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Ifish Contest with Chris Nordling

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Please enter here, while there is time!

Five more days, and the winner of the Chris Nordling contest will be drawn. If you haven't entered, now is the time!

We will have a new contest running after this one, so if you want to get your name in, please do!

Fishing with Chris is awesome!
From Chris:

About Chris Nordling:
Each trip I take is more than just another fishing trip.
It's an experience that grows and stays with you, long after you've left the boat. When the day is done, I want you to remember more than just the fish you've caught!
The eagles... the deer, and the ducks simply add to the already beautiful Oregon countryside that we see while chasing after fish.
Peace and relaxation are a short distance from the busy life of Portland. Whether we're floating a coastal gem, or a pristine metro area river, we have an opportunity to not only catch fish, but live in nature, if only for a day.
You'll also be able to learn some fish catching techniques, how they are set up, and where salmon and steelhead like to hide. Of course along with scenic aspect, I also enjoy a high success per angler on most of the trips.
Chris Nordling
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This guy is a great person and a great fisherman. Would not miss this free chance to fish with him.

^ Line Bump ^ :grin:

Chris :cool:

ps- Thanks Nanook

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I can attest, it's TRUE! Chris knows his water and techniques. If there's a shot at a fish, he'll make it the best shot he can to get it on the hook and to the net!
He put ME into a steelie, and if he can do that then he can get ANYONE into fish.
I agree....Chris is one in a million! Thanks for getting me into a fish this past week...you da man! :dance:

Be sure to check out his website...I find out what the fishing forecast is...what to use, etc...

I learned a ton while out with Chris...then put it to use while fishing with my dad this past weekend....pops and my nephew slayed em'.
He sounds like a great guide.

I can't wait to win the trip!! :grin:
I hate this, it gets down to the end of the contest and i can never remember if i entered before. So i think i disqualify myself by registering twice, but i always register to make sure... One of these times i will not register 2 times and i might win...
I do the same thing,when it gets close to the end,I can never remember if I've already signed up or not so I sign up again ??? wish there was some way a person could check.Oh Well just keep my fingers crossed.
Bob :shrug:

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When I win this trip Chris, I would appreciate it if you bring along a cooler of pepsi and good bait. Mainly concerned about the pepsi though. A fish or two or more would be great too! :cheers:

Someone here is going to win a great trip. Hope it's me.
Takedown.....Get him !!! One last time for the top.

Thanks to all the Ifisher's that entered, and thanks to Jen for putting me on the front page of a great NW fishing site. :grin: :bowdown:

Here's a small sample of recent(steelie) photos from the last few weeks..(Neither of the Native fish were out of the water for more than a 20 second photo snap.)

Even if you don't win the contest, I've still got a few great dates available for this Spring Chinook/ Summer Steelie run.

See Ya out there :dance:
Matt from Sandy sidedrifting eggs

Jeremy from Portland plugging

And Yours Truly driftfishing

Chris :cool:

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Ok, my wife insisted that I put her BIG salmon up too. Alright, maybe not the biggest so far, but surely the brightest :tongue:

Happy Fishing,

Chris :cool:
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