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I've seen these buggers almost every day. Didn't have the camera the day that the 3 BIG bucks were in the field. Watched these guys several evenings from up on top, on the BLM side of the fence. Up through the alfalfa, through a saddle that's like 10 feet from the fence, then up into the cottonwoods right below the landowner's house.

I've had one opportunity on a small fork, but passed easily knowing there were better bucks. Tonight on BLM ground, found a crabclaw 4x4, a nice 3x3, and a huge forked horn....out to his ears, and I believe another 1+ taller! Wind was right, they were headed through the big sage, but I ran out of daylight. If the wind stays the same, and they follow the same path out of the canyon tomorrow evening, I'm going to try and take the big forky.

Still have 2 more weeks season down here, but the moon's getting bright again.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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