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Awhile back I asked a question on how to cure sand shrimp. I didn't like the answer I got so I'm asking again.

The answer I got originally was that it can't be done, so don't even try. It will just smell up your fridge and dead sand shrimp won't stay on your hook. After that response, I gave up.

However, the last time I was in a bait store (Fisherman's Marine/GI Joe's), they were selling cured sand shrimp. The cured shrimp (by D&G Bait) were dyed pink or orange and they were next to the live sand shrimp and the cured prawns. So why is it that I can buy cured sand shrimp but nobody knows how to cure them? Perhaps I'm missing something.

So I will ask again: Does anyone have any ideas on how to cure sand shrimp?
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