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How big is this Rainbow?

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I was looking through some old photo albums. The guy in the pictures is my father, in the early 1970's, probably 1973 judging by where the pic was in the photo album.

There are a couple of good clues as to the weight of the fish, and the length. The fish was most likely caught at Palmdale Fin and Feather club, in Southern California.

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22 for the big one..and 8 for the smaller one :whazzup:

Real nice fish tho..
Very cool pics...There should be a thread dedicated to our fathers and grandfathers fishing pics and stories. (how about a story with these pics!)

As for the rainbow..when you've got the pic to back up the story, "hog" or "monster" is specific enough isnt it?.
dang...that was odd.one min the picture is there and the next its not.

You gonna have to upload it onto ifish. If you don't know how send it to me and I'll get it up for you.
Cool hat! :wink:
Both of those are chinook!! NOt rainbows
Crayfin is on to something here. They look like blackmouths to me.

The Doug-firs in the back-ground struck me funny too...Palmdale California Firs? Uh uh.
One is about an 6-8lb Jack Salmon. The other is a 23-26lb Nook. Cali. Probably not. But maybe Brookings :smile:
Wow. Crayfin has an eagle eye! I assumed it was Palmdale, as that is the only place we fished when we lived there (or so I thought). I have lots of pics of Palmdale lake, so I assumed that these fish came from there. In looking closer at the smaller fish, in the second pic, it has black gums.

I am pretty sure it is somewhere in California, based on the license plate on that VW.

I will try to get a hold of my dad, show him the pics and see if he can remember where he was. I will post an update if I find out.
Make sure its your Dad in the pic too, looks a little like Zaq if you ask me... :laugh:

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, he is kinda goofy looking.

My guess at first was, those aint no rainbows. I still think that.

Here is a pic of my Great Grandfather and my grandfather (the small kid pouting in the boat) after a day on Diamond lake. The pic is from around 1925 or so based on his age. Apparently my Greatgrandfather built this boat in the basement of his house, and was planning on taking it out through the bay window. The window was too narrow when the final unveiling came about. He had to call a carpenter to come and cut the window bigger and get a new piece of glass made for the now larger window. (Kinda sounds like something BaitOEggs would do :tongue: ). I have other pics of them with these huge creels stuffed full of VERY large trout. Pics of them with 15 steelhead size trout strung up on the drift boat oars. Those were the days, but I think those kind of days are what made those the days and why we dont see those days anymore. Dig? :wink:
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The big fish is 18 Lbs and the small one around 4-5. I get this by looking at the scale. it is a 20Lb scale and you can see the tail end of the pointer at the 5 o'clock position pointing to the 8 Lbs. that means the pointer is in the 18 Lb range....
Thank for the pitcures and stories - very cool
Check out the trout in the black and white,thats a trouts tail. Don't think the others are trout.
Thing that make you go hummmmmm!
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