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Disclaimer and copyright notice--

The recipes I have posted have been submitted by ifishers.
If one of the recipes is copyright to you, and you do not want it on ifish, please let me know by using a private message, or the feedback form, below. If you'd like to leave it and wish to have a link to a web site or book that you've written, that includes this recipe, please mention that. I would be glad to comply.
All recipes have not been tested, and you must use at your own risk! :)
Feel free to rate the recipe with the star system.

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Re: Disclaimer and copyright notice--

Wow! I just discovered this nice new board. A great idea Jen. I was starting to get tired of the same old salmon and crab recipes and my imagination wasn't generating any new ideas. This is great!

I think rather than putting a disclaimer on the recipes you personally posted you should try them, and a post a picture of finished product though. :grin: You have the time right?

Thanks again. I'll contribute to this board when I get time.
Re: Disclaimer and copyright notice--

I like it and will check here often. Should I be lucky enough to catch a fish I will look here for new ideas.

Thanks Jen
Re: Disclaimer and copyright notice--

So, what you're saying is, don't get addicted to these recipes, then come back and sue whoever posted them because you have health problems or an unbreakable addiction?

Just curious ... I can see that happening with some of these.

Re: Disclaimer and copyright notice--

Yes, and some things will be HOT when cooked.
Use caution!
Re: Disclaimer and copyright notice--

I take recipes I find on the net and change them so they are mine.
Re: Disclaimer and copyright notice--


It's a sorry day when you have to post something like this....

Dave E
Re: Disclaimer and copyright notice--

DaveE is right, but on the other hand I'm sure not going to take any resposibility for the spare tire around my middle...must be some of this great cookin:wink:
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