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Somebody could make a fairly large pile of money by staking out a busy boat launch with a comcorder. I know I would pay $20 for a 90 minute video of the best boat ramp hijinks!

My buddy in Springfield was waiting at the Dexter Lake launch while two nimrods tried to load their too large Bayliner on the new, but too small trailer. Nimrod #1 backed the trailer in with his nice shiny pickup while Nimrod #2 powered the boat on.

They got the boat about half way on the trailer, which should have been about 6" deeper in the water, when she seemed to hang up. Nimrod #1 wildly motions for Nimrod #2 to give her some gas and get it the rest of the way onto the trailer. More gas, More Gas, MORE GAS! The engine was reving nicely when whatever was keeping the boat from going forward let go.

The bow roller stanchion was no match for the mass of the too large, too fast boat. It pretzeled without slowing the boat appreciably. As the tailgate folded into the truck bed, it did manage to slow the boat enough so that the boat came to rest half on the trailer and half in the bed of the now overloaded truck!

This left my friend with the task of getting the boat back onto the trailer in the growing darkness so that he could get his turn at the launch.

Wish I had that on video!

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