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Humminbird 787c2, etc. - What's Your Experience ?

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Hello Everyone...

What is your experience with the Humminbird 787c2 Map/Sonar unit? Or your experience with similar Humminbird products.

I am looking at a number of manufacturers, but know very little about Humminbird generally, but I have the impression they are currently making a good product, and that they are being used more by NW anglers.

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I bought the 787c2i with internal gps reciever. My only gripe would be that the gps is slow to aquire satelites, but once it does I've never had it lose them. I've had lot's of Humminbird sonar units, the only reason I got this one is that the old one started turning its self off all the time, and I convinced my wife I needed gps for safety reasons. :laugh:You never know when the fog will roll in at the mouth of the Lewis, and you may have to rely on your electronics to make it home in time for dinner.
I agree about the time it takes to acquire the GPS feed. Also the GPS at trolling speeds ie 2-5 mph is quite erratic bouncing all over the board. The quad beam view I think is garbage and it appears just to be a mirror image of each other...but my opinion only. I love the color screen, it's easy to read, lots of functions. If I were to do it again I would pay more for the side imaging..but I would have to test that one first. I like my 787C2 overall though.
Love mine, that's all I can say!
Thank you for the reply and feedback !!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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