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More stories! More!

I love Diamond Lake Stories! Remember the community campfire by the lodge? Remember the bats getting in the lodge at night, and scaring all the old ladies? Tee hee!

Remember the candy store with one cent candy and the horse back rides that were always too expensive?

Remember running on the trails to the hatchery?

Remember all of that?

Remember having the charter boat following YOU around, because your boat was doing so well? :smile:

Remember trying to figure out your hot spot the day before by trying to line up to a particular tree?

Remember velveeta cheese? Or corn? Or two red Pahtzkees (sp) and one cheese egg? Always 2 lb test. ALWAYS! No more than that!

Remember fly fishing at the South End?

Remember renting those cheapo boats that weren't so cheap in price?

Remember people stealing your gas can in the middle of the night and your Uncle running after them nearly naked, carrying a shot gun and firing it into the air?? :smile: :smile:

I have SO many good stories and memories from Diamond Lake!


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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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