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What kind of bait? Some are more hardy than others like sardines over anchovies. Mackeral well those things will live forever. Same with squid if they don't spawn out. Brown baits are tough too. Not sure about herring or smelt.

Thing with chovies is that you want to get rid of the dead ones. Don't let them sit in the tank as they can start to kill off the others. Get rid of the ones with red noses too. Greenbacks are the ones you want. If the fish are fresh and not cured they won't last long in a pounding boat. I'm not sure if you can cure them in a bank tank by letting them sit for a couple of days. Never tried that.

A washdown pump isn't designed to run 24/7. They will burn up. Been there done that. Heck even bait pumps seem to burn up at the worst time. Always carried a spare.

In a pinch bait bags that hang off the transom will work. Best is to have a dedicated tank. I don't think they even make anything other than round. Mine didn't have a light and never had a problem. We'd even put a towel over the top to keep birds out at night. If the fish are cured you won't have a problem. Oh and built in transom bank tanks which are usually square, will work but the bait doesn't do real well. Makes good chum though.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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