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I lost someone else's fish -- grrrrrrr

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I apologize to the fella who had a fish on yesterday when I was trying to get off the lumpy Columbia at Hammond. By the time I realized I was coming up on his fish, cut the kicker and raised the prop, the wind and water pushed me right over the top and he lost the fish..hate that! Sorry. :depressed: We caught wind and water yesterday -- no fish...but at least we got to fish. Looks like it's gonna be a lumpy weekend too...I cancelled my room reservation and came home.

Be careful out there! And good luck
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That's too bad.
We have run over someone's fish once. It's not a good feeling, is it?
These guys were sitting down doing the, "I don't have a fish on! Where!?!" routine...
We were pounding down the river to get our slot.

Felt terrible afterward. They did land the fish, but we felt awful, anyhow. Just didn't realize.

Usually you see nets up, and people standing. There was none of that.

No problem thanks for the apology. :smile: Don't know if it was you that cut off my daughters fish, but I sure wish people would slide to the outside when they run back and forth. It was tough enough with the wind, but to have people run by you ten feet away I think is irresponsible and dangerous at time if not illegal (sp).

People please attempt to give some room to boats with kids that are fighting fish.

Team Yeeha :dance: my 13 and 15 year old daughters caught 5 fish in a 1.5 hrs yesterday pics to follow some day
yeah, Jen, it doesn't feel good at all.

No Yeeha, it wasn't a teen...was a nice man who didn't hunt me down and kill me, thank heaven. I was making my way up the bank side at the sawdust pile.
Cathy, your one of the good ones. :smile:

For a little more relaxing trip head to Kelly
point with your wobblers, a cooler of cold drinks, and your suntan oil. :grin:
Thanks Cathy :smile: I think I was way madder :mad: than Nicole was, But poopy happens :shrug:
The only thing worse then making a flub on the water, is the thought of "UH OH! What if it gets posted on ifish and someone yells at me?" :depressed:

I mean, most of us have flubbed up once or twice. When we do, we don't need to get yelled at to understand our mistakes.

Ish! I hate that! Goofing up, realizing it and being sorry, and still getting yelled at!

I'm going to be nice to my kids today. :smile:
I can imagine how they must feel when they goof up, and they know it, and yet I still get upset.

I'm going to try and change that!

WaterDog, I think you've got the right idea ... whole lot shorter trip from Jefferson too .. I just have to learn the how and where .. hmmm Hubby has 3 days off..maybe time to give it a whirl! :cheers:
With Almost 12,000 nooks over bonny yesterday, Now would be a good time to learn it.

Good luck.
I'll be watching, Seefood, for a 'swashbuckler looking' guy on the river and will run for my life -- with my son draped across the front of the boat so you can't get an ID on me LOL...how're your magnifying glasses? I may have to take my sled pic off my profile :wink:

If it was you yesterday, you have my sincere apology...

If not, :tongue: -- Thanks for makin me laugh :smile:
I was out there thursday trolling next to the boat this happend to. It was a nice chinnok that was pretty wild, and stayed air bound most of the time. But those thing are going to happen when you have that many boats in one area, the guy who had the fish on did'nt seem to mad.
Thats OK I forgive ya. :smile:

I just wasn't fast enough to get your boat numbers and hunt you down later :shocked:

of course I'm just kidding :grin:
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