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Installing a cooler on a swim platform

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I am trying to install a cooler on the back of my sled. Are there any good/cheap ideas for mounting it to the transom? I really would rather have something attached to the transom rather than the platform because it has a carpet cover that can go on the diamond plate platform. But, I would listen to all ideas. Thanks in advance.
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Just weld some short corner brackets on the step and an eye or two to strap it. The carpet should go right over the top if you keep them pretty short. You'll have some bumps back there but unless you are ummmm......ummmm.... sunbathing? :grin: back there what the hay, it's diamond plate anyway right?
Any other kind of bracket/mount is just going to be in the road when the cooler isn't there unless you get real exotic and make a slide in/slid out mount for the mount.

PS- My cooler just sits back there on the step and is roped down. No corner brackets or anything. It moves around some but can't go to far. If you get some tie down points in the right place that might work for ya too. :cheers:
Go look at the system that Northriver has. They have developed a neat little bracket. I have had mine for three years and no problems.
NorthRiver cooler bracket, pretty slick.


If you have a canvas top, you likely have the pin mounts that the top connects into? If you know what I'm talking about, get yourself 4 of them at FMO or elsewhere. Mount two on the transom, then put your cooler on the platform, and line up the other two for mounting on your cooler...you'll have a pin in each set to connect them. It works really slick, and it's easy to do.

Sorry, pretty cruddy description, maybe I can get Highwater to take a picture of his.

Another vote for the North River Bracket. Think it costs about $45 bucks. Take a look at one. If you are handy, you could come up with your own for cheaper. TheRogue is on to it.
I know exactly what you want. I had this installed on my boat, but you could make it easily for very little money. If I took a picture, I could avoid this whole dissertation, but I'll try to explain. Mine consists of two small brackets, screwed to the back of the transom. These are the same SS brackets you see used on gunnels to secure boat tops in the up position. These brackets have an aprox. 1/4 inch hole in the 2 plates that make up the bracket. The other part consists of aluminum "L" stock. The L is 1 1/2 or so, by 2 feet long. Bolt the " L" stock to the front of your cooler to match up with the SS brackets you've installed on your transom. The L stock will slide in between the two plates of the SS bracket. The " L" stock will need to have the 1/4 inch holes drilled in them so that they will accomodate a quick release pin that you will place thru in this order : the top plate of the SS bracket, the "L" stock thats bolted to the cooler, and them finally the lower plate of the SS bracket. Note measurements are approximate, I'm not with my boat. When drilling holes, in the L bracket, know the diameter of your quick releas pins, SS bracket holes, etc. You want the diameters to be exactly as the pin diameter so theres no slop. Sorry, for all the words. If theres interest I'll post some pictures.
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Pictures Please.
here are your pictures. See my post, "transom cooler mount".

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