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On August 1, Representatives Minnis and P. Smith introduced HB 3657. This is another iteration of Senate Bill 293. It mandates that the Parks and Recreation Department develop a Management Plan for the Sandy River.

This Bill is yet another attempt to limit the publics access to the bed a navigable river. It is another expensive end run challenge to the public’s right under esisting state and federal laws.

In light of the progress made in achieving a Montana type solution on a statewide basis, this bill would set up a separate and unique set of rules for a single river. It serves a tiny minority of Oregonians at the expense of all others.

Moreover, like other bills we have seen this session, it appears to create duplication of existing Oregon Parks and Recreation Authority. We do not need laws upon laws. The Legislature needs to provide the funding to implement existing Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) and Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) before creating new ones.

You can read this bill at the following link.

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