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Here I am

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I'm new, so here is my first post. I actually had this all typed up and hit the wrong button and poof, all gone. So here is take two. Probably less verbose but no less riviting (yeah right!).

I've lived in the Portland area my whole life, which is more than half over now. I'll fish for just about anything but I really enjoy flyfishing for trout. My goal this year is to catch some Steelhead... so any help with that would be great. There seems to be a lot of great experience here, so I'm learning already. Lots of nice folks too. I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you (but probably not all of you).

My fish story takes place when I was about 12. I was fishing with my dad at Diamond lake. I fished with my dad a lot when I was growing up, so what's different about this day was that I limited out and he caught nothing. And limits in those days were, well, larger than they are now. We tried changing places in the boat, switching rods, you name it, we tried it and all to no avail. It was just my day. That was cool because I didn't beat my dad at very much when I was growing up. We have enjoyed recounting that story many times over the years.

Not very exciting, but there it is. Thanks for listening. Let's see if I can actually post this this time.

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Welcome. You made that first post and no one can ask for a story.
Good luck on the steelies.
Welcome aboard!! :cheers:
More stories! More!

I love Diamond Lake Stories! Remember the community campfire by the lodge? Remember the bats getting in the lodge at night, and scaring all the old ladies? Tee hee!

Remember the candy store with one cent candy and the horse back rides that were always too expensive?

Remember running on the trails to the hatchery?

Remember all of that?

Remember having the charter boat following YOU around, because your boat was doing so well? :smile:

Remember trying to figure out your hot spot the day before by trying to line up to a particular tree?

Remember velveeta cheese? Or corn? Or two red Pahtzkees (sp) and one cheese egg? Always 2 lb test. ALWAYS! No more than that!

Remember fly fishing at the South End?

Remember renting those cheapo boats that weren't so cheap in price?

Remember people stealing your gas can in the middle of the night and your Uncle running after them nearly naked, carrying a shot gun and firing it into the air?? :smile: :smile:

I have SO many good stories and memories from Diamond Lake!


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You crack me up! Sounds like you have some great DL stories!

What about the frogs? Remember all the frogs. We could spend all day chasing those frogs around!

Remember the clouds of bugs. So thick you couldn't breathe in without inhaling them?

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Welcome aboard!
Welcome aboard. Good luck on that first steelie. You'll find lots of great info here that should help, maybe even a few good new fishing buddies along the way.
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