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What area do you suggest I relocate to - that won't break the bank?

I'm returning to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to family... And, I want to take advantage of good freshwater & saltwater fishing opportunities. I am relatively familiar with Astoria Bay all the way down the coast to Newport (Yaquina Bay). I grew-up in Portland, so I'm extra familiar with fishing the Columbia & Willamette River area.

As my net income is only $3,000/mo - I'd like to find housing under $1,000/mo. I am open to renting but would prefer a mortgage (my credit score is over 820). I will require a place that has covered parking for two vehicles (car & truck), and need a small shop with enough space to store a boat & all related fishing gear & supplies (in between fishing trips). I am very open to new construction if those extra facilities aren't already built... I don't mind routine yard work, and appreciate keeping a tidy & tasteful landscape. However, I would prefer wooded-land over acres of grassland that requires constant upkeep.

If you have any property leads for a potential homesite or residence, please let me know? I'd be greatly appreciative!!! In addition, I'd prefer travelling no further than 2-3 hours to my favorite fishing locations (ideally no more than 15-45 minutes).

A little about me... I am a disabled veteran retired, age 53-yrs, recently single, mainly a homebody, but love going fishing, clamming, and crabbing... I just purchased a 2022 Ford F-250 Super Duty truck. I still need to find a good "used" boat & trailer though... I've been out-of-state for almost 15-yrs, and glad to be returning. My last good memory of ifish.net was attending the annual potluck held at Jenny's house on the coast.

I'm looking to purchase more fishing stuff:

  • Boat & Trailer (budgeting $5,000).
  • Crab traps, ghost shrimp pump, clam gun, clam shovel & rake, clamming ring net, a set of rubber chest waders.
  • Plunking rod & reel for Salmon/Steelhead.
  • Medium-light action 8'6" rod & reel for Salmon/Steelhead drift fishing.
  • A good 9-10' rod & reel for bobber fishing.
  • A good set of neoprene chest waders & boots
  • A nice fishing vest.
  • Could also use a few rods for walleye fishing in the river, and/or casting for rockfish from the jetties.

I already have two 7'6" medium-heavy fishing rods (with 6000 series reels) that I can use to fish from a boat for stergeon, salmon, or lingcod. I also have a few smaller rods & reels for crappie & trout.

I'm really glad to be back on the ifish community, and look forward to meeting more of you when I move back to the area. Will be selling my house in Las Cruces, NM between now & early after the new year.
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