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Went to Copperfield Park at Oxbow two weeks ago. For those of you who don't know, Oxbow is is below Brownlee Res. We had a great time. Told our other family members about it and they wanted to go. So, vacation was planned and off we go again with alot of the family this time. What a super place to relax. We went for six days last time and it felt like three. Back to the Smallies, Big Cat's and Crappie. Bass a cast it will be. I have identical twins who just turned seven and another little guy who will be 6 in a couple months. They absoutley love it. Jigging is thier specialty. Dad were slaying em they like to say. This is an awesome spot for families. Were leaving tomorrow (Saturday) morning for another six day adventure. Maybe I'll see you there. I like to fish on the Bridge at night for Big Cat's. Alot of the campers fish the bridge till the wee hours of the morning. Seventy degrees with a light breeze at two am. Gotta Love it.

Back in a week.


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