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I heard back from ODF&W. Starting December 1, 2007 we can submit
proposals for development of the 2009 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations.
They will send a proposal packet to me in December. In the meantime, I
will be talking to the Western Oregon Warm Water Fish Biologist to
discuss any new regulation proposals and to get some of the biological
information that we will need.

As I mentioned on the previous thread, I took DonD's advice and read The
Coming of the Pond Fishes. Here's the Reader's Digest version of the

May, 1880: German Carp, "the wonder fish," "more delicate and
delectable than any salmon," the choice of European kings & gourmets,"
were brought to Troutdale by Cat. John Harlow. Thirty-five fish became
7000 after the first spawn & escaped the next Spring. US Fish Commission
continued stocking through 1895.

July, 1880: Several species of catfish were introduced into the
Willamette R in Lane County and into the Yamhill R.

1886: American shad were introduced into the Willamette & Columbia
Rivers after their 1871 release into the Sacramento.

1888: Large Mouth "Black" Bass were planted in the Willamette near
Salem and near Portland. The first recorded catch was in the Columbia on
08/02/1898. Yes, it made the newspapers.

1893: There was an undocumented stocking of bass and various sunfish
into the Willamette. In 1905 two "Calico Bass" (crappies) were caught in
the Columbia Slough by commercial cat fishermen.

1923: Smallmouth Bass were introduced into Lake Oswego after being
introduced into California by USFC in 1874. (Folks resisted the
introduction of smallies because they like the same moving water favored
by trout & salmon. (Did you know that smallmouth were also stocked into
Tahkenitch Lake?) Yes they were, in about 1924 from stock kept at the McKenzie trout hatchery. The were well established by 1946.
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