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I've been a member for over 2 months and never posted a story, so...

When I was 14 I went camping over night on the Columbia with some friends. It wasn't long before a lost and very hungry dog was hanging around camp. We only had a small amount of food, but I did have a small trout pole. I had an old jar of Mike eggs that I threaded on the hook and casted out to try and catch a "dog" fish for the starving dog. We were riding motorcycles up and down the beach and had just about forgot about the line in the water when I saw the pole racing accross the sand towards the water. :shocked: I caught up with the pole just before it went into the water and began a 30 minute fight with a large fish. I only had 8 pound test line and a cheap reel which added to the challenge. I eventually landed the salmon, chinook I think, but we never did know for sure.

Needless to say the dog didn't get this salmon for lunch and I called my dad and he came down and got the fish. He also brought some food for the dog so everyone was happy. :dance:

My first and only salmon I have caught on the Columbia.
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