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Is this too rough for Columbia Bar crossing?

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I've got some freinds that are going salmon fishing out from the Buoy 10 area this Monday and Tuesday, and want someone to interpret this info for me:


Is this too rough to go over the bar, and if they make it over the bar, is this seasick time?

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Depends. Do you like peeing blood?
My formula is if the combined seas are over 8 I NEVER go out (5ft swell + 3ft wind waves = 8 combined). I will NEVER venture out if they are calling for any wind over 20mph.

The report you posted scares me. I would stay inside & fish the bouy.

Full Freezer
It all depends on the boat and the skipper. If the boat is big enough, it can make it, but only if the skipper is skilled in rough bar conditions and the bar is timed right. Without knowing the skill and experience of the skipper or the size and power of the boat, it's a little like asking, "how long is a string".

For argument's sake, I'll guess the skipper has some experience in trimming a boat on rough water and that the boat is a 21 foot, windshield sled with a 14 degree hull. Also, the bar gets rougher during the ebb and is at it's worst at low ebb. I'll guess you're crossing at 2 hours after low ebb ... in those conditions, with the boat and skipper described, I'd say it's "iffy" at best. But then, forecasts aren't always what you find at the time.
Sunday should be do'able. 3 and 6 with good timing between swells is not so bad. However Monday and Tuesday do not look promising. 5 and 6????!!!!! = 11 !!!!! You most likely will not fish those days. Of course the last two days have been predicted 4 and 4. Ocean has been great and fishing great too. No where near 4 and 4. That said, ya just have to take a look.
I am totally ignorant about bar crossing and powerboats in general but if i needed to ask i wouldn't go..
Way to go Rob :grin:
Yeah, staying home and watching TV is soooooooooo much better. :rolleyes:
What a gift you have there Rich. :tongue: :grin:
The river around the bridge and church is good now, anyways. Stay inside you`ll have a much nicer day.
say what you may about inside and being safe but I have taken water over the bow and windshield in front of Hammond within the first 50 yards. The river with the wind chop and waves can be jsut as bad as the bar.

Again, depends on the boat and skippers ability. I have only 50% of that equation. I will play it safe no matter others can and cannot do.
"We just gotta live to fish another day".

Just think of how unfair life would be for your family to collect all the accidental death life insurance money and you not around to share it.

*Fish only bite wet hooks*

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And just think how sad you would be to see that nice cooler of fish sinking to the bottem as the Coasty Helo carries you away

I was possibly going to go with them, but I'll skip the puke fest, and washing machine feeling. :sick: :blush:

20 KNOTS :shocked: :depressed: :mad: What Pete and C&E said. Iffy. Depends on experience, boat size and timing. It is a pond out there today. Should be ok tomorrow. Just be carefull Sunday,Monday,Tuesday.......

Going out is only half the question. If I recall, one needs to come back in also. Conditions usually get worse as the day goes on. Be safe
I'd stay inside the bouy. They are doing OK late in the flood at the line and up around 11+12 :smile: :smile:
I agree with Catch and Eat. We fished yesterday NW of the CR and it was a pond. Very little wind and the swell had a nice long period. We only start over the bar on a slack CURRENT between low and high, so we can return on an incoming tide. If you try to cross on any part of an EBB tide you deserve the beating that you will get. Buddy boat if at all possible and trust your judgement. You should know the capabilities of your boat with YOU at the helm. If you have any question, stay inside. Remember the report is for the worst case scenario and out to 60 miles. Look at the winds at Clatsop Spit, the CR Buoy, and the actual bar conditions (at the bottom of the page). Yesterday was 3-4 combined seas over the bar and 0-5 knot winds: easy ride.
By the way, lot's of fish from the CR West. Our hour outside produced a limit for three of us of 5 Coho retained (the last 19# weighed by the fish checker) and a beautiful 34# URB. Great day!
Be Safe,
Originally posted by Knucklebuster:
Depends. Do you like peeing blood?
<font size="2" face="verdana,arial,helvetica">BWAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :dance: :laugh: :bowdown:
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