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I hope you all can help me out. I'm having a crisis. :laugh: I can't help but laugh, but at the same time, I'm a bit panicked!

I have to go to Portland tomorrow, to the eye doc. I sure hope they don't take me right into surgery. If they do, then this post is even MORE important!

Anyhow, I've been out in the garage all morning, groping around like a blind woman, trying to figure out all the prizes, etc... how I'm going to do them.

First off, we are missing a Public Adress system. I have called EVERYONE and asked. Not one around to borrow, nor buy. At least, in Tillamook!

I found this on the internet, and I'd like to find it in town, if y'all think it meets ifish's needs. I always have to beg and borrow for the Christmas Party and for ifishstock. It is time ifish just owns one. We'd sure use it.

If anyone has one and can bring it, then I can put off the purchase for now. Regardless, we just need to get one for this weekend's use!

What do you think? Has anyone seen one in action? Is it loud enough? Joe's carries one online. Anyone know if they carry it in the store? Could someone call and ask?

If it's not what we need, what is? I've used a good karaoke machine and that worked fine. Where would I buy one while I'm in town, tomorrow?

OK... and now, onto the raffles. We have RED tickets for the kids. The kids get ONE ticket each, and always get a prize. (those 12 and under or so) I have a big bag of candy I got at Costco and that's ALL I have so far. We need kids prizes! If you can think of anything else to put in their goody bags, I will pay you back. That is, if you let me know ahead of time, so I don't have to pay 100 people :laugh:. I have some assorted tackle goodies, but that's all. My budget is around 100-150.00. Less, if I can get away with it. All I can ever think of is candy, and I don't think that's so good. I have some fishing hats. That's a good one... but not enough. I have 10 or so.

Kids life jackets are always a good idea, but often times they already have one.

Kids rods are also a wonderful thing!

Does anyone have time or thoughts on this matter?

OK, now for the rest of the ticket info... I have red, white and blue tickets. The red ones go for the kids. They all get a prize, like I stated above.

This leaves the blue and white tickets for us big guys and gals.

The adults usually get THREE tickets in total.

Let's start with the white ones. I take all prizes worth $25 ish and more, and put them on a table. The ifisher puts one of their tickets in a coffee can on the table, next to the prize that they want to win most. They get two choices, (and two tickets), and retain the other half in their possession to prove it's theirs.

Then, they get one blue ticket for the drawings for the grab bags.

Make CERTAIN that you check in at registration, fill out your name tag and get your tickets. DO NOT LOSE THEM. THEY WILL NOT BE reissued.

WE COULD, this year, do the following, since we have no PA system. It would cut down on having to shout. Crabbait is the announcer again, this year. Now, he has a loud voice, but I don't think it's that loud! :)

We could put the prize bags on and under the table, and a coffee can by them, also. So, you would just get THREE white tickets, and if you wanted a GOOD chance to get a bag of goodies, you could put one in for that.

I haven't decided which way to go on this. Ideas? Prize bags as part of your "choice", or as part of a drawing?

We will begin the prizes at about 5:30, take a break at around 6 for Liz from NSIA to do the Dutch Auction and then continue.

I need one or two small kids pools for pop, crab, and salads, to keep them cool. I will bring the ice, unless someone else wants to be in charge of ice. Two woud be nice. Can anyone handle picking those up? If so, save the receipt and I will pay for them.

I am posting this both on LIG and on the main board, so on LIG, I'll just close it, and link it to the other. I just want to get word out.

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