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How long you been fishin?

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I've been fishing for 22 years (out of 26).

First fish that I can remember was a bluegill out of a gravel pit pond somewhere near salem. I accidentally dropped it off the stringer into the water and bawled for days.
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I can't remember before I was 5 so at least 50 years...I spend 7 months a year long-lining on the Bering Sea and don't do much but fish when I'm down here...
Wow I gotta get a life!
Keep gettin them
For about 40 of my 44+ years on this planet.

I did however take about a 10 year hiatus when I got totally wrapped up in computers! Thankfully I came to my senses again about 7 years ago, and have been having a gas!
21 years of my 23 years, My dad has a picture of me with a trout that was caught in a farm pond when I was 2 and a half. Didn't catch my first salmon though until i was 10 and first steelie when i was 11. Never took a brake slowed down in highschool a bit, am making up for it now though.
55 of my 62 years. Have caught 3 fish too :smile: . Getting very, very old. Arrggh.
32 of my 35 years. I can remember that first Steelhead when I was five like it was yesterday.
caught my first fish that I remember in 1960 ... I guess that was 43 years ago ... started tying flies in about 63 ... first fish over 5 pounds in about 65 ... first steelie 1975 ... first boat 1971 ... first drift boat 1978 ... I guess it's been in my system for a while.
Your first boat is older than me! :tongue:

Probably 10 of 31 years. Not much more than trout until I was 25.
About 38 years. My grandfather started taking me to Crane Praire when I was about 4 or 5. I would curl up in an old sleeping bag until it would warm up enough to crawl out and fish with him in the morning. Great memories!

I started fishing with doughballs in the susquehenna river in Maryland, and crabbing with string and saltpork on the lower Eastern shore about 33 years ago. Some of the greatest memories of my life revolve around the water. I am passing it on as well. You can't go wrong introducing your kids to fishing..
I can remember my first trip like it was yesterday. It was 1965 and I was 6 years old. Opening day of trout season. Dad and I loaded up his 1950 Ford Business Coupe ( cool car because it had no back seat and was set up for salesman to haul thier wares). We left at 4:30 A.M. :sleep: and headed for the Clackamas near Estacada. Seemed like a 8 hour drive for a 6 year old but we got there just as the sun was coming up. I fished Patzke ( spelling? ) eggs while dad threw a fly. Got the standard dad to son line about being quiet or you will scare the fish. All kids like to throw rocks in the water don't they? Only got one trout that morning about 14" but that was enough to hook me on a sport that has provided alot of enjoyment and I now share with my son. :grin:

about 35 years for me. I don't remember the very first time, but I dad said I was catching anything I could at about 4-5 years old.
I was fishing for crappies in 1964 at Mocks bottom, known as Swan Island... :grin: :grin: :grin:
Cool thread, & some great stories! I remember back in about "58" going fishing in the river right in front of my parents house on the Little North fork of the Santiam. My dad took us boys down on the ol`fishing hole to give us a taste of the sporting life. I remember his old telescoping steel fishing pole & an old phluger(sp?) baitcaster with a spark plug tied on the end of the line for weight. Boy times have changed! Caught a lot of Steelies out of that hole in the 40 yrs. it belonged to the family. Sure miss it. Bring on more stories!! Tight lines! Fishft.
started young with my dad so I'm guessing
off and on close to 52 yrs.Gees ,I'm old
when did that happen :shrug: ,I need to take a nap. :sleep:
They say I went camping at 6 weeks, but I don't recall catching a fish until about 3 yrs old, so I'll say 41 years.
I was about 4 so lets see.....carry the 2.....hang on.....calculators broke....abacus works...yeah thats it, about 43 years. caught a bucket full of bullheads of the dock at nehalem bay. couldn't understand why i couldnt take them home for pets.
40 yrs. for me. started as a kid in Illinois with my dad.first fish had to be a bluegill,on a piece of bologna.
Man this brings back some memories.good post!
I started fishing when I was 4. My grandpa lived on the river and my dad would take me and wade out from shore a few feet and set me on this big rock to fish and play I would catch lots of rainbow trout. On about my third time fishing on this rock I hooked and landed a 15 pound king with lots of help from dad. That was begginers luck for sure . My father still owns the property and It is still my favorite place to sit back and enjoy the sceenery and fishing. So I have been fishing for 37 years.
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