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Happy Birthday to Marie of Tillamook Bait! The inventor of Marie's Shrimp Scent!
By the way, click on that link, and see the beautiful picture she took of her shrimp scent!

Dennis took her out to dinner last night! I think her birthday was yesterday, but I was so busy playing catch up on web work, that I goofed and didn't put this up till today!

So, Marie, we love you, and Happy Birthday from the crew at ifish.net!

We just have one request. Please post one of your gorgeous pictures here! It doesn't even have to be fishing related, because it's your Birthday and you can do whatever you want! At our house, on our Birthday, we don't have to lift a finger to do any work. I hope it's the same at your house. :smile:

Love ya, Sis, and thanks to you, I have shrimp scent in my purse, in my glove box, in my tackle box, in my kitchen fridge, in my bait fridge, and in my vanity over my bathroom sink! (how did it get there?) :shocked:


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You are so sweet to remember by BIRTHDAY! and with a cake and all!! with candles!

So far I don't feel as old as I am. And people usually judge you by how old you are, so I won't tell you now! he he he Just think Jack Bennys age! Oh No! eeeks. you figured it out!! don't tell anyone. I really liked 29. Still feel like 29 after I've woken up had three cups of java and get all the kinks out. he he he

So you want a picture!???

How did you guess THAT would really cheer me up?

This picture is one of my favorites. Enjoy!

We were fising in Newport with some friends.

Thanks to all who wish me a Happy Birthday!

I'm going to the Salmonberry River today to do a 10 mile hike! I'll take pictures and post them later.

Love to all,

Marie @ TBC
*Home of Marie's Shrimp Scent" the good stuff!

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Happy Birthday, Marie!

Jen, we all like Marie's scents but if you keep bottles in all those places, do you get to go out in public much?
Oh, the scent of a real fisherwoman.
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