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i-fishers bag 200 lb tuna

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Our very own Keta & Hoggemin just got back from a long range tuna trip. Y'all should see the reports & pictures on the salty dogs board...

tuna studs
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Thats no small Tuna! :shocked:

Nice catch guys :cheers:

Those are some cranker Ahi's! Good job guys :cheers:
Ahi, the other red meat. Nice Feeeeshes! :cheers:
I wanna know just one thing....... when your trolling along and one of these monsters wacks your bait.......... does your rod go Shabamalama ding dong and then break, or does the reel just glow red until it explodes into thin air? :smash:
:bigshock: :bigshock: :bigshock: :bigshock: :bigshock: :bigshock:
MMMMMMM Tuna sandwiches for a year.
Yankem, no.....neither the reel nor rod fails when it's a big, metal frame reel like an Avet 50 on a Calstar or Seeker rod rated for 130 lb line.
Like this:

Now the Shimano TLD's with the graphite frame, yes they snap right off.

BTW they drift for these, not troll.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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