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OK! I had a little problem with my boat back at the end of June. Two cracked welds on the center strake as well as an 8" crack to the side. Looked like a stress crack to me as I haven't hit anything, But according to the factory (NR) I must have hit something. OK! I have insurance!! Anyway, $4500 later. The bottom is fixed but they said that the seal in the motor mount and pump or something was leaking as well. They are fixing that for free. YEAH! But hunting season is fast approaching and I haven't been able to take her out since the middle of June and I'm having major withdrawls!!!!! I want to fish out of my boat!!!! At least one trip to Astoria or out in the big blue would be nice. But it looks as though I may just have to wait until the October, November fishery out of TB
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