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Columbia River Subarea

All-Depth Season: Open on Thurs May 6, Sun May 9, Thurs May 13, Sun May 16, Thurs May 20, Sun May 23, and Thurs May 27. If any quota remains after those dates, can be open Thurs June 3, and then every Thurs and/or Sun until the quota is taken or Sept. 30. Quota = 18,162 pounds.

Nearshore: Open every Mon-Wed, inside the 40-fathom line off of Oregon, beginning May 10, until the earlier of quota attainment or Sept 30. Quota = 500 pounds.

Central Oregon Coast Subarea

Spring All-Depth Season:

  • Fixed Dates: May 13-15, May 20-22, June 3-5, June 10-12, June 17-19, and July 1-3.
  • Back-up Dates (available if quota remains): July 15-17 and July 29-31.
  • Quota = 172,244 pounds.

For the Central Oregon Coast spring all-depth fixed dates, based on input from last week’s public meeting, the online survey, and anglers calling staff directly, staff are recommending 18 fixed dates, skipping weeks with a morning low tide that is lower than negative two feet. There were some recommendations from the public for a more conservative approach (15 fixed dates instead of 18), though the majority preferred 18 fixed dates. The ODFW staff recommendation is based on trying to balance all of those considerations of opportunity, quota risk, safety, etc.

Summer All-Depth Season: Opens Aug 5-7, then every other Thurs, Fri and/or Sat until the earlier of quota attainment or Oct 31. Initial quota = 68,351 pounds. Any overage taken during the Spring All-Depth fishery will lower the Summer All-Depth available quota.

Nearshore: Opens May 1, seven days per week, inside the 40-fathom line, through the earlier of quota attainment or Oct 31. Quota = 32,591 pounds.
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