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I think it's time for all of the creative folks out there to try and spell the hardest word I've seen used recently...BOEY, bouieouy, boowie...

Ya, I get the meaning...we're communicating...but how would YOU sound out this word and spell it?

Part 2: What's another one of your favorite 'creative' words viewed when your sharing fishing info? Toona? Sammon? Led?

Have some fun here!

And to keep this a fishin post, the chartruese with fish scale tape Coyote 'Ugly' killed them Saturday just outside B...#7. 3 on in 45 seconds of fishing, not including reeling in and releasing time. If they hadn't ripped of the fishscale tape, it would have kept going. Once the reflective tape was off, nothing would bite it!

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Marine terms as well as fishing terms and their pronunciations have always facinated me.

"Gunnel" for gunwale.
"bosun" for boatswain.
And where the heck did "transom" come from?
Isn't that the backside? :grin:
(Or that window over the door?)
Then there is the "screw" Hehe, we won't go there, just refer to it as the more acceptable "prop". :wink:

I'm sure I've heard plenty more, but they escape me at the moment.

The Brit's influence?

Additions anyone?


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bowie-den? (speach impediment version)
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