


Guess what? I'm going back to Portland! Pheh!
Dad called and wants to have a family dinner tonight. I can't miss that!
No way!
So... I'm headed back to the city, again. I can't believe this, but how
could I say no? I can't! Lucky that Bill is going to go with me, though,
and we are just staying for the evening. No overnights!
Tomorrow, Bill and I want to fish the upper Trask. That's always a blast.
I can't wait!


PS. Pete did not catch a springer. He was joking with me.
(Ha ha?) What a joker.


I'm going to hop in the car and go to Cannon Beach. Just because
I can.
I've been filled up with things to do and I want to do something different!
So I am. By Golly!
I got up this morning, felt awful and went back to bed. Thank goodness it
is my "day off", or at least, mostly away from the computer. I
woke up again, feeling a bit better, but not a bunch.
I need a new car. Mine is falling apart on me, so it's finally time. I have
no clue what I'll end up in. Sometimes I think it's best to buy a second
hand car, so you don't have to worry about things. Other times, I wonder
what it would be like to have a new one. I've never had a new car!
Today, I was going to get up in a hurry and go ahead and go car shopping,
but the hurrier I went, the behinder I got. I ended up fretting and stressed.
I thought to myself, "This is no way to spend a day off!"
I put that idea behind me, and instead, followed Bill out to the river.
It was pouring down rain, but it was much nicer than hurrying somewhere!
My heart beat steady, instead of frantic. It's always there... the steady,
slow heartbeat of the Kilchis river. That is... unless you have a fish on!
I didn't, of course, so it was constant, steady. Wonderful!
We stood in front of his rod holder. The rain came down in buckets all around
us and yes, on us, too! His rod tip pulsed very slowly in the current. No
changes, no fish! But, we were enjoying the out of doors, anyhow. I looked
for rocks. I checked the pictures in my cam. It was just nice. Just plain
nice. Nothing exciting for once!
And now, it's still only noonish, so I'm going to drive to Cannon Beach.
I have something in mind for a present for someone, and I want to be able
to do good on this present! Ever want to have the best present for someone
and run yourself ragged trying to accomplish that? I have. I mostly fail!
So much going on, in the background, tho! I've been talking to Buzz. We
are going to do a contest for Mag Lip regarding the first springer-- and
also, they are becoming a sponsor!
So much to do when I sit back down. Contests, new sponsors, more contests,
Mag Lip and Kwikfish orders!
There is plenty of time for that, though. Right now, I'm relaxing.


My Dad was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Palm Springs
and it's pretty serious. I'm probably flying out in the morning.
Oh, man. Prayers are very much appreciated.
The man who carried me on his shoulders, across the Sandy River. The man
who taught me to love fishing, who spent hours with me in a little blue
boat, bobbing in a line on the Willamette river.... The one who embarrassed
me to death when he told me to "hang it over the side" and then
yelled, "Water level is rising!"
Yep. That phone call we all dread. Ach. My heart aches.


I couldn't sleep last night.
My brother and sister talked me into staying here, because my other brother
and sister are going, and what if we need to spread out our stays?
I don't feel good about staying home at all.
It's frustrating, because I can't call the hospital, as they only wanted
one spokesperson and that's my oldest sister, of course.
So, I'm on pins and needles right now, wondering what is what.
Maybe there is news in my e mail? I'm a mess.


I can't take it no more. I'm leaving for Palm Springs in the
My Dad is still unconscious or sleeping, or whatever they want to call it.
He's unresponsive. That's what I would say. Sue, his girlfriend, said he
recognized that she was there, or she felt he did, the night before, but
not so much, lately.
Sad story, but kind of beautiful-- He was supposed to go to dinner with
Sue, and didn't make it to her home. She waited and waited, but no Dad.
So, she went out looking for him and found him on the side of 1-10 near
Rancho Mirage, near her home. She walked up to the car and he said, "You
are beautiful." But, nothing else. She asked him if he could follow
her. No response. She asked if he could scoot over, so she could drive.
No response.
Just that she was beautiful. He really likes this gal. No, he loves this
They had an absolute fairytale summer, last summer. They traveled everywhere.
They danced. They talked, they visited everyone. They went to the Pendleton
Roundup. They went to hear music. They had more fun. They seemed to have
more energy than a couple of teenagers!
"You are beautiful". What a way to a grand exit, if it were to
be. I told Dad, while the joy of his romance was happening, while all of
the love in the world was held in the hands of those two "young"
lovers. I said, "Dad, you deserve every bit of this. You are living
the dream of many!" Indeed.
If anyone approached love with recklace abandon, it is those two!
Anyhow, she called 911, and now we are where we are.
On an interesting note, they gave him some kind of drug to wake him up last
night. He did, and he was able to say his name and answer questions correctly,
so it's not brain damage. He is back asleep since then, though. That was
last afternoon.
One nurse thought he was playing possum. Why the heck would he do that?
My brother is there. No way. My Dad is not a possum!
He opens his eyes occasionally. I guess he will communicate a bit with one
male nurse. If that isn't strange! He won't talk to the gal nurse. My Dad
is normally just the opposite, always chatting and romancing the pretty
nurse women! But, he won't talk to the girls? Weird!
Sounds to me like aliens have taken over. Regardless, I can't stay here
and wonder, one more day. I'm off, tomorrow.
Pray for my Dad. He's only 85. He has a lot of romancing to do!


OK. Get this. It IS aliens!
This just in from my sister. See, my brother Gary is in Palm Springs, looking
over my Dad, and he's the reporter. Then, it goes to Teri, my oldest sis
and the "Mom" of the family.
Teri writes this:
Gary just called me and asked if I wanted to talk to Dad. I said, "Hi,
Dad, this is me". (Our usual joke) and he said, "Oh, yes, I forgot--this
is I." I asked him how he was doing and he said as well as could be
expected, but he'd sure like to be able to get something to eat. (!!)
I had just talked to Gary five minutes before when they asked him to step
out so they could draw spinal fluid for a test. Then, Gary said the nurse
came out and said, "Would you like to talk to your Dad?" I don't
know, but it was sure good to hear his voice. Thank you, Lord. Now, if we
could just get to the bottom of this. . .
Love, Teri

So, tell me. Does anyone have a CLUE what could be going on?
I'm open to guesses at this point? This is just bizarre! I'm still going
in the morning.


Even the folks at the hospital think it's one of the rarest
things they've seen, "a miracle" etc.
Where someone will appear totally unconscious and then, out of no where,
just wake up and be totally with it.
Dad must have been really tired! Most people sleep "in". He slept
for three days!
I have talked about pump
many times in my column, as they were worried I had it, and for
sure Andrew had it. Thing is, there is nothing that can be done about it.
Andrew totally forgot who he was, one day after his heart surgery. He finally
called me, after he had been sitting in the parking lot of a store for quite
some time. We took him to a neurologist, and they said the tests are very
expensive, and there is nothing that can be done, anyhow. Oh, great!
I was on the bypass machine for over 6 hours, and they were so worried I'd
have this. So, if you ever wonder about me...
Anyhow, perhaps he had a bubble and it passed, or whatever? I don't know!

Anyhow, I'm off to the airport. I'm beginning to feel like one of those
people who think flying is no big deal. Just get up, drive to the airport
and go.
LOL... I wish I was that casual about it! But, I guess I am getting there!
Sure wish I didn't have to travel alone, though!
Well, off I go... Enjoy the wind storm! Maybe by the time I get back, the
rivers will be in shape?


I'm so hoping I don't mess up my front page. I don't have
everything set up right on this cheap little netbook.
I've never been up and down and up and down emotionally, as I have lately.
It's so hard! Every time I get so excited and happy, something happens that
makes it totally opposite.
I get nice notes from folks saying, "I'm so glad your Dad is better!"
and I think, "Huh?" Oh, yeah! Last I wrote, things were good!
Well, fact is, things are good right now, but two days ago, they couldn't
be much worse!
Right now, I'm happy, excited, couldn't be much more joyful! Dad is good!
Really good!
He is in a home where they recoup people so that he can return to living
as he was. That would be my dream come true! (Dad's too, I'm sure!)
I may be writing more on the Angler's Chapel, here, as it's so much easier,
and also... this isn't the least bit fishing related, except that the sooner
I get Dad up and going,, the sooner I get to return to the river! And my
Dog! And my family! Whoo hooo!
The weather here is just bizarre! Last time I was in Palm Springs it rained,
rained rained! But, this time? It is raining, thundering, and even giving
us warnings on the television for tornadoes! LOL! I can't believe I brought
this from Oregon with me! I keep apologizing to the folks here.
Oh! The highlight of my trip was picking a ripe tangelo from a tree! It
was the sweetest thing I'd ever tasted! I had no idea they tasted like that!
OK, more later on my Dad, here,
if you are interested!


Oh, where oh where to start!
I know! I'm home!
Dad was taken to ER yesterday morning. No, wait. That was the day before.
Yesterday, I rose really early so that I could go see Dad before I flew
home. He was so well! So, very well! I was so happy. I told him I loved
him SO much and gave him a big bear hug. (Gently!)
We are bringing him back home to Oregon so that we can be close to him.
However, we have to wait until we get a portable oxygen concentrator so
that he can take that with him on the flight. It takes two weeks to order
that. The tanks just don't do it for him, as they don't go up high enough.
I may go back later this week, to help him fly home.
It rained all week when I was there! I called home and talked to my sister
in Lake Oswego, and she said she was sitting in the sun! In Oregon! In California,
it just poured! I mean worse than Oregon rain! And you can't drive on their
roads very well in the rain. Everything floods and deeply! The very thing
that makes California so fun to drive on their roads, makes it impossible
in the rain. The roads break open and big holes form that eat up cars! I
kid you not!
In fact, there was one such hole on the way to Dad's home and yesterday,
I swerved to miss it, and a policeman pulled me over and gave me a ticket
for "Unsafe lane Change!" Let me tell you how proud I was, to
have never had a ticket in my 36 years of driving life! I cried when he
gave it to me! I was so upset, because what was not safe, was to go into
that hole in the road! I guess it isn't a real ticket, says Bill. There
was no money charged me, and the "ticket" says "violation?"
and then there is a tick box, "Yes" or "No" and it says
no. Is that a ticket, or no? I don't know! But, how embarrassing it is to
be pulled over! It's scary and I cried! Something about authority just immediately
brings on tears for me! And the tears didn't "work!" LOL. I bet
they would have, if I were 20!
I'm just so glad I went to see my Dad. Ticket or not, the whole thing was
so necessary. He needed care, and I was there and that felt good.
It made me cry when he said, "If there is ever a time to be glad you
have five kids, it is now." Ah, Dad! He said that as Teri, Tom and
I were there in the room. He looked so humbled. We love him. We love him
SO much!
More later, for now, I have to go visit the river!


First Bite Jigs rock and they really do catch them on the
first Bite! I did that, just yesterday! Walked up to a honey hole, cast
out and saw one flash! My bobber barely wiggled and then took a dive! Woo
hooo! Fish on!
Now I have fish for dinner! YUM!
I needed that! I'll post a pic in a minute. It was a mint bright hatchery
hen, cookie cutter size!
Hey-- If you want one of the Mag Lips or the Kwikfish for 2010, you'd better
belly up to the bar, now! If you are going to pick up at the show, order
. If you want yours mailed to you, I'll have that sign up sheet,


I dream of a time, someday, that I will not read my e mail.
In fact, I won't have one. I dream of a morning when there will be no printers
going off in the background, no sounds like coffee beans grinding- that
are actually computers working over time.
I won't have an iphone hooked up on the side of my USB port. In fact, I
won't remember what a USB port even is! Hey! I didn't know what it was five
years ago!
Just think of all the new terms we've learned in the last 10 years! Are
these new terms a good thing? I'm not so sure they are.
I want a time, again, when I sit at the kitchen table to get my news. A
time when the phone rings and I run for it, wondering which friend it is!
Rather than hide from yet more contact!
Long ago I lived in Cannon Beach. Every morning I'd hop on my bike and ride
down to a cafe called the "Round Table". It was owned by Linda
Brown, I think? We'd all gather around a huge round table and have pancakes
and coffee and talk about things. Newspapers lay scattered about in the
middle, next to sticky syrup containers and carafes of coffee. I loved that!
The cold air would wake me before the coffee did! I sat next to policemen
and neighbors. Attorneys and contractors! We were family.
That's about enough diversity for me!
Today, I wake to much more diversity. I hear from friends all over, and
people from all walks of life. So many that my head spins!
Everything moves so swiftly. I can do banking, billing, marketing, sales,
grocery shopping and order office supplies all before 7 in the morning!
Back in the Cannon Beach days, such errands would take me multiple road
trips to Seaside, Astoria, and several biking trips to town. I couldn't
get them all done in a week, let alone an hour!
I set about these tasks leisurely, sitting in front of a large screen. The
result, however, is immediate!
Swoosh! Away in a flash go my requests! And back they come at me, just as
It is this world of immediate gratification that we live with, now, that
causes us all to have no patience.
Everything is pushed to its limit. Coffee comes out faster when you brew
one cup at a time from a tiny little pod. Hey! I want a whole pot! I want
to listen to it drip!
Are we giving up quality for speed? Are we losing our patience for good
things? What is it they say? Anything good takes time?
You know, I'm not so sure of that, really. I'm not saying the internet isn't
wonderful. It is! I am so thankful for the internet, and all that it has
blessed my life with.
However, I hope that we don't lose balance.
Here I am, talking about, dreaming about being without something that I
have been blessed with. I guess I simply need to learn balance. Oh, boy,
do I!
Because, I can get too immersed in this computer. I find it difficult to
get up, sometimes.
I do. I do dream of a time when I can get up in the morning and have coffee
at the table. Leisurely read the paper... (leisurely! I love that word!)
Walk to the mud room, put on my boots and walk out and visit the chickens,
and then on to the river, just to gaze into the depths.
I have to lose some of that instant gratification thing. I want to fish
10 casts before a bobber down. I don't need it the first cast... do I?
I should ask Mark of First Bite Jigs to make me a very special jig. He'll
call it the "20th Bite Jig". Just for me. Just to help me remember
that not everything needs to happen immediately.

Plant Grass Beak Fish Terrestrial plant

Steelhead I caught on the first cast.

I caught this steelhead on the first cast, two days ago. The
daffodil, I waited all winter for!
I just really wonder what it would be like, to go a whole week without worrying
about what's in my e mail, or what is on the web. I want to reconnect with
the past, the slower times.
I wish my kids, too, could understand what that was like.
What if we had a whole week, once a year, where we shut down the internet?
I wonder what that would be like!
I think it would be good.
I think it would be good for all of us!
I have to tell you about getting my Dad home from Palm Springs. It's going
to be quite a tale, I'm sure! Thing is, he can't fly very well, as he has
to wait two weeks to get a portable air compressor to get on a plane. So...
my two brothers are going to rent a motor home and take his real compressor
and just hit the road! Isn't that awesome? Talk about taking the slow train!
I bet they'll have such an adventure! I wish I was going!
I was going to fly down and help him fly back, but this sounds like so much
more fun!
And I bet they won't look at the computer the whole time they are coming
Thing is, the idea came from Dad's roomate at Country
in Palm Springs. This guy is 94 years old, and so bright! I loved
listening to all of his stories, when I was there.
See, my brother took my Dad for a drive, yesterday and when he got back,
John (the new roomie) said, "Bob, I think I have an idea for how to
get you home..."
Good thinking, John! A motor home! Perfect! Thank you!
This drive from California will be something that books are made of! Just
think of the title! "Driving my Dad."?
I don't know, but I so want to hear all about it! And I can't WAIT to have
my Dad back in Oregon so that I can visit him more often! Whoo hooo!
See? I'm already back to rushing things!
Hurry up, Dad! I love you!


Oh, stress! I've had the worst headache for days. I wonder
if I'm addicted to aspirin? I hear that can happen. It seems as soon as
they wear off, I have to take more. Gotta break that habit. Yuck! Aspirin
junkie, here!
It's just that so much is going on!
My Dad is better, these days, but sounds like he's given up on his dream
of having his home in Palm Springs. That worries me so much. I sat on my
bed and just cried last night, hearing about my sisters putting an ad in
Craigs List for his place. :( He loved that place, and so looked forward
to going each year. Plus, he had such good friends there, and it was so
fun for him to have dinner with them, when times were good. I'm just so
afraid he will give up on his dreams, if we sell his place. I just can't
believe that he is doing this, as when I spoke to him last week, he was
dead set on keeping it. It's so strange how he's changed his mind.
It will be so nice, at the same time, to have him closer for a while. When
he gets better, I hope he wins the lottery and buys the place of his dreams,
I'm so behind on ifish. I'm trying so hard to catch up!
We have a new contest on ifish through STS! Click here! Want
to be on the cover of Salmon, Trout, Steelheader?
Whoo hooo! What an
I spoke to Buzz this morning and we are doing a "First Springer"
contest for Yakima Bait, and they are becoming a new sponsor, too! I'm so
excited to welcome them to the ifish family!
NSIA and Fisherman's Marine have put up their contest entry form for the
18th annual
Hawgs-N-Dogs Combo Derby!

Oh yeah! And how do you feel about this? I received a private message, passionately
persuading me to close ifish to any pictures of dead native steelhead, regardless
of the legality of the catch. What
do you think?

I put up a couple new river videos, here. My walks on the river are extremely
therapeutic and I don't know what I'd do without them!
Caught a fish!
Vid one
Vid Two


It hit me! I'm getting old! But, I have no regrets. Isn't
this what I wanted? Dang 'lot of' better than the alternative!
And, just as I get old, I'm going to celebrate by... Trying ...attempting...
giving it all I have... to go back to work!
Isn't that exciting?! There is a program called "Ticket to Work"
and I may go for it! Scary, but exciting!
And because of that, and because of my upcoming Birthday, and because Bill
is such a great guy, and because he doesn't want me traveling in an unsafe
vehicle, (and my truck needed thousands of dollars worth of work!)
Oh, lookee lookee what he helped me with!

Car Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light

The ifish mobile! Isn't it pretty?

It's not "decorated" yet, but it's going to be the
ifish/Doherty Ford car. I think Brad is going to help me do it. You know,
Brad of Coho Design.
Hey! I
just thought of a cool idea! What if we had a contest and
had ifish members design how they think it should look?! Let me think on
that! That would be fun!
It's supposed to have ifish on the sides, and Doherty on the back.
Kind of "inspired" by the look of the Subaru of "The Outback
Angler". Have you seen that car? Wow! Kind of, but maybe not quite
so "decorated" as that, but fun!
My new car drives like a dream and I do feel so much safer in it!
The people at Doherty Ford
are just awesome to work with! Call Dave and talk to him, when you are ready
to drive off the lot in something new. He really does enjoy working with
ifish people! AND... You get a free guided trip! I'll have to talk to him
about that one! LOL... But it says right on his page:

Don't forget, every vehicle purchased from Dave comes with a free
guided fishing trip with your choice of ifish guide.

I drove a lot of cars, but some how... when I got into this little guy,
I just felt SO at home! I looked over to John and said, "This is my
car!" And I can't believe it... but it is!


I just put up Stan's new column. It's a very inspiring story!
Read it, here!
Sigh. I just spoke to my Dad. He called, because Linda left, this morning,
I'm sure. (My sister.) Thank God that Teri is going down, today. (My other
I have run out of miles, so I am trying to charge everything in the world
to my Alaska Visa, just in case I need to follow, after. The thing is, though,
I have the Sportsman Show, soon.
I can't wait till he is home, in Oregon. Then I can visit him a lot more.

But, how frustrating it is. He called, saying he wanted inspiration and
But, when I try that, he says he needs to face reality. Argh. How frustrating.
I don't know what to say to help him, except that I am praying for him daily.
I think that helps the most. If anyone knows the magic words, please do
The best I could come up with is the prayer thing, and that we should take
it one day at a time.

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