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Bait will keep for quite a while, depending on a few conditions:

  • how "cured" the bait is (how long the bait has been in the receiver- the longer the better, as the bait has overcome the trauma of being netted and transferred around)
  • flow of the water in the tank- the tank should fill in about 7-10 minutes MAX, and should have a drain hose at least 1.5x the diameter of the fill hose.
  • style of tank- round or oval is best, as there's no corners to bump into.
  • Tank placement- midships or stern is best, as there's less trauma due to motion.
We've run live bait for several days without any major losses. If you have 2 batteries, switch to the house battery before you go to bed to run the tank. In the morning, switch to the main/starting battery to ge the engine going.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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