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I feel I must come to Hog's rescue here. Them darn bow rollers is bridge magnets. At least, that is, when they're welded onto the boat.

A couple years ago me and my buddy Del - Lets call him Reel Del for Impellar effects - went to the Cow for some smelting.

Well it turns out that the flow was down and our usual spot was not producing.

Then I noticed somthing. That eddy there behind the bridge pillar should be holding smelt!!

I motored over and positioned myself directly behind that pillar and eased ahead. The plan was to place the bow against the pillar and remain in gear with the pump holding us inplace. Thus allowing us both to dip. I do it at the dock all the time.

There was a total of about 25 feet of slack "smelt holding" water just ahead of me.
Just before I enterd the slack water I had to goose the throttle just a hair to get over the hump. My 19ft sled slid in and instantly I knew I was coming in hot!!!

WHOAA!! I grabed for REverse but it was too late. That swaying and shaking you mentioned was already in effect.

Best part was the banks were lined on both sides with netters. When they heard the resonation of the alluminum bell they all stopped their pursuit of silver to see what had made that noise.

At this point Reel Del was his usual Reel Arse; and he just pointed at me and started the crowd laughing.

I've had other boats with bolted on anchor rollers and never had a problem. :shrug:

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