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The party begins at 3ish. Please stop at KOA headquarters and they will show you the way. We are at the main kitchen.

If you show up early, we put you to work! :)

Please head towards the registration table by the kitchen, fill out your name tag with your name and moniker, and get your raffle tickets. Don't lose them! They can't be reissued!

Ifishstock hand towels will not be available until 4 or 5 in the afternoon, so I will start handing them out, then.

You will get one ticket for each child 13 and under, and two tickets for the adults and children 14 and older. One will go in a bucket for kids, one in a bucket for big people, and one for your choice of a bigger prize that you'd like to win. The larger prizes will be set out on a table, with a container beside them. Choose which you'd like to win, and place your ticket inside the container for that prize.

Remember the secret thing about if you are wearing ifish or salty dog gear. :) No decals, just shirts, hats, coats, etc.

This is gonna be FUN!

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