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How do you do that?...

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Like Fisherfield said. Type in "Plunking" in the search field, search the "Ifish Community", and you will find more reading material than you could have imagined.

Here's one of the many that I thought explained it pretty well.

As far as rods go, I would say as long as you are comfortable throwing 4 to 8 ounces of lead on your med/heavy salmon rod, that should work fine.

Good Luck.

Steve :cheers:
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thanks steelie steve, I am one for pics...pic is worth more than a thousand words, wish more would post pics of their rigs :cheers:
You're welcome. Wasn't my pics, but I also thought that it was well described. UglyGreen posted the pics. :bowdown:

Lots more in the archives where that one came from.

Steve :cheers:

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Have a question for the masses...

On my trip up to the NW this summer, I want to do some plunking in the big CR for steelhead and summers. The only thing is I don't really know how to set up my gear for that. :shrug:
I have an 8'-6" lami med-heavy duty and I also have my huge Sturgeon pole which I may or may not bring. That one is eitther 12' or 14'. Can't remember.
Anyhow, I would like to know how to rig up my presentation. I know that spin-n-glows are a good choice but thats about the extent of my knowledge. :whazzup: Anyone willing to help an Ifisher out?...

Thanks in advance.

Fish on.
I would suggest you look through the archives via the "search" feature. I've learned a ton by looking through what people have posted on here in the past. Plunking on the CR will be a challenge...there's not too many places to do it. There is Steamboat landing...in Washington, along HWY 14 in the town of Washougal.... Bait is getting eaten up by Shad right now...and I don't know if the river is open for Springer/Steelhead fishing. It's been a while for me on the CR. You can always fish the Tribs for the same fish with way less restrictions. Good luck on you trip to the NW.
Get yourself some small thin twins a type of mylar blade. Put one above your corkies or pill bodies along with a pink or red prawn tail. Go to diblee beach on the columbia river and you will catch fish.
Thanks guys... I appreciate the help and the search thing hit me after I put up the post. Hopefully, I can get into some decent fishing because God knows that AZ just aint happenin like the NW. Thanks for the link and I will let you all know how I do when I finally catch me a real fish.

Fish on...
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