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I am no expert on this so take it with a grain of sand,

wife is driving my pick up, she going to make a left hand turn, she in the turn lane, the guy next to her moceans to the gal in the parking lot to come out, "WAM" I get home and she tells me what happen, I call Farmers,(the Lady's ins co) when can I get my truck fixed, Agent says why?? I explain, I call the women, this is what I was told, by both.

I didn't run into anyone, who are you and don't call me again.

I had to sue Farmers, and the women, Truck fixed.

Than wife is in a parking lot, Meth head backs into her Subaru she and him exchange info, he says we don't need a cop, I well pay you on the 15th for the damage.
$450.00 out of my pocket, I call the druggie, no return call, I stooped by his house, I am not paying you or your wife, I went to the police station, he is now in jail,

Why is it so hard to run with the rules we all have to live with???

To drive, a license, Insurance, and capable.

I hope you can get your auto fixed or repaired, and for the person who hit you, Walking is good for yea.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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