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I am getting a new boat this week (19ft NR Scout,115 yamaha, 8 hp kicker) and I would appreciate any suggestions for any extra items that would make life easier. Pictures would be nice.

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Extra bilge pump (s)
Net holder
Rod holders
Quality electronics
Fenders (bumpers)
Dock Lines
Lemon Joy and a scrub brush with a telescoping handle
Drift socks and floats for the lines
E-Z Anchor puller
E-Z Folding River Anchor
At least 300' of good quality anchor rope
At least 10' of chain
VHF Radio and antenea
Backup hand held VHF
Hand Held back up GPS
Paper charts of the areas you intend to fish
A Compass
Rain X window treatment
Rain Gear
Quality PFDs
A Flare gun kit
A Signal Kit
A Motor Flushing bag
A few boat rods
A couple of down riggers
A Perko Switch
Dual Batteries
A Fish box or transom mount cooler
2 Gaffs
A Spot Light
Extra Fuses
Extra bulbs
Extra bearings and seals
A Grease Gun with marine grease
Bearing Buddies (with the spring loaded piston) with covers
Spare trailer tire with mounting bracket
Star wrench
Tool kit that stays on the boat
A battery jump starter
Now for the picture...

Take it all 36 miles off shore with a quality crew and it looks like this...
(Your boat and fishing location can and likely should vary :wink: )

Can I spend other peoples money or what?
I'm sure there is more but I had to stop before I figured out anything I still need....

[ 05-13-2003, 06:03 AM: Message edited by: Mr. Fisherman ]

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Hey Rola 76..... Today the Columbia is a piece of glass, near 80. And tomorrow, the day I was going to make my last stand for springers is forecast to westerlies 20-30, gusting to 40. Go figure! :whazzup:

Tim :sick:

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Mr. fisherman did not mention a landing net BIG LONG handle one.

However, I recommend the 150 as onstep suggested, as I got a 19' NR scout with a 150 VMAX and I thought it was too much until I had the boat loaded then just right.
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