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It was sad day in Chinook!!!

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Hello All,

It was a very sad day in Chinook on the CR on Saturday the 4th of August! My fishing buddy and ran out to the canyon on Friday the 3rd and caught 20 tuna most of these fish were around 22 to 26 lbs. This was his first time out and he lost his tunagin on a spectacular day.

We were back at camp around 1pm and started the long process of carking our catch. We finished up around 3:30pm and went out to dinner at the local cafe. While we were in the Cafe we were bragging about our catch for the day(I now know that was a mistake). We had nearly 150#s of fillets in our cooler.

We got up Saturday morning to go fishing for the other fish. We arrived at the ramp in Chinook around 5am and I noticed I was out of tabacco so I drove back to the store to pick some up. My buddy was taking care of business at the ramp on my trip to the store. When I got back to the ramp I noticed the tailgate was open and our cooler was missing along with two rubber boots one of mine and one of his both the same style and color but different sizes(HAHA). We have a steal cover for the bed and it was unlocked (my bad for trusting) but who would of thought someone would jack a cooler out of the back of the truck while I was in the store. Neither one of us can confirm the loss was at the store or ?.

I was so sick about my buddies loss of his first catch we didn't talk much that morning. But we did get our Salmon limits early and called it a weekend with what had happened.

What I took out of this Saturdays lesson is always lock your catch up, don't brag about it, and I should quit chewing tabacco. On another note my wife was very sympathetic to our loss and we get to go again on the next nice day. Oh yea lucky for us we have pictures of some of our catch otherwise no one would beleive us.
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Sorry you lost your catch that way. I can't begin to count the items that have been stolen from me over the years. It really is a jungle out there and we are just a different type of primate!
Bummer! I hope Karma get's that Thief soon. Glad your able to keep a good attitude inspite of what happened. Good/better Luck! next time.
That's pathetic. What loser would be that desperate to steal someones catch. You have a tweeker in chinook!
I heard about this from the camp manager. All that effort gone! Sad
God I hate tweekers and thieves!
Yes it is a sad thing
I too had a cooler stolen this year so I went and bought a length of chain and a lock
Now my cooler(s) are chained to the truck with a loop of chain around the handles and over the top
The thieves can't even get in to steal a beer now

Sorry for your loss
Wow that sucks I can not believe that someone did not see it happen.

Can you claim that against your car insurance? I know sick thinking but at market value that is about $500.00 of fish and another $100.00 for cooler, just a thought.
Last year we were staying at the motel next to bouy nine when o full 165 quart ice chest of fillets were stolen also so this meant we had to kill twice as many the next day to make up for the loss and made for a very long day and night
That sucks
If you and your buddy want to have a tuna dinner, I have some fresh frozen loins that I can give to you. That is, if you are near Oregon City.
we had that happen in neah bay but for the beer not the fish. i hope they didn't drive all the way down to chinook. it sounds like someone that broke into my truck last year in illwaco under the street light. sleepy little towns do not have eyes open at night.

at least you get a kitchen pass for another run.

good luck
we had that happen in neah bay but for the beer not the fish. i hope they didn't drive all the way down to chinook. it sounds like someone that broke into my truck last year in illwaco under the street light. sleepy little towns do not have eyes open at night.

at least you get a kitchen pass for another run.

good luck
Years ago(12 years or so), Local kid's were stealing beer out of Coolers, & sometimes fishing/camping gear at night, or during the day when you were out fishing at the Barview Jetty Camp in Garibaldi, one night they were so brave they took off with a cooler right next to us sleeping, that picticular cooler had Crab, & fish bait mostly, & we found it a couple camps over the next morning, since then we started to camp across the bay by Crab Harbor, & never had a problem there. It's a shame we have a generation or more of Kid's(some now adults) that apparently think stealing is ok.
That sucks!!

I always leave my cooler in the back of my truck full of fish and have been lucky enough to have gotten away with it. I am not sure how to lock it up. I guess chains or something.
I would like to think people around those areas are better than that but guess people are just people.

Really sorry to hear about your loss.
Sorry to hear your tale of woe happening in my county. Sorta odd thieves up at around 5 in the morning but the county has had a lot of meth problems and those characters may be out and about anytime. I assume you did report it to the sheriff's office (little chance of recovery but at least gives them a heads up).
Sorry to here about your loss.

What about hooking 480V to the cooler.....that should light their eyes up next time.....
That really, really sucks. Sorry to hear about something like that. I routinely leave valuables outside at that campground, and in the back of my truck in that area. Looks like I should change my tune a bit down there. (Although you guys are loud enough in the back of the campground to scare away any potential thieves:cheers:)
That sucks!!! I can't believe someone would take a coolier full of fish. What a low life scum!! I hope the people get a bad case Diarrhea. Sorry about your loss.
About 6 years ago Me and my nephew were crabbing in walport and had 20 crabs in a cooler, staying at mckinnleys marina camping with like 10 other campers. Well in the middle of the night a car full of teenagers ran thru the camp site and stole 6 coolers, most had beer in them except for ours full of crab. One person woke up and chased them but didnt have his shoes on. The next day a couple of older fellows gave me 14 crabs that they had in their live box. So i have learned that lesson the hard way, now i sleep next to my catch, well its in a cooler.
Thanks for the post - I've redoubled my security efforts due to the post. I tend to get lazy thinking that it won't happen in Hammond.

Dude, that BLOWS!!!!!!!!:mad:
I consider that town my second home and it makes me mad to think something like that can happen there. Please tell me you reported this to the authorities?!? Let's hope the forecast for this weekend holds and you can get back out there and put that nightmare behind you.:pray:
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