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I am seriously looking to purchase a boat and I'm asking for your help.

If someone can find me a boat that I end up buying, their reward will be 2 dozen brand new Birdy Drifters and 2 dozen of the old Okies.

What I'm looking for is a welded aluminum boat, in good shape somewhere in the 16 - 19 foot range.

My price range is somewhere between 6 - 12 thousand dollars.

I'd prefer something with a newer motor and a kicker would be a bonus. A fisherman's top would also be great as would seats on storage boxes. I'm pretty picky, so nothing that's been abused or needs a lot of work.

I'd like to go down and order a new Northriver or Willie, but don't want to spend that much right now.

Your help would be much appreciated. :smile:

[email protected]
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