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Update for ifishstock, August 9th.

Camping information, and hotel information for ifishstock:

Ifishstock, August 9th, welcomes you to camp at our house, if you like, on the night of August 9th. Several people have asked about the 8th, too, but I simply can't because of all I have to do to get ready. If you absolutely have to, write to me, and I'll reconsider, but it's best if I just start the party at 3 or so, on the 9th.

If you need a place to stay, call Kilchis River Park at: 503 842 6694. They have pretty nice bathrooms, and running water, but I don't believe they have showers.

If you'd prefer a motel, call Shilo at : Reservations: (800) 222-2244, or the local Tillamook Shilo at: (503) 842-7960

If you are afraid to leave your boat at Shilo, (Many people do, but I don't know how safe it is) e mail us, and we can arrange for you to keep your boat here.

I need for people to bring chairs and if possible, we need a table or two. If anyone can bring a table, could you post here?

If you don't have chairs, or it's a hassle, bring a blanket for you and your kids to sit on. It usually all works out, but you never know.

I think Sturgeon Tom will be bringing the Microphone system for Crabbait, as he is the MC, and will be doing the door prizes.

IF you have a door prize that you are bringing, simply ask, at registration, where to put it.

When you arrive, you will see yellow tape pointing you where to park. Boats and trailers go to the back of the field, where there is lots of room. Single cars and trucks will be lining up behind the row of cottonwood trees we have planted. PLEASE watch for kitties and dogs and chickens that wander free. On your way down Kilchis road, drive slowly, OK? There are a lot of deer and elk, and other critters that own the roads more than we do.

If you are bringing a boat, we have a fairly steep driveway. On your departure, make sure you get a little run on the drive, so that you don't skid out a bunch. Out of respect, year before, I noted several people trying to go slow. That's nice, but it's really better to get a small run at it.

I rented a porta potty. There will be a donation 'can' of sorts to help pay for this. I hate to be crude, but I can't help but advertise this "Pay to Pee Plea". Tee hee! I'm SORRY, OK?!?
I think a dollar a person is what we will ask to cover that cost. At the time when you pay, you will be given a name tag to fill out, and either one or two door prize tickets. These will be for the door prizes, done at about 6, and lasting through the evening. If your number is drawn, we will keep the ticket, so that more people get a chance to win. I think I'll give two tickets each.

I'm trying to put together a kids drawing, and an adult one. If anyone has ideas for kids drawings, or wants to donate prizes, that is our greatest need at this point. Kids life jackets, little rods, or tackle boxes full of goodies. I'll put together a bunch of kids prizes with candy and pop, but fishing things seem most appropriate. :smile:

Leftovers from after the porta potty is paid for, go directly to The Tillamook Anglers. We will have membership forms and a donation jar for Tillamook Anglers here, and if someone wants to bring and handle Steelheaders memberships, or OWHA memberships, contact me. We will gladly accept any donations for ANY fishing group that helps our rivers, streams, and fishes!
I will have ifish hats, decals, patches, and maybe a few sweatshirts here. If you want to order something, please let me know, so I can order it ahead of time. (You know, like a sweatshirt, or something.)

Seems to be some misunderstanding about how to eat at the ifish bbq.
It is a "bring your own meat" bbq, although I will have hot dogs here for those who forget, or those with little ones, that don't want seafood delicacies.
Atworkalot has offered to donate some food, also. Thanks, Atworkalot!
Salads, casseroles, public sharing foods are welcome.
We will supply pop also.
Bring what you like to drink, if you don't like pop, but we will not be providing alchohol nor will be responsible for it's use and would appreciate that it be used, if at all, with respect to the property owners, and the other drivers on the road. If you drink, don't drive!
Usually someone brings oysters, and that is a huge treat on the bbq!
There will be plenty of food, I am sure, as last year everyone brought lots of wonderful edibles! Hopefully, we will have silvers to throw on the bbq, and crabs to cook up! Yum! I have plastic forks and knives, etc, and paper plates and cups.
You can clean your fish here, although I would appreciate it if you brought some way to haul out the trimmings.
We will have a crab cooker available and a corn cooker.
We usually have all the condiments, ketchup, mayo, butter for the corn, mustard... plastic silverware and cups...
We will have a big garbage can for garbage, and one for recycling pop cans. Please read the garbage can signs to make sure to put things in the appropriate can.
We still have camping available here, but know that we cannot offer showers to all who camp here.
It is unimproved camping at it's finest. We will do all we can to make your stay comfortable, and we welcome you!
If you are camping here, please arrive early to pick out your spot. I have already picked out my camping spot. IN MY BEDROOM!

When you park, you will see small trees planted in the field. Please be careful not to mow these over. We will have ribbons tied on them so you can better see them.
As you proceed down the driveway, please be aware that the cats like to hang out there and keep watch!
Thank you to many sponsors and friends for donating door prizes!
Please support these businesses by visiting their site and purchasing their items.
If anyone is going to Costco before the party, pick up a cake, and I'll pay you for it. Just e mail me, to let me know. Birthdays? Anyone have a birthday? I need an excuse for a cake. :smile:
If anyone has extra folding chairs, or any kind of lawn chairs or camp chairs, please bring them!
There will be signs from Alderbrook road to our place at milepost three on Kilchis River Road.
SImply follow the signs from Tillamook or Bay City from the highway toward Kilchis River Park.
There are open seats listed on the pinned thread at the top, on the board for those who need boat seats. First come first serve. If you have an open seat, please list it as you please.

If you have any specific questions, either write to me, or post it on the board.
Thanks much, and I'm looking forward to seeing you all!

Directions followed by miles...
1. Start out going South on NW 5TH AVE towards W BURNSIDE ST by turning left. 0.0
2. Turn LEFT onto W BURNSIDE ST. 0.1
3. Turn RIGHT onto SW 3RD AVE. 0.3
4. Turn RIGHT onto SW WASHINGTON ST. 0.2
5. Turn LEFT onto SW BROADWAY. 0.2
6. Turn RIGHT onto SW TAYLOR ST. 0.3
7. Turn LEFT onto SW 13TH AVE. 0.3
8. Take the US-26 WEST ramp towards ZOO/FORESTRY CTR.. 0.2
9. Merge onto US-26 W. 3.1
10. US-26 W becomes US-26 W/SUNSET HWY. 1.1
11. US-26 W/SUNSET HWY becomes US-26 W. 16.1
13. OR-6 becomes OR-6. 51.0
14. Turn RIGHT onto MAIN AVE. 1.4
15. MAIN AVE becomes US-101. 1.0
16. Turn RIGHT onto ALDERBROOK RD. 1.1
17. Turn RIGHT onto KILCHIS RIVER RD. 2.9

Thanks for your attention to all these details, and hope to hear back from you!

Anyway.... It's coming right up, so let me know what's up and what's down.
Especially needed is a list of available boat seats, and who needs a ride.

Dress warmly, it gets chilly... Depending on river levels, fly fishing may be available on our river, but please be careful of the smolt and fry. Watch where you walk in the shallow puddles, as that is rearing grounds for the babies. :smile:

What else? Questions? Comments? Ideas?

The party will begin around 2 or 3 P.M., and last until around 11 or so. Just come whenever the boats get off the river, and leave when Jennie falls on the ground.

Thank you so much for making Ifish what it is, and don't miss this event! It'll be a blast! Everyone will have name tags, so we know who you are!

Oh! One more option for fun, is putting in here at the house, or up at the park, and canoeing down the Kilchis. Bring a Kayak, inner tubes, or a canoe... We have one for loaner use. Very pleasant drift if the water is low, and some fun fly fishing, nature watching, or just plain fun in the sun!
We can shuttle if you need.


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Games we are playing are these:

Bring a hat to fit the big head man's head. :smile:

Jim Erickson is setting up a casting game.

Shane Stewart has challenged me to a fly casting contest... (Bring it on, Shane boy!)

I'll have a casting game set up for kids...

Mark Anderson may be giving a jig demo.

I wish Pilar would give some kind of tackle demo or safety speech, for the Salty Dogs amongst us.

Why don't the dogs all wear there identifying apparel so we know who this neato group is?

Lessee... What else? Ideas?


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So, what is it going to be, Shane? (weenie boy)

Distance or accuracy?


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Doesn't matter how far or how accurate, Shane... I've been told by one of the top fly casting experts in the world, that, "I've got styllllllllllllllllle!"

As long as I've got style, I don't care how far you can lob that thing. :smile:

We are going to be using the same rod, though.

You think you are so hot? We'll just SEE bout that.
But, if I can't beat you, Pete will whip you sideways any day of the week. :smile:

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